DFS: An Update to 2022 and Beyond

January 18th, 2022 at 7:35pm • 10 min read
Hey all, it's been quite a while, and we apologize for the lack of big news as of late. Things have been quiet, but we're still very much around and are dedicated to making your experience as enjoyable as possible.

We're still very much around, much especially thanks to all of you and your support, the community can really make a big difference, and I'm grateful enough to keep things going for my passion project, DFS.

We'll be mainly focusing on getting back on track this year, overhauling a bunch of things and gathering your feedback so we can make your gameplay experience in the DFS servers as enjoyable as possible.

Here is a current list of what we are aiming to do by this year:

  1. Releasing DFS Sandbox 2.0 - Lots of improvements and various new features added over the current DFS Sandbox gamemode including but not limited to
    • Overall much smoother and less clunky gameplay, the "friendly" experience will now be ported into DFS Sandbox instead. Everyone will still be allowed to mess around with their favorite commands but the main gameplay experience will be Sandbox focused.
    • Physics Gun - Everyone's favorite weapon from Garry's Mod but in TF2, allowing you to move, place and rotate your constructions better!
    • Tool Gun - Allows you to customize your prop in several different ways, including allowing/disallowing prop collisions.
    • Addition of more props in general.
  2. Releasing dfs.tf 3.0 - We're aiming to entirely re-design our website, we're aiming to add new features including but not limited to
    • An inventory system where players will be able to see and equip their own items, modules, playermodels and pets
    • A shop system, similar to the DFS shops but accessible as a website experience! You'll be able to use your credits to purchase items, pets and modules from the shops. We also aim to update these shops with new content as well.
    • An updated profile page where users will be able to see of their DFS stats, badges, item inventory and more.
    • And even more! We'll make sure to keep you updated as our new website is being developed.
  3. Allowance/Friendly will be completely removed from Vanilla (formerly known as Competitive) mode and be only kept for the DFS Sandbox experience. This might upset some, but we think this is for the better, as we've very much realized that friendly is not a fun experience in any gamemode besides in DFS Sandbox.
  4. We'll also soon be posting a DFS 2022 Survey, we're hoping to be able to gather your thoughts and opinions regarding your experience in DFS overall. Your feedback is very important to us and is greatly appreciated, we'll be rewarding each participant with a special prize!
  5. Our third new main map currently in development by NotNihilanth will also be dropping sooner or later! We wouldn't like to spoil the surprise but I'll drop a quick hint and say that it is one of the more popular GMod maps specially reconstructed over to TF2 just for the DFS community.
  6. Implementing an easier to use chat system, we think that our current system is a bit too complex and difficult to get around with and understand, we'll be working on revamping the system to be much easier and simpler to both understand and use overall.
  7. We'll be adding new and unique self-made VSH and SF2 bosses through this year, crafted with love and as always, custom animations and sounds.
    • We might also look into adding newer self-made/ported custom playermodels for players to use, but no promises, as we're very much aware that we have too many playermodels, and do not wish to bloat your downloads too much.
  8. Finally finalizing and implementing the monthly donation reward system, new and unique rewards will be given to our donors each month.
  9. Changing the Donor system even more, so our generous donors feel more rewarded, while having to donate less to receive more rewards/longer lasting ranks.
  10. We're also hoping to do more seasonal campaigns and put out unreleased content including new pets and modules.
  11. And even more surprises we wouldn't like to spoil you on, that will hopefully come throughout the year! There is just a lot and lot of work and things going on behind the curtains.

We've also been communicating most of our news, events and even community giveaway raffles at the DFS Discord , feel free to join us anytime!

If you're also interested in joining our staff team to help us moderate our servers, or helping out with development, please feel free to make an application anytime on DFS Boards !

Thank you so much for still sticking with us, it truly means a lot.
Without further ado, here is a server update we've prepared for you to enjoy while we work on the bigger stuff this year!

  • Updated Slender Fortress 2 Private Version to 1.8.3 and re-enabled the gamemode completely
    • Added a new flashlight system, new flashlight model and sounds
    • A lot of bug fixes
    • More details can be found in the changelog menu whilst playing SF2

  • Added PropHunt Neu by Mikusch, replacing our current Prophunt Redux gamemode
    • Ability to disguise as any prop on the map
      • Including static props, dynamic props and other model-based entities
      • Player health scales with size of selected prop
    • Greatly improved Hunter (BLU) gameplay
      • Dynamically calculated self-damage values depending on used weapon
      • Minimal weapon and class restrictions
    • Functional waiting for players period in arena mode
    • More up-to-date and overall better code implementation & optimization, works with all of our current prophunt maps.

  • Added new maps
    • DFS Sandbox
      • achievement_turbo_rhobv4, replacing achievement_turbov14
      • deltarune_card_castle_v1e
    • Vanilla Mode
      • cp_osiris_b26
      • koth_frostmoon_event_rc2b updated to koth_frostmoon_event_rc4
    • Minigame & Misc Modes
      • af_tf2_party_a14 updated to tfp_tf2party_b1b
      • steamboat_race_v3
    • Deathrun Neu
      • dr_boomershooter_b1
      • dr_chipper_v2 updated to dr_chipper_v3
      • dr_neonoir_impossible_v10x
      • dr_spinner_v1b updated to dr_spinner_v1d
      • dr_stardust_v1b updated to dr_stardust_v1c
      • dr_supermarket_v3 updated to dr_supermarket_v3b
    • Prophunt Neu
      • ph_cargo_b7
      • ph_farm_feud_a10
      • ph_manorgrounds_a3
      • ph_switcheroo_a4
      • ph_trainstation_final
    • Slender Fortress 2
      • slender_lentimas_town_ptb_v1
      • slender_swamp_v4 updated to slender_swamp_v4c
      • slender_the_ward_b2a updated to slender_the_ward_r1a
    • SCP Fortress
      • scp_abandoned_nexus updated to scp_abandoned_nexus2
      • scp_city_theta updated to scp_city_nexus
      • scp_containmentbreach_nexus updated to scp_cb_reforged_a1
      • scp_fortress_halloween_fix2
      • scp_fortress_summer_finale updated to scp_fortress_classic2
    • VSH Rewrite
      • vsh_frogworks_b5
      • vsh_rockslide_2
    • Super Zombie Fortress
      • szf_serioussam_sand_canyon_v2 updated to szf_serioussam_sand_canyon_v3
      • szf_turtle_defense_v3e updated to szf_turtle_defense_v4
      • szf_waterfront_v1a

  • Added new DFS minigame words
  • Heavily optimized server downloads
  • Increased buildcost limits in DFS Sandbox, fixed buildcost limits not being tripled on dfs_sandbox_veryflat_v3
  • Added Jalopy from Half Life 2 EP2 to /vehicles thanks to NotNihilanth's help
  • Updated /taunts command to include the latest and all taunts added with recent TF2 updates
  • Updated NPC Framework, this should provide overall better stability for the servers and boss battles on stadium
  • Re-enabled Star Fortress 64 (/arwing) for all Platinum members
  • Reduced minimum amount of required players to rtv to 3
  • Increased the AFK timer in Deathrun

  • Updated Duck Piano's default sound to actually work
    • /pianosound is now restricted to staff members

  • Updated a couple of other plugins and gamemodes including:
  • Reduced minimum player requirements for some gamemodes to be active
    • Minigame Gamemodes now requires 3 players minimum (from 5)
    • Misc Modes - Maps now requires 3 players minimum (from 5)
    • Dodgeball Redux now requires 5 players minimum (from 6)
    • Prophunt Neu now requires 7 players minimum (from 10)
    • Deathrun Neu now requires 6 players minimum (from 7)

  • Added a bunch of very super secret event exclusive plugins that are sure to give you a shocker
  • Replaced "Wild Amogus" rocket in Dodgeball with another surprise
  • Updated Sourcemod, MM:S and most of the extensions we currently run
  • Reorganized internal systems, allowing all staff members more freedom and access in general on the servers
  • Fixed missing downloads
  • Removed unused server files
  • Fixed typos on certain chat messages

    We hope you enjoy our latest update, thanks for sticking around with DFS to this day, have fun!

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