Server Update + Major Bug Fixes (05/05/20)

May 4th, 2020 at 10:00pm • 2 min read
  • Added new maps
    • cp_burghausen_rc1
    • dm_flux_b4
    • gm_flatgrass
    • pl_cooler_badwater_a3

  • Added new playermodels + playermodel changes
    • Deformed Heavy (Gold, Heavy)
    • Black Mesa Scientist (All-Class) is now a public model available to everyone
    • Yeti (All-Class) is now a public model available to everyone

  • Added new bonemerge model
    • Deformed Heavy

  • Fixed a critical bug where users would keep receiving duplicate drops. DFS drops have been properly re-enabled!

  • Added day 600 and 650 login rewards

  • Added one new secret joinsound

  • Added new DFS minigame words

  • Updated RTD
    • Now works alongside DFS Allowance plugin
    • Re-enabled disabled effects which will no longer cause damage in Allowance/Friendly mode
      • Toxic
      • Timebomb
      • Deadly Voice
      • Fire Timebomb
      • Fire Breath
      • Hat Throw
      • Pumpkin Trail
      • A Call Beyond
    • Reduced cooldown from 200 to 180 seconds

  • Snatcher boss fight has now been fixed and works properly, which means players should no longer experience any sort of unexpected lag during the fight.

  • Fixed boss portals in tm_stadium not working.

  • Updated maps
    • Updated szf_turtle_defense_v1a to szf_turtle_defense_v1b
    • Updated vsh_chimeralabs_v6 to vsh_chimeralabs_v7
    • Updated vsh_stargate_a2 to vsh_stargate_fix

  • Fixed Darkbelle playermodel not having any textures

  • Map votes will now be displayed in chat and hintbox

  • Minor VSH, SZF, Instagib, Randomizer and MicroTF2 gamemode updates

  • Added a secret staff-only command

  • Fixed users not being able to use Rock, Paper, Scissors taunt in VSH

  • Fixed Instagib not unloading after map change

  • Fixed pass_district not being recognized as a competitive map

  • Fixed Randomizer not working properly

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