Help us pick the next gamemode to add to DFS!

15-09-2018 16:19:48
Hey everyone, we are looking for feedback on what gamemode you all like the most, coincidentally these are all gamemodes we do not have on our servers.

To collect said feedback we made a single choice Strawpoll located at - if you want to, please select which gamemodes listed in there is your most favourite gamemode. It will help us understand what our players are the most interested in!

(Quick Note: We've also added in dr_playstation and made all DFS quests global throughout all servers, have fun!)

Server Update (5/9/18)

05-09-2018 00:34:28
  • Added player_info_spawn into bonemerge menu
  • Starting next week, all Daily & Weekly quests will be synced through all of the servers!
  • /toggleswap now saves your setting, so you don't have to use the command over and over again.
  • Updated and re-worked Xavier boss on SF2
  • Randomizer votes now have cooldowns and can't be used as often.
  • Updated the DFS website[] to have ssl (now using https:// instead of http://)
  • Custom Weapons plugin is now disabled while Randomizer and Stop That Tank is enabled.
  • Daily and Weekly quests now reset automatically and properly at a specific date. (No more random timed quest resets)
  • Gag now suppresses global chat, meaning that you can't use both /global and /me commands while gagged.
  • Disabled Sandman & Wrap Assassin in Deathrun to avoid exploiting/griefing with the balls
  • Fixed an issue where Demo shields are still equipped after dying in Randomizer
  • Disabled Bonemerge and /mm on specific gamemode maps to avoid crashes
  • Fixed Redirect plugin showing multiple same servers on the list.
  • Fixed SF2 crashes and hopefully a bunch of other crashes, everything looks clean now.
  • Fixed Global chat duplicating messages
  • Fixed Printer not working properly
  • Fixed dr_retroland breaking at times
  • Buffed Arwing part drop rates
  • Removed some of the unused join sounds

    Big thanks to everyone for reporting issues to us on our GitHub repo.

    Have fun everyone!

DFS Prime Update Hotfix Patch

20-08-2018 21:24:50
  • Updated the DFS Donation page[]
  • Added info_player_spawn into the Bonemerge menu
  • Disabled double jumping for all classes on competitive maps
  • Fixed Flamethrowers not working on Randomizer
  • Fixed certain maps ignoring map votes completely
  • Fixed Scout not being able to double jump properly
  • Givew and Randomizer weapons are now visible to everyone
  • Spawn Protection plugin should now be fixed on all maps
  • Slender Fortress 2 crashes should now be fixed
  • Fixed most of the DFS plugin related errors, related to quests/achievements and not being able to log in properly.
  • Fixed most of the issues on the Github Repo[] (And rewarded people with Community Boxes as a reward for reporting the bugs, thank you!)
  • If you spot any more bugs/issues, or would like to suggest new things, please use the github repo to let us know!

    Have fun everyone!

DFS Prime Update Day 3 - Now Out!

18-08-2018 00:50:27
The final day has arrived! We've revealed quite a few things so far, but today we're revealing the biggest things we've had in store!

The final day of Prime Update content is here![]

The servers are finally open again with all the new content! Thank you for patience, now hop on and enjoy all the new content!

Complete list of changelogs below!

Two New Servers!

Our community keeps growing and sometimes two servers isn't enough! To accomodate our growing playerbase, we're doubling up with two new servers!

  • A new EU server located in Falkenstein, Germany with the IP of:

  • A new USA server located in Phoenix, AZ, USA with the IP of:

Make sure to favorite and join them as well!

With a total of four servers, we now have twice the room for players, and twice the room for fun!

New Donation Deal!

To commemorate this major update, we have a new donation deal starting! Now's your chance to get a custom tag and our brand new pet!

Because this is one of our biggest updates ever, the deal is getting the same treatment - we're including more bonuses than ever before!

If you donate during between August 13th and September 3rd, you will be receiving the following perks on DFS:

  • A new unique Summer Beach themed DFS pet with exclusive effects! (OR a whooping 10,000 credits!)

  • Doubled membership time! Donate now and your Gold or VIP membership's duration will be doubled! Be it donating for a month, 3 months or a year, all of the membership durations you donate for are doubled!

  • Custom Chat Tags are back! If you donate for a membership during this event, you'll gain a custom name tag and chat colour!

  • As a token of my appreciation, any (from a minimum of 5$) PayPal donation you make to support DFS during this event will be rewarded with a Keyless Golden Crate item worth $50 on the DFS servers! (One per person, PayPal donators only.)

I'd like to take a moment off to thank everyone who has shown support to DFS with generous donations throughout the years. Without your support, DFS wouldn't be where it is right now.

Thank you so much for supporting and sticking with us!

New Summer Event!

A new Summer Event rises on DFS!

During between August 13th and September 3rd

  • All XP and Credit rates are doubled, including from active drops and minigames.

  • Additionally, if you have donated or have a [DFS] tag in your name, you will receive quadrupled Credits and XP respectively!

  • New x3 Event chest given to people until this event ends!

  • New minigame focused event coming soon! Keep an eye on DFS boards for more info later on.

New Gamemode!

Randomizer is now added to DFS!

The Randomizer gamemode makes everyone spawn with a selection of random weapons.

Using the /randomizer command on a competitive map will start a vote - if the vote is accepted, the gamemode will change to Randomizer for the rest of the map!

Server Content Updates!
  • Added new Maps!
    • achievement_apg_r16c
    • balloon_race_v3_t17
    • cp_toy_fort_alt2
    • ctf_facing_worlds_2011
    • ctf_helltrain_event_rc10
    • dom_cliffhanger_b11
    • dr_firetemple_b4a
    • dr_underworld_v3_fix2
    • pass_district
    • ph_cchotel_b3
    • pl_casserole_rc2
    • pl_oasis_b4
    • slender_baldi_education_v2
    • surf_rainbow_v2
    • tdm_ricochet_fortress_b3
    • tf_doom_e1m1_v01
    • tfdb_blockland_v5_4
    • trade_enjucity_a1
    • trade_templeofdonger_v63
    • vsh_bianco_hills_v5
    • vsh_seine_v3

  • Added new Playermodels!
    • info_player_spawn (All Class) (Gold only)
    • Ash Williams (Soldier) (Public)
    • Chell (Scout) (Public)
    • Classic Doomguy (Soldier) (Public)
    • Duke Nukem (Soldier) (Public)
    • Skeleton King from Dota 2 (Demoman) (Public)
    • Popuko (Scout) (VIP only)
    • Pipimi (Engineer) (VIP only)

  • Added new Pets!
    • DFS Beach Pet - obtainable by donating during the 2018 Summer Event
    • Arwing - obtainable by assembly of multiple parts, found separately
    • Crow

  • Added two new voting plugins:
    • /voterandomizer command: starts a vote on competitive maps (and only competitive maps) to enable the Randomizer gamemode on current map. If vote is accepted the gamemode is turned on, the gamemode automatically gets turned off by the time the map has ended or changed.
    • Stop That Tank vote: This vote is completely automatic and only functions on payload maps, it starts a vote to turn STT on or not. If yes wins, STT gamemode is turned on for the whole duration of the current map. If no wins, the map will continue without having STT gamemode enabled (Meaning that it'll be a stock payload map).

  • Added a new Gold command: /bonemerge - Merge any model onto your skeleton, causing pretty funny results.

  • Voice command spam is back! We've changed it so you can spam your favorite voice lines non-stop again!

  • Added a new Map voting plugin, you won't be seeing people spam 1-2-3 anymore.

  • Updated Slender Fortress 2 with a newer version of the gamemode!

  • Added even more Slender Fortress 2 bosses! (Credit goes to YoloJoe for making the bosses)

  • Added new Joinsounds!
    • TNGHT - Acrylics
    • Pitbull - Back In Time
    • Casey Edwards ft. Ali Edwards - Devil Trigger
    • MACROSS 82-99 - Horsey (Feat. Sarah Bonito)
    • swell - im sorry
    • Sarcastic Sounds - Losing Time
    • boy pablo - Losing You
    • One-T + Cool-T - The Magic Key
    • Prey OST - Mind Game
    • Avicii - The Nights
    • The Platters - Only You
    • Niklas Ahlström - Pure Gold 3
    • Moe Shop - Superstar
    • VA-11 HALL-A OST - Base of the Titans
    • Lil Uzi Vert - XO Tour Lif3(edited)
    • Majime - Dreams of Love and Bright Pads

  • Added new DFS plugin related commands:
    • Added a new VIP command: /bonemerge - Merge any model onto your skeleton, causing pretty funny results.
    • Added a new public DFS command: /global - Talk globally to all other servers at once!
    • Added a new public DFS command: /module - Opens your Module Inventory
    • Added a new public DFS command: /guild - Opens the Guildhall menu, which contains the Mercenary Guild.
    • Added a new public DFS command: /offer - Lets you offer on a selected auction item. (Offer menu must be open to have an effect)
    • Added a new public DFS command: /quest - Shortcut to the Guildboard menu.
    • Added a new public DFS command: /consumable - Opens your Consumable Inventory.
    • Added a new public DFS command: /setoffer - Lets you set a starting offer price on your auction item. (Menu must be open to have an effect)
    • Added a new public DFS command: /setbuyout - Lets you set a buyout price on your auction item. (Menu must be open to have an effect)
    • Added a new public DFS command: /auction - Lets you open the Auction menu for browsing. (Need to have a rank of 10 before you access this)
    • Added a new public DFS command: /lottery - Lets you open the Lottery menu for browsing. (Need to have a rank of 5 before you access this)

  • Removed Maps
    • Slide_FaceToDeath
    • balloon_race_v2b
    • cp_floorislava_rc2
    • cp_toy_fort_v2
    • dr_doom_finished_v2
    • dr_dungeon_beta
    • dr_windows_xp
    • pass_stadium
    • slender_sewer_b1a
    • surf_rainbow_v1
    • tfdb_catland_v1

  • Added a ton of new noisemaker sounds!

  • Added a ton of new minigame words!

  • Disabled Random Crits

  • Added a new Watermelon projectile to projectile menu!

  • Fixed flamethrowers not having proper hitboxes + range in prophunt, everything should be back to normal now!

  • Normal Moderators now have access to being able to resize torso, hands and resetting sizes. As well as giving permanent weapons and removing permanent weapons.

  • Fixed Medkits/other certain things being Halloween themed all the time.

  • Updated Happy phrases

  • Updated Spray Tracing plugin, Moderators now have the ability to Sprayban users.

  • Fixed Resized Buildings being enabled in wacky_races_v2

  • Disabled Gunslinger while Friendly Mode is enabled

  • Fixed being able to overheal with The Shadow custom weapon

  • Fixed several crashes

  • And probably a lot of undocumented changes I forgot about, woopsie!

DFS Plugin Updates!

There has been a lot of new additions, features and changes with the DFS plugins!

There are features such as:
  • Customizable Modules
  • Daily Login Rewards
  • Weekly and daily quests
  • Mercenary Guild and Rank
  • Lottery
  • Auction House
  • XP Boosts
  • Shiny Stone Rank Prestiges
  • And a lot more!

Since the changelog was too big, we've put all of the DFS plugin related goodie changes into a pastebin link

If you're curious about the details, click here![]

New Website!

The new website re-design not only brings a cool looking design, but also a bunch of new features as well!

You can now use Steam login to view your DFS profile information, we've also included several other new features!

Have a look here!:

Discord Server

Have you ever wanted to hang out with the regulars and staff? We've wanted a good way to interact with you too, but we've never had an officially supported place to do so...

Until now! We're pleased to announce that DFS now has an official public Discord server!

Whether you want to shitpost together, talk about DFS and video games or argue over waifus, the community now has a brand-new place to come together and do it!

However, the public Discord is only a small part of our summer update - don't forget to keep visiting the TF2 servers as we've got a lot more in store!

(Note: DFS has two official Discord servers: the public server and a private staff server. Any other DFS Discord servers are not official and not endorsed by DFS.)

Invite link here:

New GitHub Repository!

We now have a GitHub repo for new Suggestions and Bug reports!

You can use the issues tab to get started!

Keep in mind that this is an alternative method to the current Suggestions and Bug Reports subboards on DFS Boards, you're free and allowed to use both of these methods to suggest new things and report bugs.

New Staff Members!

Big congrats to the following members for now being a part of the DFS staff team!

Weather Report

We have also added 3 new roles on DFS: Head Moderator, Developer and Discord Moderator.

A New Meet The Random Fortress Video!

Dr. Heavich has released yet another fantastic Meet the Random Fortress video for us to watch!

Big thanks to Green Giant, Light08, Dr. Heavich, Neppu Tennouboshi, Macwithavengence, Limey, Darthmule,Konkey and ThatAverageJoe
for helping out making this update come true!

We hope you have a blast with our new update and events!

Have fun everyone!

DFS Prime Update Day 2.5...?

15-08-2018 20:50:04
Hey everyone, I know you were all expecting the final day alongside with the release of the update. Sadly, I'm here to inform you otherwise.

We want the update to be completely shiny and clean before launching it and and due to running into several technical issues, we're sad to inform everybody that DFS Prime Update Day 3 will be delayed until tomorrow or Friday at most.

But fear not! We're working extremely hard with our small devteam to make everyone's wishes come true, we just want everything to be ready without having any problems in it.

We are sorry again for the inconvenience everyone, we'll make sure everything is running smoothly and fine before we push everything out.

You should expect to see Day 3 and the complete changelogs alongside with the update launch by tomorrow, if not Friday at most, meaning that it will definitely be out by this week.

Thank you for your patience.

DFS Prime Update Day 2

14-08-2018 21:01:05
One day down, two more to go! We started with the small stuff, but we're building up to even greater things!

Check out today's additions here![]

We're not done yet, though, the best is still to come! Check back tomorrow for the third and final day of The Prime Update!

Do keep in mind the servers are taken off until the update is finished and ready to launch, sorry for the inconvenience but bear with us everyone!

DFS Prime Update Day 1

13-08-2018 21:00:47
It's time for this summer's update and we've been working hard to make it the biggest and best that DFS has ever seen!

Here's what we have in store so far![]

But one just isn't enough - this update is so big we're going to need three whole days to roll everything out. The servers will be down during this time, but what we have in store will be worth the wait!

Do keep in mind the servers are taken off until the update is finished and ready to launch, sorry for the inconvenience but bear with us everyone!

Map Removal Polls + Summer DFS Shop Sale + Staff Applications are now open!

11-06-2018 15:10:14
Hey everyone! We'll be doing our yearly map removal polls again for those who dislike, or feel like certain maps aren't played on DFS and want them to be removed.

There are a total of 5 polls made to include all of the current maps from DFS, please be sure to vote for the maps that you feel should be removed from DFS before the polls end!
(And yes, the polls include all of the maps from DFS sorted by alphabetical order. Except for self-made DFS maps of course.)


In other news, we're also opening our staff applications. If you feel like you're ready to become a part of the staff team, make sure to apply by using the link below!


We're also doing a Summer sale for the in-game DFS shop for a week starting from today! All Individual items are 15% off, Bundles are 25% off and Crates are 35% off!


And finally, please make sure to let us know in suggestions sub-boards on DFS boards if there's anything you'd want to be added, changed or removed for the next DFS update!

Have fun and good luck everyone!

Server Update (8/5/18)

07-05-2018 23:53:58
  • Added a new command available for everyone to use: /togglecond, allows you to toggle unique and fun conditions on yourself! (Only available on non-competitive and non-gamemode maps)

  • Added new maps
    • pl_skirmish_b2 (Competitive map)
    • koth_tf2craps_b1 (Competitive map)
    • pd_bitconnect_a5 (Competitive map)
    • mario_kart_deluxe_v3 (Competitive map)
    • mario_kart_2_v30 (Friendly map)
    • pkmn_sootopoliscity_b2 (Friendly map)
    • trade_alley_rc6_w (Friendly map)

  • Added new models
    • Spyper (Public, for Sniper and also has unique voice lines)
    • Sny (Public, for Spy and also has unique voice lines)
    • Demo Buster (Donators, for Demoman and also has unique voice lines)

  • Added new joinsounds
    • M83 - Outro
    • a-ha - Take On Me
    • Jaldaboath - Hark The Herald
    • Neppu Tennouboshi (Rainbowmaker) - Eternity Reborn

  • MARIO_KART has been removed, to be replaced by mario_kart_2_v30
  • pl_gibraltar has been removed, to be replaced by pl_skirmish_b2
  • Fixed AFK-Manager's announcement appearing 5 minutes before moving the player to Spectator instead of 1 minute before
  • Chatting will now reset the AFK-Manager's timer
  • Updated the Spawnprotection & Allowance plugin. Grenade Projectiles are now properly checked. Their knockback is no longer globally disabled, but works the same now as with the flamethrower & other projectile weapons

    Have fun!

    Hotfix Update:
  • mario_kart_2012 has been replaced by mario_kart_deluxe_v3 for being trash
  • Togglecond now works on tm_stadium
  • Fixed Togglecond plugin being enabled on competitive maps