DFS Has Been Moved To New Servers!

August 3rd, 2021 at 9:30pm • 2 min read
Hey all, we have very important news to announce regarding the DFS servers!

Thanks to the those who are supporting us through donations, we were able to move the DFS servers into a completely new, much bigger and stronger server machine!

From now on, both of the DFS servers as well as as our webserver will be hosted on this machine!
The new server machine is hosted in Germany so both of the DFS servers will be converted into EU servers, as from what we've seen our US server/playerbase wasn't as active anymore.

New server machine has superior specs compared to our old servers, therefore we're hoping the server performance and stability to be even better than before!

Here are the new server IPs:

Server Name
Dispenz0r's Fun Server | dfs.tf
EU - Germany
Dispenz0r's Fun Server #2 | dfs.tf
EU - Germany

If you had both servers favorited before, the new servers should still appear in your favorites. Please make sure to favorite the new server IPs otherwise!

For now, both of the DFS servers will be hosted in the Europe region, if we ever pick up more player activity, including from different regions, we'll make sure to open up more DFS servers and let you all know about it!

We've also released a server update that includes a bunch of new additions including plugin & gamemode updates, bug fixes, new maps and map updates, as well as enabled Arwing in the DFS servers once again! You can check the full list of changelogs at The DFS Discord anytime!

Thank you for supporting us as always, we hope you enjoy playing on our new servers!

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