10 Years With DFS

October 13th, 2022 at 4:07pm • 5 min read
Exactly today, ten years ago, I decided to start a server as a fun space for myself and my friends, having no idea how big of an experience and a journey it'd become for not only me but many others.

What started as a small fun pastime, despite me being very young at the time alongside with my lack of experience, ended up growing into a large and fantastic community of its own, which I'm still grateful for. Most of you should already know the history of this community thanks to the previous anniversary announcements, so I'll keep it short and concise for you all.

Thank you all (incredibly humbling 120,000~ players to be exact) for giving this server a chance and helping shape its history, creating so many pleasant memories over so many years for myself and the entire community.
It has truly been an extraordinary ride filled with so many memories for me and knowing that many others feel the same fills my heart with joy.

To celebrate, we've prepared you something special to celebrate our decade-long run in the TF2 community. Have a look!

Anniversary Event (Oct 13-Oct 31)
  • A new seasonal shop has been opened and includes ALL limited modules & items that used to be available in the past. Get your hands on very rare goodies while you can!
    • Includes final campaign rewards as well!

  • EXP drops have been multiplied by 20 for the duration of the event. Enjoy fast leveling while you're able to!

  • Logging in during the event will grant you a unique DFS birthday badge and an infinite use celebratory item

  • To celebrate, there is also a new raffle held in The DFS Discord for ten community stones at once. Feel free to join in anytime!

  • Halloween DFS rotation has been added, all Halloween-themed TF2 maps will be under this new rotation!

  • dfs_sandbox_veryflat_v3 and dfs_construct_alpha have received anniversary changes. There is also something completely new that happens during nighttime on sandbox_veryflat that we'll definitely not spoil you on!

  • tm_stadium has once again been Halloweenified

    Server Updates
  • Added a new /taunts command usable by everyone, allowing players to not only use all TF2 taunts but custom made taunts as well!
    • Added Scream Fortress XIV taunts

  • Added new joinsounds

  • Added new noisemaker sounds

  • Added new minigame words

  • The DFS Map & Content packs will also be optimized in size and updated in DFS Boards soon. Make sure to join The DFS Discord and keep an eye out on the announcements channel for more info!

  • Added new maps
    • cp_boulder_v5 (Vanilla)
    • cp_caribbean_b4 (Vanilla)
    • cp_yellowvalley_final1 (Vanilla)
    • dm_newhorizon_v2 (Vanilla)
    • dr_champions_destiny_v2b (Deathrun)
    • dr_division_v2a (Deathrun)
    • glass_reservoir_b6c (Glass)
    • koth_americana_rc1a (Vanilla)
    • pd_canarium (Vanilla)
    • pl_corruption_event_b4 (Payload & STT)
    • pl_cybermaturi_b2 (Payload & STT)
    • pl_slopandslime_b2 (Payload & STT)
    • scp_minecraft_v1_1 (SCP Fortress)
    • trade_spiral_mountain_b1 (DFS Sandbox)

  • Updated maps
    • dr_bog_v2fix2 -> dr_bog_v2a_fix2
    • dr_boomershooter_b8 -> dr_boomershooter_b8c
    • dr_bootcamp_2a -> dr_bootcamp_3c
    • dr_forgotten_origin_fix -> dr_forgotten_origin_v1a
    • pipeball_canyon_a5a -> pipeball_ultra_a2
    • sb_torii_v1 -> sb_torii_v2a
    • surf_10x_tf2_remastered_fix5 -> surf_10x_reload_tf2_fix_v1
    • szf_isaac_v2_2 -> szf_isaac_v2_7
    • szf_pen15_v15b -> szf_pen15_v15c
    • szf_serioussam_sand_canyon_v3 -> szf_serioussam_sand_canyon_v5
    • szf_turtle_defense_v4 -> szf_turtle_defense_v4b
    • vsh_foreststation_b12 -> vsh_foreststation_c1

  • Updated the following gamemodes to their respective latest versions
    • MicroTF2 to version 5.2.7
    • SF2 Rewrite
    • SCP: Secret Fortress to version 3.1.0
    • Super Zombie Fortress to version 4.3.0
    • VSH Rewrite
    • Deathrun Neu
    • Prophunt Neu

  • Updated SourceMod and Metamod: Source to the latest versions
  • Reduced the time before a gamemode/map vote starts from 7 minutes to 5 minutes remaining

    We're still around for now, the community is also plenty active in the DFS Discord .
    We'll also still be hosting events, content updates & more from time to time, so we hope that you continue sticking around for the future too.

    Thanks once again for allowing us to have a decade-long run within TF2. As always, we hope that you have fun and enjoy yourselves in the servers!

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