Website changelog

Below you will find all the changes to the website for each version update. Every change is also accompanied with a Updated, Added, Fixed or Removed tag along with an 'explanation' to the change which is in a darker text shade.



October 13, 2021


January 30, 2021


Updated Updated contents to reflect current donation plans and features.

Player Profiles

Added Added Red, Green and Blue themes, unlocked by default.


Updated Added Steam avatar frames to avatars.
Updated Changed layout depending on rank.
Updated Shortened some terms to account for space.

Meet the staff

Updated Added Steam avatar frames to avatars.


Updated Major optimizations in the back end, making some of the changes mentioned above and upcoming ones possible.
Updated Cached data now expires faster.
From 4 hours to 1 hour.


November 21, 2020


Updated Reworked completely to remove a third party plugin.
After initially pushing for a "full page" style of the home page to be attractive to 'new' people I have decided to do a full 180 as numerous complications arose from the plugin we used, how "uninformative" it actually was because of these complications and how "chaotic" the site looked, taking the navbar's contents into account. It also used some very old points of data which have been indirectly replaced with other endpoints.

Message of the Day

Updated Reworked to match the contents of the new home page.
The "fit everything inside the tf2 motd" approach was not working and resulted in other important content being left out completely. This aims to have more "DFS" inside the MOTD which now displays the most recent announcement, update and other handy resources to check out depending how much information you seek inside the MOTD.

Player Profiles

Added You can now change between themes you have unlocked.
Updated The top part of profiles have been reworked.
Updated A 404 is now returned for non-existant profiles.
Updated Themes are now 'generated' programmatically, this affects colours in all existing themes on the website.
For reference, these were previously done by badly hand-picking colours for the primary shade of that theme.
Fixed Fixed a bug where player's equipped profile items and friends on Steam were never updated.
Fixed Fixed a bug where fetching a private account's friends resulted in an error.
Fixed Fixed a bug where animated backgrounds were not correctly positioned.


Updated The navbar now becomes fixed to the top as you scroll down.
Updated Minor visual changes to all existing update pages.


Added Added a meet the staff page.
Added Added a change log page.
Added Added session tokens to secure the new POST endpoints added with this update.
Updated Updated footer contents.
Updated Added support for 'responsive' Google Ads.
Updated Split up data saved from the Steam API for optimization purposes.
Updated Website layout has been changed in favour of allowing for seasonal themes.
Fixed Better mobile view on the site through specific adjustments.
Fixed Added page for when an actual (500) error has occurred on the site.
Fixed Navigation bar will no longer underline the logo and "home" button when you are just on "".
Removed Server Info and Community have been removed from the navbar.


October 6, 2020

The new website is live, together with the 3rd day of the Jack of all Trades server update.