Donation System Updates

May 24th, 2021 at 6:00pm • 9 min read
Hey everyone!

We're making some major adjustments in regard to our donation system and I'm here to inform everyone of all the new changes we'll be introducing.

I'll be starting off with membership price changes and then continue with changes to perks and commands, as well as the complete overhaul to our current "Donation Deal" system.

Membership Price Changes

  • Gold Membership - €3 (from $5)
  • Platinum Membership - €10 (from $15)

We'll be rewarding those currently with legacy memberships with a Community Stone as a token of our appreciation for their continued support to DFS!

The legacy memberships for Gold/Platinum will still exist, old PayPal donators will not lose their memberships with these upcoming changes. You may freely swap from legacy to the new memberships anytime you'd like by re-donating!

The donation changes are now live at

Key donations will continue to exist for those who prefer to donate with keys over PayPal. Keep in mind key prices might be slightly higher than PayPal prices due to key donations being less effective in terms of helping us pay our server costs.

  • Gold - 2 keys (from 3 keys)
  • Platinum - 5 keys (from 7 keys)

New Milestone
We've added a new easier to reach donation milestone for those who are generous enough to support us by donating!

If you've donated a total of €10 to DFS cumulatively, you will receive the now returning Goldspenser pet with the same exclusive effects to keep by your side and show off to others anytime you want!

New Perks & Perk Changes
We've also added some new perks for donators, while making changes to some already existing perks!
  • We've added two new DFS items that reward users for donating to DFS for the first time, starting from now on:
    • Donating for Gold for the first time will reward the supporter with the new Gold Goodie Bag which contains the rarest DFS items put together. Opening it will grant the user one of DFS' rarest items at a random chance, from a pool of Legendary quality DFS items.

    • Donating for Platinum for the first time will reward the supporter with the new Platinum Goodie Bag which contains the rarest DFS pets put together. Opening it will grant the user one of DFS' rarest pets at a random chance, from a pool of the highest rarity tier pets of every pod series until now, with randomly rolled unusual effects for the obtained pet.

    • Gold and Platinum Goodie Bags will also include one Gold or Platinum voucher per bag, allowing the donor to extend their memberships even further or to gift the fun to somebody else!

    • These Goodie Bags will be acquired upon the first PayPal donation you make after the release of this update.

    • The Goodie Bags are a token of our appreciation for those who are generous enough to support us keeping DFS alive and going, each DFS account can only obtain both of these goodie bags only once. Thank you for supporting us <3

  • /vehicles can now be used by Gold members! Keep in mind the command is restricted to be used in Sandbox maps, all of our currently available vehicles can be used by everybody but there is a global vehicle limit of 11 to avoid causing server instability.

  • /piano and /removepiano have now been converted to Gold member commands (from Platinum)

  • /btg has now been converted to a Gold member command (from Platinum)

  • /pose is no longer donor-restricted and is available to be used by everyone, show off your poses to everyone anytime you want!

Hotfix Update for the Spring Bloom Update
  • DFS Ultimate Map Chooser Updates
    • Added a new section for SCP: Secret Fortress in the gamemode/map voting section, with a gamemode cooldown of 3 rotations and a minimum player requirement of 7
    • Made it so that if an extension vote passes, the gamemode/map vote will be held before the end of the map instead of right after the extension vote
    • Fixed gamemode files not downloading correctly for users
    • Fixed UMC plugin doing a map extension vote when RTV passes
    • Fixed UMC plugin not loading certain plugins in certain gamemodes (like bhop and instant respawn in surf)
    • Increased the cooldown of Special Gamemodes section from 2 to 3 map rotations
    • Fixed an issue where the map would sometimes change to tm_stadium without a vote happening, followed by the Sandbox mode then not getting loaded into the map properly
  • DFS Plugin Updates
    • Added Donor Goodie Bags
    • Blocked certain plugins on maps with high-edict counts & SCP maps to prevent edict crashes
    • Disabled TargetHUD for SCP team to prevent exploiting
    • Disabled Spawnprotection on SCP and Fortress Royale maps
    • Converted all $ stats to €
    • Fixed Orange Juice prices & effect triggering even when the item can't be used
  • Disabled custom gamemode voting in Combat Surf maps
  • Experimentally enabled Bhopping on all Deathrun maps
  • Updated and enabled the Instant Respawn plugin
    • Respawn times are now also properly enabled on certain gamemodes/maps
  • has now been updated to version 1.1.1!
  • Increased cooldown for map change to tm_stadium when server is empty from 1 hour to 3 hours
  • Fixed server crashes that started happening after the Spring update
  • Fixed SF2 bosses being invisible
  • Lots of other bug fixes & DFS plugin bug fixes
  • Fixed psay being a restricted command, should be usable by everyone again
  • New Maps
    • Added scp_3008v1
    • Updated scp_abandoned_epsilon to scp_abandoned_eta
    • Updated pl_spacewar_b10 to pl_spacewar_b12
    • Updated trade_icerink_b2a to trade_icerink_b3a

The Brand New Unique Reward System
As of the Spring Bloom update, we've already converted custom chat tag and colors into a DFS modular based system which no longer requires limited time donations to obtain.
We would like to avoid time-restricting exclusive content such as new pets, items and campaigns in the future.
Therefore we'll be removing the time limited donation deal system completely out of DFS and replacing it with a monthly-based Donation Bonuses system:
  • Each month the DFS donation page will provide a new bonus to all users for supporting us with generous donations, users who donate will receive a new bonus each month!
  • The bonuses may include but are not limited to: Membership Vouchers (to extend or gift Gold & Platinum), Pets (including the ones from previous donation deals), Credits, Golden & Community Keyless Crates, Legendary Items or Modules and much more!
  • At the start of each month the bonus reward will change into a completely new reward, or will be a returning reward from the past.
  • The rewards that have appeared in the past might have a chance of appearing again in the future and therefore will not be time-restricted unique rewards.
  • This new reward system is still being worked on, but we're hoping to launch it in the near future!

We really hope that you enjoy the changes we're making to our donation system
These changes aim to reward donors as a token of our appreciation for supporting DFS!
If you happen to have any feedback for us, feel free to check out our GitHub suggestions page anytime!

Thanks to your donations, we're able to run our servers and webserver on very high-end server machines, while also being able to develop even more and better content for DFS in the future!
If you'd like to support what we're doing, please consider donating to DFS at

Thank you so much for supporting us through these times, we're very grateful for your donations as it truly means a lot for us!

We hope you keep enjoying your time on the DFS servers!

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