Support DFS and upgrade your account for awesome perks!

Donations are very much appreciated and will help us pay the monthly server and webserver costs as well as make newer and better content for the servers.

You will also be given a special rank with additional perks as well as exclusive goodies as a token of our appreciation!

Donating during seasonal events that have promotional offers in them allows you to receive special exclusive pets, custom chat tags and colors, double length memberships and other exclusive goodies!

For every $50 you donate in total, you'll receive an exclusive Keyless Golden Crate!


Earn cool rewards!

Earn exclusive goodies when your total amount of donations is equal to the milestones listed below!

Metallic Hat Kid: 50$ 0%
Golden Goose: 125$ 0%
24 Karat Hat Kid: 250$ 0%
Community Stone: 500$ 0%

Custom Donations

We also accept donations for custom amounts. If your donation matches the Gold or VIP tiers, you'll still receive their perks!

Key Donations

Alternatively, we accept donations of Team Fortress 2 keys. If you donate 3 keys a month, you'll receive Gold membership, and if you donate 7 keys a month, you'll receive VIP membership!