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Hello there, and welcome to DFS! We hope that you'll have a great time on the servers with our fantastic community!

To help keep DFS a fun place to play for everyone, we have a set of rules that we ask all members follow which you can find below. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with them!

Server Rules:
  • Keep it friendly and be respectful to your fellow players, don't harass or antagonize others.
  • Use the text chat responsibly and avoid flooding it with messages, especially during map votes.
  • Using cheats or hacks is a one-way ticket to receiving a ban, no exceptions.
  • Play fair - no one wants to get constantly griefed.
  • Sprays and Decals (e.g. Flair!, Conscientious Objector) should not contain Not Safe For Work (sexual content, gore, or otherwise unsafe for work) material.
  • Everyone wants to be able to understand each other, communication should be in English at all times.
  • Impersonating anyone with malicious intent, especially staff members, is a fast track to receiving a ban.
  • The servers are not your personal advertisement board, advertising other servers and communities is prohibited.
  • Staff are players too, they want to have fun just like you. Please avoid begging them to use commands, give items, etc.
  • Binds, unicode faces and roleplaying are allowed only in moderation. If you're asked to stop, please stop.

Micspam Rules:
  • Micspamming is allowed on DFS. However, this must be done through appropriate software, such as HLDJ, SLAM or Virtual Audio Cable.
  • Share the Voice Chat with others - Once you're done with a spam, let someone else have a turn, especially if they say they'd like to. Avoid excessively long spams for this reason, too.
  • Keep the Voice Chat clean - If someone is micspamming, avoid talking or micspamming over it. Extremely short micspams (AKA bitspams) are acceptable in moderation, but if you're asked to stop, you should stop.
  • Keep Voice Chat enjoyable - obnoxious and excessively loud noises including loud micspams and squeakers aren't fun to listen to.
  • NSFW micspams are prohibited. Mildly NSFW shitpost micspams are acceptable, feel free to ask a staff member if you're unsure about a certain micspam.

Forum Rules:
  • Be respectful to your fellow members and keep it friendly.
  • Avoid spamming threads or the Shoutbox with posts. If it's not necessary to make a new post, please edit your existing posts instead.
  • DFS' Forums are for DFS, not for advertising. Do not advertise other server communities here.
  • Keep all content on the forum Safe For Work - this includes avatars, signatures, user titles, etc.
  • When creating a Ban appeal, Report or a Staff Application, please make sure to follow the template properly.

While this list covers the important and major rules, it is not exhaustive. Abusing any loopholes maliciously or to the detriment of other players' enjoyment will be punished. If you're unsure whether something is allowed or not, feel free to ask the staff members.

Thank you for taking the time to read our rules! We try to make sure DFS is as fun as it can be for everyone, so whatever platform we see you on, we hope that you'll follow these rules responsibly and have a great time as part of the DFS community!