Server Rules

  • No Chat Spamming (This also pretains to a map change vote, such as saying "PICK 111111111111111!!!")
  • No Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, or Discrimination
  • No Impersonating Server Staff/Developers/Etc. (This is a highly punishable offense, often leading to lenghty bans.)
  • No Excessive Trolling (Destroying engineer buildings repeatedly on friendly maps, grappling to others without their want to do so, excessive airblasting, shortstop shoving included.)
  • No Cheating/Hacking (Permanent ban, no exceptions.)
  • No Sexually Explicit/Violent Sprays (Gore, Hentai, porn and anything related are unacceptable and you will be punished if you continue to spray them.)
  • No Begging for Commands (Staff members are not forced to give you commands at will, they're there to watch over the server.)
  • No Advertising other servers.
  • No speaking in languages other than English.
  • No repeated use of Binds, Lennies, Roleplaying in chat. (While these are allowed, if you're asked to stop, you should stop. You may get muted/gagged otherwise.)
  • No repeated spawn killing.

Micspam Rules

  • No Michogging (Where a person says they're going to spam next, and you continue to spam after you're finished or another person starts to spam.)
  • No Loud/Earrape Micspams (If it peaks the mic, then you probably shouldn't play it, you will most likely be muted or banned on the spot.)
  • No Sexually Explicit Micspams
  • No Heavy Static, Burping, or other related sounds on mic.
  • No speaking on the mic if you're not old enough to (If you are told by staff members to stop talking and you do not, you will be muted.)

This is not an exhaustive list of the rules. Trying to rule-lawyer and abuse any not covered gaps in a way that is obviously detrimental to others' enjoyment will be severely punished. Use common sense or ask a staff member if you're unsure about the validity of a certain action.