Privacy Policy

Last modified on May 1, 2019, 2:33 pm

Gathering Data

  • When logging in through Steam. We utilize OpenID technology and the Steam Web API courtesy of Valve Software for authenication and storing user data. The storage of said user data is mandatory for the Service to supply accurate and working information and to assure a smooth and functional expierence.
    Upon authenicating succesfully with the Steam Web API via OpenID, you are sharing public data from your Steam Account with us that every other Service or Website with access to the Steam Web API would normally have access to.
  • Third parties and their libraries used have their own Privacy Policy and utilize analytics and trackers. We ourselves do not use trackers.

Storage of Data

  • Public data from the Steam Web API. When logging in we are shown public data from your Steam Account. We store pieces of this data in cache files which are shortcuts to the information the API supplies us.