Memorial of the Fallen Campaign + Server Update (05/12/20)

May 11th, 2020 at 11:00pm • 2 min read
  • Added a new Quest Type for Smash Fortress.
  • Added a timer on Auctions to tell easier when the deadline will be hit.
  • Improved the Module Particle System. Fixed certain particles appearing in firstperson.
  • Added a brand new campaign: Memorial of the Fallen
    • Added a new module: Soldier's Requiem
    • Added a new, free pass to access the campaign

  • Added ctf_aerospace_b4

  • Added dfs_sandbox_veryflat created by NotNihilanth to replace gm_flatgrass

  • Updated dfs_jungle_rc1b to dfs_jungle_rc1c
    • Optimized edicts (from 1300 to ~800)
    • Changed lights
    • Simplified water geometry
    • Added a message from B.M.I

  • Updated dm_flux_b4 to dm_flux_b5
    • Made several layout changes in an attempt to improve movement and make some areas more interesting.
    • Jump pads have been tweaked and can now be more reliably used to break falls as well as jumping.
    • Fixed the missing collision on the lower reactor stairs.
    • Cleaned up some graphical errors.
    • Added an additional sound effect when the control point is captured.
    • Attempted some more optimisation.
    • Fixed some sound effect errors.

  • Fixed RTD not working in competitive maps

  • Removed STT from pl_cooler_badwater_a3 due to the gamemode breaking the map

  • Fixed map vote chat messages blocking map vote screens

  • Fixed Queen Vanessa having broken textures

  • Blocked off explicit content from trade_abstract2

  • Fixed a typo regarding Construction Plugin Messages.

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    Have fun!

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