DFS: Jack of all Trades Update - Day 3

October 6th, 2020 at 1:20am • 25 min read
2020 sure feels like a drag, so let's have some fun to help the time fly! We might have been locked up inside, but we've still been very busy, and are ready to unleash one of DFS' biggest updates! We've got plenty of new features, content, and lots of quality of life changes in store!

We're pleased to present the third and final day of, and launch, the Jack of all Trades Update!

See all of the new content headed to the servers here, or scroll down for the full update notes if you want to see all of the details!


New Donation Deal!
If you've been eager to get your hands on a new pet, nab yourself some custom chat colors or a heap of Credits, you're in luck!

Donating between now and the 26th of October will grant you your choice of either our newest pet: Animal Crossing's Gyroid with custom animations and unique effects, or 15,000 Credits! In addition, you'll also receive a membership voucher that matches your Gold or Platinum donation! Enjoy the benefits a little longer, or share with a friend!

You'll also get to pick out a custom chat tag and colors for your tag, name and chat messages!

PayPal donors will also be granted an extra gift of one Keyless Golden Crate!

https://dfs.tf/donate - Please visit this link if you are interested in supporting DFS by donating!

DFS wouldn't be able to get this far without your donations and support, thank you so much for supporting us to come this far!

New Gamemodes!
Added a new gamemode - Class Warfare
  • Class Warfare: Fight against each other with class-locked battles!
  • Can be toggled on and off by using a vote command: /voteclassw
  • Works on all competitive maps!
Added a new gamemode - Glass Attack
  • Glass Attack: Fight to be the last team standing, but be careful! With maps made entirely of breakable glass, there's no hiding!
  • Introduced 10 new Glass Attack maps to go along with the release of the gamemode on DFS
Added a new gamemode - FortWars
  • FortWars: Vanilla gamemodes with a twist - you build the map! Use the setup time to build your bases out of props, then tear each others' down!
  • Introduced 10 new FortWars maps to go along with the release of the gamemode on DFS

New Quality of Life Changes

Added a new map chooser plugin, DFS Ultimate Map Chooser
  • A vote to choose the gamemode is held first, including all of our custom gamemodes, as well as competitive and friendly gamemodes.
  • Once the gamemode is chosen, a map for that gamemode will be voted for next.
  • Once a map has been played, the played gamemode will enter a cooldown. To ensure our multitude of friendly and competitive maps get their time in the spotlight too, these gamemodes will not have a cooldown period, while other custom gamemodes will have a cooldown period of 3 maps.
  • The option to extend the current map has been removed from the map vote and has instead been converted into a new command: /extendmap. Details on this command can be found in the changelogs below.
  • Unfortunately, due to limitations caused by the way this map chooser works, map or gamemode nomination is unavailable, meaning both gamemode and map selections available in votes will be randomly chosen.

Allowance System 2.0
  • Major changes have been made to the Allowance system. Players can now damage each other on all friendly and competitive maps if they choose to, excluding tm_stadium and dfs_jungle.
  • Allowance is enabled by default on friendly maps and disabled by default on competitive maps. It can also be enabled or disabled at will during any time by using the /allowance command.
    • The Allowance system is now active in all competitive maps, replacing /friendly entirely.
  • Upon spawning, players are asked if they would like to enable or disable Allowance mode, and the /allowance command will remain accessible as always. Enabling Allowance will enable damage and knockback immunity on the user while being unable to damage and knockback other players.
  • Players who have immunity enabled will be indicated with a unique new effect to differentiate them from non-allowance players.
  • Damage and knockback immunity have been consolidated into a single global setting. You can no longer adjust these settings on a player by player basis.

Custom content downloading has been intensively optimized.
  • Players will now only download custom files when they are necessary, rather than downloading all custom content at once.
  • We hope this change will reduce the barrier to entry that our large amount of necessary downloading causes without having to remove content from the servers.
  • DFS Content Packs have been updated to include the latest server content.
  • Joinsounds will now only download the joinsounds of the current season. Inactive joinsounds will no longer be downloaded.
  • Converted most .wav sound files to .mp3 to reduce file size

New Content + Plugin Additions

DFS HUB & Timed Events!
  • We've added a way to keep track of all our announcements, news, events, updates and more, all within the game with the new DFS HUB!
  • The DFS HUB lets players check up on currently ongoing campaigns, DFS news and important information such as the rules.
  • The HUB also contains Timed Events, occasional challenges that give rewards for completing varied objectives on the servers, like reaching a certain number of cumulative logins or earning Quest Points!
  • Anyone who logs into the HUB for the first time will find our very first Timed Event! Aimed at newcomers, this Event has no time limit, and guides players through DFS' features with a set of starter items!
  • With the launch of the DFS HUB, a Timed Event aimed at experienced players will also be running!

Introducing Player Fill Boost system!
  • The first 10 players to join and play on any DFS server will receive rewards when the server fills up with players, including Credits and EXP boosters!

Added new donation milestone modules for our supporters!
  • Added 500$ Donation Milestone Reward: Rainbow HUD Colors Module - Activating this module makes your DFS hud randomly change color, and it affects your info when other players look at you, too!
  • Added 350$ Donation Milestone Reward: Golden Mercs - Show off your mercenaries in opulent Gold!
  • Added 150$ Donation Milestone Reward: Silver Mercs - Enjoy a stylish Silver sheen on your mercenaries!
  • Added 50$ Donation Milestone Reward: Bronze Mercs - Adds a Bronze color to your mercenaries!
  • Additionally, we've also changed the requirements needed to receive previous milestones through total donations
    • Metallic Hat Kid requirements reduced from a total of $50 to $25
    • Golden Goose requirements reduced from a total of $125 to $75
    • 24 Karat Hat Kid requirements reduced from a total of $250 to $100
    • Community Stone requirements reduced from a total of $500 to $250
  • Additionally, each total sum of $250 you donate will now reward you with a Community Stone!
  • Keyless Golden Crates will still be rewarded for every total of $50 in donations made

Shiny Stone Changes and more
  • Shiny Stones ranks now grant a permanent 10% EXP boost per rank, scaling with your prestige for a maximum of a 2100% EXP boost at the max 5th Prestige rank. This permanent EXP boost stacks with the temporary EXP boosts obtained from playing in the servers, or from Orange Juice, Cookie or any other EXP related items.

  • Added new 5th Prestige: Spectral
    • Reaching this prestige now rewards you with a new option: HUD Color Shine Effect - Makes your HUD colors shine slowly brighter and dimmer constantly.

  • Added a new DFS sign at the start of DFS exclusive maps in the servers, welcoming users and thanking them for playing on the servers!

  • VIP membership has been renamed to Platinum membership

Added New Playermodels
  • Ankha (All-Class, Gold)
  • Beelzebub (Spy, Platinum)
  • Bob (All-Class, Gold)
  • Coach (Heavy, Public)
  • Dr. Neo Cortex (Medic, Public)
  • Ellis (Engineer, Public)
  • Fall-Guy (Scout, Platinum)
  • Goro Majima (Scout, Public)
  • Kazuma Kiryu (Spy, Public)
  • Malina (Demoman, Platinum)
  • Punchy (All-Class, Gold)
  • Raymond (All-Class, Module to purchase in the Gold Store)
  • Vault Boy (Sniper, Public)
  • Deformed Heavy (now available as a public model)

Added New Pets
  • Animal Crossing's Gyroid (Exclusive to the current donation deal, has unique animations and effects)
  • The Killer Rabbit (Costs 25,000 credits in the pet store)
  • Archimedes (Costs 10,000 credits in the pet store)

Added New Slender Fortress 2 Bosses
  • Deathslinger (From DBD, Tongue Type Boss)
  • Jeff (From HL:A, Oil Spill Type Boss)

Added New Commands
  • Platinum Commands
    • /ps 0.1 - 5.0 - Resize your throwables and projectiles
    • /rof 0.1 - 3.0 - Change your rate of fire from 0.1 up to 3.0
  • Gold Commands
    • /proj - Set custom models and effects for your projectiles
  • Public Commands
    • /extendmap - Starts a vote alongside other players to extend the current map for 15 minutes, usable only once per map.
    • /voteclassw - Starts a vote (only in Competitive maps) to enable or disable Class Wars
    • /servers or /redirect - Lets you view all of the other DFS servers
    • /hub or /dfs - Opens up the DFS Hub menu for important information
    • /event or /events - Opens up the Timed Events menu

Added TONS of New Maps
  • af_bananarama
  • af_tf2_party_a12
  • balloon_race_v3_t17
  • battle_n64skyscraper_v4_1
  • cp_bestinclass_v2
  • cp_fulgur_rc2
  • cp_hybrid_v4
  • cp_orange_cross2_v2
  • cp_pumpkin_festival_event
  • ctf_2castle
  • ctf_2fort_destructible
  • ctf_hearth_event_rc5
  • dm_House_of_Fun_fix
  • dm_backfort_b1
  • dm_congo_b1
  • dm_newyork
  • dm_sdm_final
  • dm_trainspottin_v1
  • dm_woodland_b1
  • dr_backrooms_v2
  • dr_berlin_redux_v6a
  • dr_castle_steveh_2c
  • dr_paradoxal_b9
  • dr_psykopat_fix
  • dr_safety_first_final
  • dr_scprun_v2b_1
  • dr_stardust_v1a
  • drudtown_028
  • fw_badapple_rushy
  • fw_forts_a3
  • fw_fortwars_hb
  • fw_gas_a2
  • fw_halofoundry
  • fw_hellfire_b7
  • fw_mountain_final
  • fw_octagon_reboot
  • fw_parallel_v13
  • fw_rotisserie_b2
  • glass_axis
  • glass_basics
  • glass_bea24
  • glass_constructsite_v1
  • glass_grid_b1
  • glass_hex_snow_tf2_fix
  • glass_mc_massacre_final
  • glass_sandstone
  • glass_spiderweb
  • glass_wakawaka_v2
  • gm_7eleven_v6
  • gm_fork
  • goldenmachinegun_v1b_night
  • koth_ashville_rc2b
  • koth_neighborhood
  • koth_overgrowth
  • koth_pacman_wtf_b2
  • koth_trainsawlaser_pro_rc1
  • koth_wubwubwub_remix_vip
  • mg_testing_complex_v2_1
  • pass_hotpotato
  • ph_cyberpunk_a3
  • pkmn_route119_b1a
  • pl_hatfactory55
  • pl_moonbase_b9
  • pl_skirmish_b3
  • plr_dogbread_b3
  • plr_vegas_b01
  • rats_tequila_b01
  • sb_complex_b1
  • sb_icee_day
  • sb_skylab_final
  • sb_spaceland_v2
  • sb_temple_v2
  • sb_thousand_needles
  • sb_vapor_bros_beta_v3_musfix
  • sd_laserfight
  • slender_arizona_b1
  • slender_hellfire_b1c
  • slender_manor_final1
  • slender_the_ward_b2a
  • slender_underground_r1a
  • surf_autumnal_fix
  • surf_flux_arena_b3
  • surf_halloween_v3a
  • surf_prelude_b3p
  • surf_venice_v3e
  • szf_4way_v12
  • szf_jungle_lab_rc3a
  • szf_nighttower_v1_3
  • szf_port_v3
  • szf_serioussam_sand_canyon_v1
  • tfdb_brokenglass_b4
  • tfdb_ovni_v6
  • tfdb_shapes_rc1
  • tfdb_starlight_v2_7
  • tfdb_summoning_grounds_v1
  • trade_apadiel
  • trade_delirium
  • trade_icerink_b2a
  • trade_krustykrab
  • trade_museum_final
  • vsh_abandoned_warehouse_final_v3
  • vsh_egyptyspot_v2
  • vsh_intrusion_rc2
  • vsh_manncohq_v14
  • vsh_mariokart_v3
  • vsh_turtleshell_pond_v1-2
  • wacky_races_v2

DFS Plugin Updates
Major rework of the Mercenary Guild Quest system
  • Quest objectives have been made less restrictive (e.g. Play Time, Kills as Offensive Class)
  • Added specific bonus objectives that award bonus progress (e.g. Friendly Maps Bonus, Soldier Bonus)
  • Rewards from Quests have been moved to progression-based rewards on Weekly Quotas
  • Completing Quests now awards Quest Points, which progress your Quota rating, giving better rewards as your Quota rating increases
  • Quest objective requirements have been reduced and seperated in 4 new Quest Tiers
  • Quests can be repeated after completion with higher requirements for more Quest Points
  • Completing all 7 tiers of a Quota rewards you a special rare item, and allows you to repeat the Quota up to seven times for more rewards
  • Rewards from Quotas reduce the more you complete per week. The Guild only has so much to give out!

Marketplace & Inventory Update
  • Added two new shops - you can now sell Modules and Furniture!
  • Added Bundle & Pile Buy options for the other shops!
  • Removed Furniture and Module categories in exchange for the ability to create custom categories for any item type
  • Improvements to navigating Shops, and displaying Item information in Shops
  • Added A to Z, Z to A sorting and Favoriting for Items
  • Opening the Item Info Menu and then returning to the Item Inventory will redirect you towards the last page you were on. No more re-scrolling!
  • Updated Item Info Tooltips to give more information about DFS items
  • Removed Nyakuza Outfit Box from the Gold Store. The Outfit Box acts now as a Legacy Item.
  • Fixed Shop Music & added Shop Music to the Guild Stores

QuickTime Event System Update
  • "DFS Minigames" has been updated and renamed to "QuickTime Event System"
  • Added new QuickTime Events, adding modifiers to existing minigames for a tougher challenge
  • Winning a QuickTime Event earns rewards, but others can still finish within 5 seconds for progress on a new Quest
  • Added new minigame types
    • We won't spoil what they are ;)

Item Strangifier & Strange Quality
  • Use the brand new 'Item Strangifier' item to upgrade your consumable items to Strange quality
  • Strange items keep track of how many times the item is used after upgrade
  • Once the item is used for specific amounts, the item will rank up, giving the item a new rank.
  • Quality & Strange ranks display in chat whenever used

Updated EXP System
  • Base EXP has been increased by 10x. You'll require 10 times the amount now to level up
  • However;
  • EXP received is increased by 10x
  • EXP Droptimer has been updated
    • Takes twice as long to drop EXP (from 30 to 60 seconds).
    • Dropped amount increased to 20 EXP. 25 EXP for Gold and 30 EXP for Platinum Members.
  • EXP has been retroactivly increased by 10x for all users
  • Limited maximum EXP Requirement to 999,999,999 EXP

Additional New Items
  • Steel Lootchest #5 - Contains 10 brand new Modules
  • Guild Permit - Granted to those who joined the Mercenary Guild

Major Item Adjustments
  • Added new items to the DFS shops
  • Most item prices have been adjusted
  • Some item rarities have been changed
  • Buffed Relic Crown, and other drugs to last a bit longer in duration

Shadow Realm Changes
  • Rebalanced the Minion Stage. More Minions, less Health, better scaling.
  • Rebalanced damage output for all classes. Nerfed Heavy.
  • Fixed a bug that would get people stuck in Shadow Puppets. No more deathhugs!
  • Fixed lag occurances during the Snatcher boss fight.
  • Fixed Shadow Realm's Unstuck command not reseting properly.

Other Changes & Fixes
  • Added new secret Badges.
  • Added a Perk List for the Guild Alliance. Ever wanted to know what your Rank unlocks? (K)now you will.
  • Added new unique Builder Guild Perks!
  • Renamed 'Guild Hall' to 'Guild Alliance'.
  • Renamed 'Mercenary' achievement series to 'Guild'.
  • Disabled Body Particle Modules on vanilla Competitive Maps.
  • Disabled QuickTime Events on WarioWare to avoid conflicts with the gamemode.
  • Updated DFS Menus. Navigating back through the Menu is now a lot more easier and gives you better control over menus.
  • Updated a dozen of messages.
  • Updated the DFS Guide Book.
  • Seperated most DFS HUD based numbers.
  • Keyless Crates are no longer sellable.
  • Replaced Demigod rank with Emperor rank
  • Added Login rewards up to day 1050, changed some other login rewards
  • Fixed Modules conflicting with ghosts on Slender Fortress 2, causing them to be visible.
  • Fixed Fungas exploits.
  • Fixed non-tradable Pets being auctionable.
  • Fixed Keys & Crates not being properly counted as used.
  • Fixed Giftspenser Pet facing the wrong direction.
  • Fixed Dystopian Deatheffect being avoidable.

All-new Website!
  • The website has been rebuilt from the ground up, boasting a new visual and not a nightmare to navigate.
  • Daily login bonus has been removed; a new one will be added starting the 8th of October with "website login tokens" which you can exchange later in November.
  • Existing website content such as the Home page , Donate page , Updates page have been given a facelift.
  • Profile pages have been reworked entirely, we have been thinking outside of that box.
    • Your avatar border on Steam will also show up on your profile.
    • Your profile will have a different theme based on your prestige.
    • Now displays all of your in-game stats and their rank on the Leaderboard!
    • Displays the person you are oathed with, lovebirds rejoice.
    • Displays your obtained Badges.
    • Displays your Steam friends who also play on DFS.
  • Added a new Leaderboard page of top 100 players with top 3 players marked in unique and cool looking Gold, Silver and Bronze borders, tracking a plethora of stats including "top donator", "most kills", "most deaths" and way more.
  • Future updates to the website are in development and will release independently from server updates. Our web developer has taken a extensive look at the results of the DFS survey, and would like to share upcoming features that are being worked on to address feedback and improve the usability of the website.
    • Friend referral system
    • Personal dashboards to better track your in-game progress and perform specific actions outside of the server
    • Remove the need to go to ProBoards to read server info
    • Remove the need to go to Steam to read announcements
    • Notification system, similar to push notifications on your desktop / mobile phone
    • Moderated "media share" system for users to share their favourite DFS moments
    • Chatbox

Misc & Bug Fixes
Joinsound Updates
  • Added new joinsounds
  • Removed older joinsounds
Noisemaker Updates
  • Added a couple of new joinsounds
  • Removed a bunch of older joinsounds
DFS Minigame (QuickTime) Updates
  • Added new types of minigames to play
  • Added a ton of new minigame words
  • Removed older minigame words

Other Changes
  • Fixed Spawnprotection plugin not working, now it works properly at all times.

  • We now use our own personal MOTD page!
    • Displays important information & rules of the server upon connecting to the server
    • This also means no more ads in motd, you may safely allow motd if you'd like.

  • Updated MicroTF2 to version 4.1.0 with major new additions!

  • Updated Slender Fortress 2 to private version 1.8.1 with lots of new changes!
    • Changelogs can be found in the SF2 Changelog menu

  • Replaced Deathrun Redux 2019 with Deathrun Neu/Deathrun Rewrite with a new set of features and improved code
    • Type /dr while playing to see a list of commands and features

  • Updated SZF to version 4 with major new additions!

  • Updated VSH Rewrite to the latest version

  • Dodgeball Changes
    • Re-enabled Supershots in Dodgeball
      • Reduced speed increase multiplier from 2.0 to 1.3 from supershots
    • Changed Nuke model in Dodgeball

  • Random crits for melee weapons have been re-enabled in DFS - These changes were applied in response to the feedback given by the DFS community on DFS Survey 2020
    • Random crits for weapons remain disabled
      • Random crits remain enabled for melee weapons only.
    • Random weapon damage spread remains disabled

  • Updated Maps
    • Updated dfs_sandbox_veryflat_fix to dfs_sandbox_veryflat_v2
    • Updated warioware_redux_v3 to warioware_redux_v4
    • Updated dm_flux_b4 to dm_flux_b8
    • Updated dm_flood2_redux_rc2 to dm_flood2_redux_rc3
    • Updated surf_rainbow_v2 to surf_rainbow_v3
    • Updated vsh_Hakurei_Shrine_v3 to vsh_hakurei_shrine_v5b
    • Updated tfdb_octagon to tfdb_octagon_a5_fix
    • Updated pkmn_olivinecity_b2 to pkmn_olivinecity_b3f
    • Updated trade_alley_rc6_w to trade_alley_pro_w
    • Updated szf_turtle_defense_v1b to szf_turtle_defense_v2
    • Updated szf_turtle_attack_v5_9a to szf_turtle_attack_v6b
    • Updated szf_pen15_v13b to szf_pen15_v14b
    • Updated szf_skyrim_v6a to szf_skyrim_v8b
    • Updated vsh_stargate_fix to vsh_stargate_v3
    • Updated koth_variousartists_rc2 to koth_variousartists_rc4
    • Updated vsh_castle_siege_b8 to vsh_castle_siege_b11
    • Updated surf_lullaby_vc to surf_lullaby_redone_rc1
    • Updated pl_metropolis_b5 to pl_metropolis_b7
    • Updated tfdb_bustle_v2 to tfdb_bustle_v3
    • Updated dr_dlux_nightfall_v2 to dr_dlux_nightfall_v2_fixc

  • Added a new AFK plugin that now checks for mouse movement instead of player movement

  • Reduced the amount of people required to rtv from 7 to 5

  • Intel limit has been set to 3 (instead of 0) on competitive maps to avoid the round continuing on forever.

  • Shapeshifting changes
    • Shapeshifting cooldown lowered to 5 seconds (from 10)
    • Shapeshifting now ghoststuns you instead of bonkstun
    • Now regens ammo
    • Disabled hintbox messages

  • Updated /civilian so that players no longer change classes, lose HP and lose the ability to double jump when entering Civilian mode

  • Changed speed options in taunt poser plugin

  • Implemented and fixed many suggestions and bugs reported on GitHub by the DFS community

  • Added lots more happy phrases

  • Added more calladmin reasons

  • Disabled the ability to double jump in surf maps, bhopping still remains untouched in surf maps.

  • Deleted Wireframe Hat Kid model along with some general Hat Kid/AHIT voice lines

  • Fixed daily restart announcement not being made automatically by the system before restart

  • Added spawnpoints on trade_bigcity_night (and gm_fork)

  • Fixed SourceMod randomly breaking (hopefully)

  • Disabled Be The Robot in Competitive gamemodes due to broken animations

  • Fixed there being an error in harbl_hotel skybox

  • Added missing observer points to tons of maps

  • Fixed console error spam in trade_mmm_v1

  • Added many other Stripper: Source related map fixes for other maps, mostly the recently added ones.

  • Fix gold command conflicting with another related command

  • More map related changes can be found here

  • Updated NPC system to reduce lag when fighting bosses and NPCs
  • Added Soldier's Requiem to the Guild Store
  • Added timers on Auctions
  • Fixed potential client crash instance when all constructions were removed at once. The Dissolve Effect is disabled when removing all constructions.
  • Updated interface when trying to access an invalid auction on the AuctionHouse. It will now redirect you back to the AuctionHouse with an error message.
  • Changed the rarity of "Soldier's Requiem"
  • Fixed rare instances where certain triggers would not fire properly on Stadium. This includes:
    • Teleporters not teleporting people, including the Boss Pit.
    • Deadbirds Event not starting properly after entering the arena.
  • Fixed some quests not working
  • Fixed Orange Juice item sound
  • Updated "Last Survivor" description to be more accurate.
  • Fixed a major mission bug that would finish campaigns early.
  • Fixed "Last Survivor" quest not working.
  • Fixed Shadow Realm spectator exploits
  • Fixed some typos.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Fixed several script errors.

Big thanks to the DFS developers and contributors for making this update and my parting (for the time being) gift to DFS become a reality.

And a big thank you to regulars and supporters who have been sticking with us until now, it's all thanks to you that we can keep going like this.

I am truly grateful for your support throughout these times!

Feel free to join us in the The DFS Discord to get more involved with the DFS community! We are currently giving away three Gold and Platinum membership vouchers in the DFS Discord as of this announcement as well!

We hope you enjoy our newest update and all of the fun new content & changes we have to offer, have fun!

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