Welcome to DFS, we hope that you'll have a great time on our servers!

We ask that all members follow our rules to make DFS fun for everyone. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with them before you join in!

Server rules

  • Keep it friendly and be respectful to your fellow players.
  • Avoid spamming text chat, especially during map votes.
  • Using cheats will result in a ban.
  • Play fair - being griefed isn't fun.
  • NSFW content in Sprays and Decals is prohibited.
  • Keep communication in English at all times.
  • Impersonating anyone with malicious intent will be met with a punishment.
  • Do not advertise other servers/communities.
  • Avoid begging staff to use commands or to give you things - they're here to have fun too.
  • Binds, unicode faces and roleplaying is allowed only in moderation, you should stop if asked to.

Micspam rules

  • Micspams should be done through appropriate software (e.g. HLDJ, VAC)
  • Avoid excessively long spams, and let others micspam when yours ends.
  • Keep Voice Chat enjoyable - obnoxious and excessively loud noises including loud micspams and squeakers aren't fun to listen to.
  • If someone is micspamming, avoid talking or micspamming over it. Extremely short micspams (AKA bitspams) are acceptable in moderation, but if you're asked to stop, you should stop.
  • NSFW micspams are not allowed. Mildly NSFW shitpost micspams can be acceptable.

The Season of Giving is upon us!

Light08 ☆ on December 23rd, 2020 at 10:36pm
One of the biggest festivities of the year is right around the corner!
As the gift-giving starts, we've got lots of stuff of our own prepared for all of you!

We have plenty in the works, but with our busy personal lives, our original plans to release a huge Winter Update have had to be postponed.
Don't you worry, though, because we've still got plenty for you to enjoy in a festive update, releasing right now!

New Donation Gifts
We're temporarily giving away extra gifts to those who are generous enough to donate and support our cause to keep DFS up and going whilst bringing in new goodies as well as content to the servers for players to enjoy!

Starting now and for 3 weeks only, donating to DFS will have you receive the following gifts:
  • A Platinum/Gold Voucher
  • The DFS Xmas Tree or 10,000 credits
  • A custom tag as well as custom tag and chat colors of your choice in both servers

Click here to visit the DFS donation page, your support means a lot for us!

New Events
== Christmas Present ==
Login at least once during the Christmas Event duration to earn a Christmas Gift Box!
The contents of the Gift Box are determined by your DFS Level. Only one Gift Box is distributed per player.

== The Christmas Gift Grab ==
Login every day to earn a new reward for 14 days!

== Season of Giving & Receiving ==
The month of Sharing is upon us and what better time to share with others?
Use Mystery Gifts to give to others, while also earning yourself rewards! The more you give, the more you receive!

New Winter Unusual Effects for Pets
As with every Christmas Event, pets obtained from Pods have special winter-themed effects to them!
To add more variety to it, we've updated the list of obtainable winter effects with 10 brand new effects!

New Map Rotation for Winter-themed Maps
To get everyone into the festive spirit, we're adding a sleigh-full of wintry maps into the map rotation!
From official Christmas maps to snowy community maps, a White Christmas is coming!
Yes, this also includes Wutville:
  • cp_coldfront
  • cp_snowplow
  • ctf_snowfall_event
  • koth_viaduct
  • pd_snowville_event
  • pl_barnblitz
  • pl_pier
  • pl_snowycoast
  • pl_wutville_event (Replaced with our old version)

Winter & Mystery Gifts return
It wouldn't be Christmas if there weren't gifts involved.
For the duration of the Christmas Event you can earn Winter Gifts from Quests!
In addition, Mystery Gifts are now appearing on Stadium for you to find and share!
These can be collected by everyone, so help your fellow players find them and spread the generosity!

Other Server Changes
In addition, we've been working on some overall Quality of Life changes for several aspects of the server:

Deathrun Changes
Updated Deathrun weapon attributes:
  • Hopefully fixed some issues with weapons that give movement speed bonus when active

  • Removed active speed boost attribute because DR is weird and Scout randomly runs at 320hu/s or 400hu/s
  • Increased damage bonus from 15% to 20%

    Disciplinary Action:
  • Added 50% fire rate penalty

  • Nerfed damage bonus from 300% to 100%
  • Dmg penalty to players changed to match that of the OG homewrecker
  • Dmg bonus to buildings changed for the same reason
  • Added a 5% move speed penalty

  • Fixed a bug where your health would be eaten away when switching weapons

    Back Scratcher:
  • Added a 50% fire rate penalty due to speed buff on teammate hit attribute
  • Added a 25% damage penalty
  • Added a 15% move speed penalty

  • Cloak duration rate reduced from 25% to 20%

    Conniver's Kunai:
  • Max health penalty changed back from 75 to 55
  • Reduced active speed boost from 10% to 5%

Map Fixes
  • Round start trigger_push speed increased from 500 to 750, fixed push direction a bit
  • Reworked one of the screamer traps: Reduced sound volume, replaced epileptic images with lots of blood
  • Time left before round end is now announced by the announcer

  • Round start trigger_push speed increased from 500 to 750
  • Added a melee filter to the runner sacrifice button (ranged weapons were able to bypass the trap before)

  • Removed broken invisible latches from the tunnel

  • Added more ice to the frozen water to fix a broken spot

TF2Projectiles & Building Hats Additions

Added 10 new projectile models:
  • Birthday Gift
  • Holiday Gift
  • Banana
  • Duck
  • Dove
  • Macaw Parrot
  • Frog
  • Handy Thing
  • Soda Can
  • Monitor

Added 16 new building hats:
  • Frontline Field Recorder
  • A Well Wrapped Hat
  • Manniversary Paper Hat
  • All Hallows Hatte
  • info_player_start
  • Hong Kong Cone
  • Team Captain
  • Finder's Fee
  • The Cotton Head
  • Hat With No Name
  • Cone
  • Mann Co Cap
  • Mann Co Online Cap
  • Sydney Straw Boat
  • Fruit Shoot (Dangerous style)
  • Provisions Cap

Membership Voucher Giveaway
The gift-giving doesn't stop outside of TF2, as we're giving away free multiple Gold and Platinum Membership Vouchers in our Discord Server !
In addition, our Discord Server keeps you up-to-date with our newest updates & news around the clock.

Our Christmas Event lasts until the 13th January!

As for the huge update that is in the works, you can expect it to hit in early 2021.
This update will be more centered towards the non-competitive aspects of our server!
Stay tuned! And as with every year...

We wish you all a merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

- The DFS Staff

This list covers the most major rules and is not exhaustive. Abusing loopholes to the detriment of others' enjoyment will be punished. If you're unsure if something's allowed, feel free to ask a staff member.

Thanks for taking the time to read our rules! We hope you'll follow them responsibly and have a great time as part of the DFS community!