DFS: Jack of all Trades Update - Day 2

October 4th, 2020 at 8:55pm • 1 min read
Welcome back to Day 2 of the Jack of all Trades Update: Mastering Mercenaries!

As the name might suggest, one of the biggest things under the spotlight today is the Mercenary Guild and the Quest system, but there's plenty more to chew on besides that!


Take a look at the overhauls, upgrades and brand new systems you can enjoy when the update launches tomorrow here!

We're eager to reveal the last bits of our work, and we hope you're eager to see!
Tomorrow, we'll be showing all the new content coming to the servers, including three new gamemodes, new and exclusive playermodels, and more, plus the full update notes containing all the fine, juicy details we couldn't quite fit into the fancy webpages!

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