Welcome to DFS, we hope that you'll have a great time on our servers!

We ask that all members follow our rules to make DFS fun for everyone. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with them before you join in!

Server Rules

  • Keep it friendly and be respectful to your fellow players.
  • Avoid spamming text chat, especially during map votes.
  • Using cheats will result in a ban.
  • Play fair - being griefed isn't fun.
  • NSFW content in Sprays and Decals is prohibited.
  • Keep communication in English at all times.
  • Impersonating anyone with malicious intent will be met with a punishment.
  • Do not advertise other servers/communities.
  • Avoid begging staff to use commands or to give you things - they're here to have fun too.
  • Binds, unicode faces and roleplaying is allowed only in moderation, you should stop if asked to.

Micspam rules

  • Micspams should be done through appropriate software (e.g. HLDJ, VAC).
  • Avoid excessively long spams, and let others micspam when yours ends.
  • Keep Voice Chat enjoyable - obnoxious and excessively loud noises including loud micspams and squeakers aren't fun to listen to.
  • If someone is micspamming, avoid talking or micspamming over it. Extremely short micspams (AKA bitspams) are acceptable in moderation, but if you're asked to stop, you should stop.
  • NSFW micspams are not allowed. Mildly NSFW shitpost micspams can be acceptable.

DFS Finale: Continuation

Disp on March 7th, 2023 at 6:00pm
Hey again!
This is a follow-up post on the recent DFS Finale Announcement to inform you all on details of the upcoming finale event.

For starters, I can't say I'm too shocked for Valve to release important TF2 news only 10 days after we announced our DFS news, after many years of no blog posts involving upcoming TF2 updates.

You may remember that we've put an important note in the last announcement regarding the finale event & closure date not being set in stone, this will come into effect today.
After a discussion between me and the higherup staff team, we've decided to delay the finale event and server closure until summer.

This will give us more time to prepare, flesh out and expand on our DFS Finale event, while letting us see where the state of TF2 is headed with the upcoming major update.

Please note: The DFS Finale event will happen, and not be delayed any further than Summer 2023. If any other important changes involving DFS ever happen, we'll make sure to let you know in advance.

In the meantime, I've added a ton of new custom maps for all gamemodes, as well as TF2 Chaos Mod, a RNG based gamemode by Mikusch, as a voteable gamemode to all Vanilla maps for everyone to enjoy and to have fun with!

When the time is right, the date and all details of the finale event will be announced in advance.

Feel free to join us anytime on The DFS Discord

As someone who has been around this community and game for more than a decade, I once again give all my thanks to those who have stuck around and supported us over the years.

Please look forward to the Finale event as we aim to make it as special as possible for the entire community!

This list covers the most major rules and is not exhaustive. Abusing loopholes to the detriment of others' enjoyment will be punished. If you're unsure if something's allowed, feel free to ask a staff member.

Thanks for taking the time to read our rules! We hope you'll follow them responsibly and have a great time as part of the DFS community!