DFS Spring Cleaning Update

March 11th, 2020 at 12:15am • 5 min read
Hey all!

With this update we'll be optimizing our server files and download times while updating our content pack thread with new asset packs and an updated map pack!

To lighten the overall size of our custom content, some larger maps, older models and other content have been removed as well. We welcome your feedback as always and encourage you to let us know if you have any suggestions or bug reports for our servers!

Feel free to visit DFS Content Pack thread for more info regarding content packs!

Optimization & Content Pack Updates
  • Optimized almost all server files to reduce download times drastically
  • Added new packs to the Content Pack thread DFS Boards thread:
    • Updated Map pack
    • Assets pack containing a complete collection of all DFS custom materials, models and sounds
    • Separate packs for DFS custom materials, models and sounds
  • Detailed information (e.g. pack sizes, installation instructions, etc.) can be found in the Content Pack thread

    DFS Plugin Updates and Other Changes
  • Sprays and Soundsprays can now be used much more frequently (cooldown reduced from 3 seconds to 0.1 seconds)
  • Auto team balancing and team limits have been disabled completely in Sandbox/Friendly maps
  • Teammate collisions have been disabled completely in Deathrun
  • Randomizer gamemode has been replaced with an entirely new version created by 42
  • Added a lot of new DFS minigame words
  • Added new joinsounds
  • Added a new sound for the new 300% Orange Juice item
  • You can now keep gaining MEP after reaching Mercenary Rank 100
  • Added a new VSH boss: Pyrocar
  • Minor updates to https://dfs.tf
  • Removed older and unused joinsounds + noisemaker sounds

    Map Changes
  • Added new maps
    • cp_no_mercy_b1
    • ctf_2fort_neocity
    • dm_ashina_shrine_b1
    • dr_marioworld_redux_final1
    • koth_diner_a2
    • pl_cornfarm_rc
    • sb_sundust
    • slender_claustrophobia_b2a
    • slender_cry_of_fear_a3
    • slender_noexit_b2c
    • vsh_stargate_a2
  • Updated maps
    • Updated dfs_jungle_rc1a to dfs_jungle_rc1b (DFS exclusive map by Unicake)
    • Updated ig_hangar_v3b to ig_hangar_v3c (DFS exclusive map by Unicake)
    • Updated szf_turtle_defense_b5 to szf_turtle_defense_v1a (by Alex Turtle)
    • Updated trade_rustboro_r4 to trade_rustboro_r4a
  • Removed maps
    • dr_underworld_redux
    • koth_atrocity
    • koth_dewm
    • koth_eros_rc1
    • ph_sawmill_a2
    • pl_skirmish_b2
    • slender_fright_yard_b1f
    • slender_lobbys_classic
    • tfdb_potato_v3
    • trade_apadiel
    • trade_museum_final
    • vsh_arktown_v4
    • vsh_nebula_rc1

    Playermodel Updates
  • Playermodel permission changes
    • Big Smoke and CJ are now no longer restricted to donors are are now publicly available
    • Black Mesa Scientist is now publicly available on Spy, all-class variant remains restricted to donors
    • Added John Wick to Bonemerge
    • Gabe Newell is now all-class
    • Link's Awakening Outfit is now all-class
    • Villager is now all-class
    • Tom Nook is now all-class
  • Removed playermodels
    • Doom Revenant
    • Genji
    • HotDog Scout
    • McCree
    • Papyrus
    • Penguin
    • Skeleton Scout
    • Tracer
    • Rayman
  • Removed older SF2 bosses
    • Darkbelle
    • Crog Brute
    • MJ
    • Shia
  • Removed older/unused vehicles

    Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue that caused membership expiration notification to appear simultaneously to other players
  • Updated vote plugin
    • Updated to work along with the new Randomizer plugin
    • Fixed being able to enable Instagib while Randomizer is enabled and vice versa
  • Enabled RPS taunt in VSH again
  • Disabled construct and a few other plugins in sa2b_chao_world_v1 to prevent crashes
  • Disabled Widowmaker in Friendly mode due to Instagib confusion/conflicts
  • Disabled Grappling Hooks in tm_stadium to fix a boss battle issue
  • Fixed players getting stuck in Arena queue in Smash Fortress
  • Fixed /sandbox and /sandbox_fly not working as alternative commands to /construct and /construct_fly
  • Other minor plugin bug fixes
  • Fixed missing server downloads

    Big thanks to Light08, ThatAverageJoe, Limey, Neppu Tennouboshi and Majima for helping out with this update!

    Check out AxMan's recent video which was recorded entirely in DFS!

    If you enjoy DFS please do consider supporting us by donating so that we can pay our server costs, keep providing more and better content updates as well as events and raffles for everyone!

    Have fun!

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