Support DFS and upgrade your account for additional perks

Donations are very much appreciated and will help us make new and better stuff for the servers, you will also be given special rank(s) in return as a token of our appreciation!

Donating any amount earns you a custom title and colour for your name. Donating during seasonal event allows you to receive a credit boost or a special exclusive Pet!


Earn awesome rewards!

Earn exclusive items when your total amount of donations are equal or greater than the milestone listed above!

Metallic Hat Kid: 50$ 0%
24 Karat Hat Kid: 250$ 0%
Community Stone: 500$ 0%

Donating a custom amount

We also take custom amounts of donations, this is also a valid way to pay for Gold or VIP as long as your amount is equal to or exceeds the monthly cost of the Gold or VIP membership.

Donating with Team Fortress 2 keys

Alternatively, you can donate with Team Fortress 2 keys and acquire Gold membership for 3 keys a month or VIP membership for 7 keys a month.