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Welcome to the DFS Guide!
This thread will hopefully teach you all you need to know about DFS and answer any questions you have! For a full list of commands, check out this thread, as this guide will not cover each and every command available on the servers.

All the information in this guide can be accessed in the servers by using the command /guide.

Our Server, Micspam and Forum Rules can be found in this thread. The rules can also be accessed in-game using the command /rules.

DFS has quite a lot of custom content, so we've prepared easy packs to download to save you time when you join! The downloads can be found in this thread.

If you want to support DFS and get some cool perks, please check out this thread for information on donating!

1. Server Rules
We aim for players to have fun and enjoy their time on DFS as much as possible, but we ask that our players follow these rules to help ensure the server remains as fun as possible for everyone.

1.1 Global Rules

  • Keep it friendly and be respectful to your fellow players, don't harass or antagonize others.
  • Use the text chat responsibly and don't flood it with messages, especially during map votes.
  • Using cheats or hacks will result in receiving a ban, no exceptions.
  • Play fair - no one wants to get constantly griefed.
  • Sprays and Decals (e.g. Flair!, Conscientious Objector) should not contain Not Safe For Work (uncensored genitals, gore or otherwise unsafe for work) material.
  • Everyone wants to be able to understand each other, communication should be in English at all times.
  • Impersonating anyone with malicious intent, including staff members, is a fast track to receiving a ban.
  • The servers are not your personal advertisement board, advertising other servers and communities are a no go.
  • Staff are players too, they want to have fun just like you. Please don't beg them to use commands, give you Credits or items, etc.
  • Binds, unicode faces and roleplaying are allowed only in moderation. If you're asked to stop, please stop.

1.2 Voice Chat Rules

Micspamming is allowed on DFS. However, this must be done through appropriate software, such as HLDJ, SLAM or Virtual Audio Cable.

  • Share the Voice Chat with others - Once you're done with a spam, let someone else have a turn, especially if they say they'd like to. Avoid excessively long spams for this reason, too.
  • Keep micspam enjoyable - obnoxious and excessively loud micspams aren't fun to listen to.
  • Keep the Voice Chat clean - If someone is spamming, please don't talk or micspam over it.
  • Extremely short micspams (AKA bitspams) are acceptable in moderation, but if you're asked to stop, you should stop.
  • NSFW micspams are prohibited. Mildly NSFW shitpost micspams are acceptable, but if you're unsure, ask a staff member.

Finally, if no staff members are online and you need to report rule-breaking in progress, you can use the command /calladmin to alert the staff.

Please use this command responsibly, and do not hesitate to use it where necessary. However, abuse of this command will be punished.
2. Player Profiles
DFS features a system that creates a unique profile for each player that tracks your level, experience points, credits, badges, achievements and statistics.
To view your profile, use the command /profile. To view someone else's profile, use the same command, but add the name of whose profile you want to see. (e.g. /profile Limey)

2.1 Experience Points & Levels

You'll earn Experience Points as you play on the servers. You can earn additional Experience Points by winning the minigames that occur at random intervals!
As you collect Experience Points, you'll progress to a milestone that you can check on your Profile or through the DFS HUD on the top left corner of your screen.
You can also check your progress towards this milestone using the command /level, /experience or /exp.

Once you've collected enough Experience Points, you'll level up! Leveling up will award you some credits, and some items that only become available at certain levels!

2.2 Credits

Credits are earned as you play as well as win minigames, and can be acquired from various other sources.
These can be spent in the Shops to buy goodies or be traded with other players.

If you feel lucky, you can also spend them in the Arcade.

You can increase your credit capacity by buying Credit Cases or increasing your status using Shiny Stones.

2.3 Achievements
Achievements are earned by reaching certain milestones and taking certain actions while playing on the servers.
For example, earning a certain number of kills or collecting a certain amount of credits will complete certain achievements.
Each achievement has 4 tiers, each with a higher requirement than the last, but giving greater rewards!
You can view your achievements with the command /ach, /achievement or /achievements

2.4 Statistics

Your Statistics page tracks various things about you on the server.

For example, you can view your statistics from your Profile to see how long you've been a member, your total kills and deaths or items used and even more on the servers.
Statistics are tracked since the 31st October 2017.
Any change in your statistics prior this date is not registered.

2.5 Leaderboards
The Leaderboards tracks the top DFS members. You can see the highest achievers by kills, deaths, achievements, donations, and other statistics!

You can view the Leaderboards with the command /leaderboard or /leaderboards.

2.6 Login Rewards
Every day you log into DFS, you'll be rewarded for coming back with Login Tickets you can spend on special items at the Regulars' Ticket Booth!
Once your total daily logins passes certain milestones, you'll be given a unique Title every 50 days, and special rewards every 100 days!

3. Economy

DFS has its own economy that features a ton of custom items!
These items are divided into three categories: Consumables, Pets and Modules.

How you get and use these items depends on what type they are.

3.1 Consumables
DFS features a variety of Consumable items in different rarities that can be acquired from various sources, like buying from the Shops or from random drops while playing on the servers.
These range from combat-oriented items such as healing potions and Smokescreens, to items for messing about like Fun Gas for impromptu dance parties, and Moonstones to defy gravity!

You can view your Inventory by using the command /pack, /items or /inventory.

You can select items to use directly from your Consumables Inventory by using the commands /quickpack or /qp.

From your Consumables Inventory, you can Register an item. This means that the item will be used instantly when you use the /useitem command.

Items can also be earned through achievements.

Certain items are disabled in some gamemodes to avoid creating unfair advantages.

3.2 Pets
For a high price, you can purchase a Pet from the Pet Care shop to have a personal companion!
Exclusive pets can be obtained through seasonal donation offers/gifts!

Pets can also be unboxed from the rare Pod items!

Pets are customizable and will have a different particle effect depending on how hungry it is.
Pets obtained from Pods and exclusive donation deals will also have additional effects!
You can view your list of owned pets with the command /pet or /pets.

Various Items are made for Pets:
  • Apples and Mutton feed your pet
  • Collars are used to name your pet
  • Paintbrushes give your pet a new color

Your Pet will follow you around when you are alive, but you can only have one active pet at a time.

3.3 Modules
Modules are items that add cosmetic effects to you, with various different categories that have different effects, such as trails, particles and custom chat colors.
There are also Passive Modules which take effect simply by owning them, such as unlocking new skins.

They can be obtained from lootchests as well as from daily milestones and bought from the AuctionHouse, but are primarily acquired through Seasonal Campaigns and the Mercenary Guild Store.

Campaigns can also reward exclusive Modules.

3.4 Marketplace
One way to obtain Consumables and Pets is by buying them from the Shops.
There are 4 main Shops in DFS:

  • General Goods: Sells a wide variety of general items
  • The War Zone: Sells combat items
  • The Dark Market: Sells rare and illicit goods at a high price
  • Pet Care: Sells Pets and items for Pets

You can visit the Shops by using the command /shop, /store, /market or /marketplace.
The Trade-In Outpost allows you to sell any items you don't want for Credits.
Gold and Platinum members also have access to the Secret Gold Club Shop, where they can buy rare and exclusive items at a discount.

Seasonal stores will also open from time to time, featuring exclusive items in them.

3.5 Trading
You can trade items with other players using the /trade command.
Pick a player to trade with, and then use /pack to open your inventory. From here, choose an item you want to add to the trade, and select the Trade option to add it.
You can also add credits to the trade with /tradecredits *amount*

Once you're ready to trade, use the command /accepttrade
If you want to cancel the trade, use /declinetrade
You can also use these commands to accept or decline pending trade requests.

3.6 Bloodcoins
Bloodcoins are earned by completing Quests in the Mercenary Guild.
They can be used to purchase items from the Guild Store, such as lootchests and Campaign Passes.
They can also be used to purchase seasonal goodies as well.

4. Map Rotation
There is a wide variety of maps on DFS - from Vanilla Mode and DFS Sandbox Mode maps, to lots of custom gamemodes.
Near the end of a map's time limit, a vote will be held to choose the next gamemode, and then a second vote will decide the next map.
Just before this vote, you can also vote to extend the current map!

DFS features an Allowance system that players can use to give themselves damage immunity and disable dealing damage, so people who want to fight and people who want to chill out can play together on DFS Sandbox Mode and Vanilla Mode maps and have the kind of fun they want!

If enough players decide to Rock The Vote with /rtv, the map vote can happen early and cause an immediate map change.
To avoid staleness, maps and gamemodes have a cooldown period before they can be played again.

4.1 DFS' Main Map
DFS features an exclusive map full of activities: tm_stadium!
Host a quiz show, fight bosses, duke it out with other players, or simply chill with others!

Stadium features its own command for getting around, which you can use to access a menu of options.
This menu allows you to teleport to the map's various activities, such as the Boss Battle Arena, PvP areas and Kart Races.
To get around the map, use the command /stadium, /warp or /warps.

4.2 Vanilla Mode Maps
DFS features a number of vanilla/custom maps in the map rotation.
Some of the fun commands are disabled on Vanilla Mode maps.

Immunity under the Allowance system is disabled by default on Vanilla Mode maps, but you can enable it if you don't want to fight.

4.3 DFS Sandbox Maps
DFS also features a lot of maps to chill out, relax and play around with DFS Sandbox Mode on!

In these maps, all the fun commands and DFS Sandbox are enabled.

Immunity under the Allowance system is enabled by default on DFS Sandbox Mode maps, but you can disable it if you don't want to fight.

4.4 Gamemode Maps
DFS includes maps for a wide range of fun gamemodes! Some modes reward good performance with Experience Points, Credits or Items!

The gamemodes featured on DFS are:

  • DFS Sandbox: Play around with spawning and editing props on friendly maps!
  • Deathrun: Players must navigate a deadly obstacle course, evading traps set off by Death.
  • Dodgeball: Two teams of Pyros fight to be the last team standing. Kill other players by reflecting homing rockets back and forth, building up speed until someone misses.
  • Stop That Tank: A spin on Payload, the Robots must defend the Tank as it progresses on the Payload cart tracks on its own. If the defenders successfully destroy it, one Attacker spawns as a Giant Robot, and must carry the bomb to the hatch themselves!
  • PropHunt: One team controls props from the map and must survive the round by hiding. The other team must hunt down and kill all the hidden props.
  • MicroTF2: WarioWare meets TF2! Earn points by completing quick-fire microgames. The player with the most points at the end of the round wins!
  • Slender: Sneak around the map and try to collect enough items to unlock the exit and escape before you get hunted down by the boss!
  • Super Zombie Fortress: A team of Survivors must try to make their way to the end of the map, working together to finding weapons and fend off the Infected. The Infected must work together to kill all the Survivors, hunting as a horde and using the abilities of the Special Infected!
  • Versus Saxton Hale: RED team faces off against one player in a tough boss fight with a variety of characters and abilities to fight with.
  • Smash Fortress: Build up damage on enemies and send them flying to win in this crossover of Team Fortress and Super Smash Bros!
  • FortWars: Build your bases, then tear them down in this constructive twist on vanilla gamemodes!
  • Glass Attack: Keep an eye on the enemy team, and do your best to come out on top when everyone can see everyone else in maps made entirely of glass!
  • Fortress Royale: Test both your skill and your luck to be the last mann standing in a Battle Royale!
  • Secret Fortress: Enjoy a gamemode based on SCP: Secret Laboratory, but all in TF2!

DFS also includes three custom gamemodes than can be activated on any Vanilla Mode map at any time.
These are:

  • Randomizer Mode: Get a randomly generated loadout every time you spawn for unpredictable mayhem!
  • Class Warfare: Face off as two teams made up entirely of the same class!
  • Mann vs. Mann: Spice up the fight with the cash, power-ups and upgrades of Mann vs. Machine!

Some gamemodes feature rewards for performance like credits.

Use the command /votemenu to start a vote to activate these modes.

If Class Warfare, Randomizer or Mann vs. Mann Mode is on, using the respective command again starts a vote to turn it off.

5. Fun Activities
DFS features a few fun activities that don't directly impact the gameplay.

5.1 Minigames & QuickTime Events

From time to time, random minigames will occur in the servers.
These come in 3 types:

  • Taunt: Perform any taunt
  • Math: Solve the randomly generated math problem displayed
  • Sentence: Repeat the randomly generated sentence displayed

Be the first to complete the task and you'll win some bonus experience points or credits!

In addition, occasionally, a QuickTime Event will happen, adding modifiers that offer a tougher challenge!
As usual, the first person to complete the QuickTime Event will win, but other players will have 5 seconds afterwards to complete it.

5.2 Arcade
The Arcade is a place where you can gamble your credits for a chance to win bigger rewards!

There are 3 games available, and you can bet from 1 credit to as many as 25 at once.

The more you put in, the more you'll get... but only if you win.

The more you put into the Claw, the higher your odds of winning.

If you have any Tokens, you can use them for a free game worth 25 credits.

To access the Arcade, use the command /arcade.

5.3 DFS HUB & Timed Events
The DFS HUB allows players to track DFS news, updates and important information like our rules all within the game using the command /hub.

Additionally, the DFS HUB will occasionally host special Timed Events, offering rewards for completing certain specific objectives.
New players have access to a Starter Event with no time limit that provides some starter items and guides new players through DFS' features.

6. Guildhall
The Guildhall houses various guilds that work in different ways and provide new activities!

6.1 Mercenary Guild
The Mercenary Guild is all about Quests and fighting!

You must be Level 10 to join the Mercenary Guild.

6.1.1 Quests & Bloodcoins
Completing specific tasks for the Mercenary Guild known as Quests, earns you the Guild's exclusive currency, Bloodcoins.
You are given 3 Quests per day, and a weekly Quota that you can fill by earning Quest Points from completing Quests.
Progressing through the Quota earns you rewards, and Quests can be repeated with higher requirements to earn even more Quest Points.

Completing Quests increases your standing with the Guild.

6.1.2 Guild Store
You can spend the Bloodcoins you earn by claiming lootchests in the Mercenary Guild Store.
These lootchests contain cosmetic modules such as: Skins, body effects, death effects, footprint effects and trails!
If a Campaign is active, you can also use your Bloodcoins to buy a campaign pass and start completing Campaign Missions.

6.1.3 AuctionHouse
If you don't want an item anymore, instead of just selling it to the Trade-In Outpost, you can put it up for auction!

Players can bid on items and if they have the highest bid when it ends, they receive the item!

Players can also pay a higher price to instantly buy the item!
Whether the item is paid for with a bid or a buyout, the money goes straight to the seller!

The AuctionHouse is only accessible to Mercenary Guild members, and you must be Rank 20 to put an item up for auction.

6.1.4 Lottery
Players can spend a small amount of credits to purchase a Lottery Ticket from the Mercenary Guild.
The more players that purchase tickets, the larger the jackpot grows!

On the 1st of every month, one lucky member will win the jackpot and the Lottery badge to commemorate their fortune!

6.1.5 Campaigns
Occasionally, special Campaigns will be released, which are filled with specific and challenging missions to complete, offering exclusive reward Modules and the chance to win Modules from older Campaigns!

To enter a Campaign, you need to buy the respective Campaign Pass from the Mercenary Guild Store before it expires. Once you own the Pass, you can begin completing missions, with no deadline to complete them all.

Exclusive Modules rewarded for completing previous Campaigns cannot be won from newer Campaigns.

6.2 Builder Guild

The Builder Guild is made especially for DFS Sandbox!

In the Builder Guild, you can find DFS, Dispenz0r's Furniture Store, which sells new props and furniture pieces to build with in DFS Sandbox!
The Builder Guild also tracks various statistics, such as the number of furniture items you own and the number of different save files you have.

7. Memberships
All DFS players have a starter role, known as Member.
Members have access to a lot of the fun commands, models and unique features, but some are restricted to higher roles.
There are mainly two categories of higher roles: Donors & Staff.
In addition to that, there are also user titles, that are not to be confused with roles.

7.1 Donors

Elevated memberships are given to those who donate to the servers.
Each month, you get an exclusive new bonus DFS drop when donating! This can range from pets to rare modules and items as well as credits!
Donors also have access to the Gold Store, which offers a ton of exclusive items not found in other shops!
Donors receive a boost to their experience and credit gain on the servers, as well as improved chances to find rare items!

You can donate through either PayPal or with keys
Donating through PayPal however lets you obtain Gold and Platinum Goodie Bags, which give very rare items and pets when used!

Donating €3 or 2 keys per month earns you Gold status, and unlocks various fun commands and perks.
Donating €10 or 5 keys per month earns you Platinum status, and unlocks even more fun perks and features for yourself.

More info, including donation milestones to reward generous supporters can be found at!

7.2 Staff
Staff members are chosen through an application process. Applications are permanently open on the DFS Boards and new staff are selected occasionally from these applicants.

Players can apply for the roles of Server Moderator, Discord Moderator or Developer.

If you're interested in applying, check out this thread for detailed information on applying.

7.3 Titles
Titles are earned from various ways such as; Achievements, Badges, Login Rewards and from Shiny Stones.
Using Shiny Stones increases your status, which can be used as your Title.
Your Title only serves a cosmetic purpose and has no impact on gameplay.

The statuses that can be earned from Shiny Stones are, in order:
  • Regular
  • Leader
  • Elite
  • Master
  • Champion
  • Lord
  • King
  • Emperor
  • God
  • Golden God

If you reach the status of Golden God, you will be able to Prestige and earn an extra status, at the cost of resetting your status.
Prestige adds a rank to your title.

These extra ranks are, in order:
  • Iron
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Diamond
  • Spectral

Every time you use a Shiny Stone, you earn a permanent 10% increase to your experience gain, for a maximum total boost of 2100%!

8. Miscellaneous
8.1 DFS Discord Server

DFS has a Discord server! Hang out with the staff and community members, and get notified of important announcements as well as fun server events! Click here to join!

8.2. GitHub
DFS uses GitHub to handle bug reports and suggestions. If you encounter a bug, or have suggestions to make, please visit the DFS GitHub repo and submit them in the Issues section there.
If a bug you report or a suggestion you make gets fixed, you will be rewarded with a Keyless Community Crate!

9. Website
Our main website can be found at, and includes useful features like viewing your profile stats and checking for news.
You can also use the website to view donation information, check out past major updates, connect to the servers with a single click and much more!

9.1 Website Profile
You can check out your profile on our website by logging in with Steam, and then clicking on your profile picture in the top right corner.

In your profile, you can see a bunch of interesting stats, like how many Credits you've spent, how many Items you've used, when you first joined DFS and lots more!

9.2 News & Updates
On the home page, the DFS website allows you to check what the latest announcement from the Steam Group is, to help keep you in the loop on the latest news!

The home page also shows what our latest major update to the servers was, letting you check out its' update page and see all the content that came to DFS!

Hover over the DFS icon in the top left, and you'll also be able to select Announcements or Updates, letting you check out past announcements and major updates!

9.3 Hall of Fame
You can check out the Hall of Fame on the DFS website to see who ranks the highest in different categories, like most Credits, highest Level and most kills!

If you still have any questions, feel free to ask and we'll be happy to fill you in! We hope this guide helps teach you anything and everything you need to know about DFS, and we'll see you on the servers!