DFS Nine Year Anniversary Update!

October 13th, 2021 at 10:50pm • 9 min read
Can you all believe it? It's been a miraculous NINE whole years since I've first launched DFS, crazy to think how fast time passes huh? A lot has changed since then and I'm honestly not only quite shocked but truly grateful that this wonderful community has managed to keep going for this long, and hopefully even more!

I was nothing more than a very young wee child when I first launched DFS, having no idea how far it'd go or how big it'd become, one thing I can say is that it has been a very long and amazing journey I've enjoyed taking with all of you. I'll admit now that I unfortunately don't have much free available time to focus on my passion project as much as I could in the past, so I've been slowly passing the torch away to some very cool and capable people who will give their best to keep you all happy and the DFS community going forward throughout the future!

But for now I've prepared you all a big server update that I hope you all will be able to enjoy and have a great time with! Along with the changes below we've enabled our anniversary mode for two weeks, allowing you to finish an event to earn a bunch of goodie rewards for yourself! If you login this week you will also get yourself a exclusive anniversary badge!

And that will conclude my message for our final one-digit anniversary. Thank you all so much for everything over the years, and here's to even more to come!

DFS Structural Role Rework
This rework aims to make major changes to all roles and permissions on DFS. We're also aiming to give the public more access to some fun commands and features without restricting them to donors only, while introducing big new bonuses to donors to help keep the lights on and the servers going!
  • The following features & commands are receiving important changes!
    • /sandbox_fly (or construct_fly) is now accessible to be used by everyone on DFS Sandbox maps!
    • /bonemerge is now accessible and can be used by everyone!
    • /resizeme, /resizemyhead, /resizemyhands, /resizemytorso and /resizereset are now accessible and can be used by everyone!
    • /vehicle can now be used by everyone in DFS Sandbox mode maps! All vehicles are accessible to be spawned by everyone without any restrictions on any of the vehicles.
    • /arwing is now accessible by Gold members and is no longer restricted to Platinum users!
    • /gimme is now accessible by Gold members and is no longer restricted to Platinum users!
    • /ps is now accessible by Gold members and is no longer restricted to Platinum users!
    • /noclip is now accessible by Gold members and is no longer restricted to Platinum users!
    • /bling is a new command added only accessible to Platinum users, using it grants the user a completely randomly generated loadout each time they spawn! (These cosmetics will only mostly be visible to the user themselves and not so much to the other players).
  • We've also done major internal staff role related changes, we'll be introducing a new staff role called Community Manager to DFS. Staff members with this role will be managing and promoting the community, while hosting events and game nights to keep the community sticking together as much as possible!

Monthly DFS Donation Goals
We've mentioned introducing a new monthly donation goal system in one of our past announcements, now that we're giving the public more access to commands & features and finally getting rid of the limited donation deals per major update, we're now introducing our new monthly donation goal system!
  • Each month a new bonus will be provided to all donors for supporting us with generous donations, those who donate will receive a new bonus each month!
  • The bonuses include but are not limited to: Membership Vouchers (to extend or gift Gold & Platinum), Pets (including limited ones from previous donation deals), Credits, Golden & Community Keyless Crates, Legendary Items or Modules and much more!
  • At the start of each month the bonus reward will be randomly rolled to a different reward
  • The rewards that have appeared in the past might have a chance of appearing again in the future and therefore will not be time-restricted unique rewards.

  • You can get all donation bonuses every month, only one reward can be obtained per month per user. Donating to DFS a minimum of 3€ will make you eligible to earn the donation reward each month!
  • You can view the current monthly donation goal/bonus on the DFS Main Hub when you join any of the servers.
  • Your donations and support are very appreciated and are what helps us keep DFS going as much as possible! Without donations DFS wouldn't be where it is today, if you'd like to get some cool perks for yourself in the servers, please do consider supporting us at https://dfs.tf/donate !
  • This system will go live by the start of December 1st and the reward will continue refreshing at the start of each month!

Updated dfs_sandbox_veryflat_v2 to dfs_sandbox_veryflat_v3
  • Now considered the second main map of DFS, after tm_stadium
  • The max buildcost has been tripled for all players on this map
  • dfs_sandbox_veryflat_v3 will now also be picked if no map is voted for, besides tm_stadium
  • Added a day/night cycle accompanied with Terraria music (affected by music volume)
  • Overhauled the skybox entirely, is now also a part of the day/night cycle's workings
  • Map height has been increased consequently with the change above
  • Certain materials have been changed, most notably water, grass and the center slab
  • Map optimizations

DFS Plugin Changes
  • Enabled Seasonal Shop for the Anniversary event!
  • Increased construct building limit/costs for everyone in DFS Sandbox mode!
  • Doubled the EXP drop amount for everyone in the server permanently!
  • Minigames now reward the user with even more EXP if they win
  • Added a lot of new joinsounds
  • Added a lot of new noisemaker sounds
  • Added new minigame words
  • Removed a couple of older joinsounds, noisemaker sounds and minigame words, slightly optimized content download times.

Returning Gamemodes
  • Slender Fortress 2 (Private version) is finally making a return back to DFS!
Updated Gamemodes
  • Updated MicroTF2 to version 5.2.0
  • Updated SCP: Secret Fortress with Parabellum update and more
  • Updated VSH Rewrite to version 1.5.0
  • Updates to Deathrun Neu to version 1.6.1
  • Updated Mann Vs Mann to version 1.3.0
  • Updated Randomizer

dfs.tf Update 1.1.2
  • Login sessions no longer expire instantly when you close the browser
  • Fixed badges and oaths not showing up on profiles
  • Banned users no longer show up on leaderboards
  • Updated roles & role colors
  • Other minor updates

Added and Updated maps
  • br_tikal_b2 to br_tikal_b3
  • cp_balloon_race_v11
  • ctf_helltrain_event_v2_rc6 to ctf_helltrain_event_v2_rc6b
  • dr_bog_v2fix2
  • dr_chipper_v2b
  • dr_minigames_b2 to dr_minigames_b5
  • dr_rayman_a2
  • dr_scprun_v2b_1 to dr_scprun_v3
  • dr_spinner_v1b
  • dr_supermarket_v3
  • ice_veilstone_b1
  • koth_glitch_custom
  • koth_nippletwister_a3
  • mannor_of_horrors
  • manor_of_fun_fix
  • manor_of_mischief
  • mg_testing_complex_v2 to mg_testing_complex_v3_1
  • pl_toy_fort_2_v1
  • sb_torii_v1
  • scp_abandoned_lambda to scp_abandoned_nexus
  • scp_boss_epsilon
  • scp_city_gamma to scp_city_theta
  • scp_containmentbreach_numba to scp_containmentbreach_nexus
  • scp_fortress_summer3 to scp_fortress_summer_finale
  • scp_rebake_alpha3
  • surf_autumnal_fix to surf_autumnal_final
  • szf_serioussam_sand_canyon_v1 to szf_serioussam_sand_canyon_v2
  • tfdb_sumotoridreams
  • trade_balloonfarm
  • vsh_foreststation_b10b to vsh_foreststation_b12
  • vsh_moving_in_v4
  • vsh_reiltas_hills_v2
  • vsh_supermarket_v1
  • warioware_redux_v4 to warioware_redux_v5b
Misc Updates/Bug Fixes
  • Taunts plugin has been updated to include the new taunts from the latest TF2 patch!
  • Added a new section called "Minigame Gamemodes" for MicroTF2, mg_testing_complex and warioware_redux_v5
  • Updated gamemode names, and moved certain maps (including: af_bananarama, wacky_races_v2, balloon_race and bestinclass to misc modes/maps section)
  • Lowered the cooldown of Minigame Gamemodes section, increased the cooldown of Misc Modes/Maps section
  • Lowered minimum players required for Smash Fortress to 7 (from 8) and lowered the minimum players required to play Unique Maps to 5 (from 7)

Happy 9th Birthday DFS!

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