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Campaign System Changes
23-11-2019 18:18

As you know, we've been including Campaign events with seasonal updates for about a year now, allowing us to provide you (ideally) fun and interesting challenges and fulfilling rewards. Like the leveling system that came long before it, our goal with Campaigns is to give you engaging goals to keep playing on DFS from getting stale or uninteresting.
Recently, with the most recent Campaign, we've recieved plenty of feedback about the Campaign system, and we're glad you're making your gripes with it known so we can do our best to address them.

Many of you have stated that the time limit on Campaigns makes completing them much more stressful than they ought to be, for fear of missing out on rewards, being left behind as other members progress together, and so on. We aim to make Campaigns challenging and subtantial, but we've seen feedback and behaviour that tells us we might've gone a step too far, making them more stressful than they are fun.

With the crux of the issues being the fear of missing out on rewards, we're addressing the problem by removing deadlines from Campaigns. You'll still have a limited time to purchase the pass for an active Campaign, but once you own the pass, the missions are yours to complete at your own pace, with no time limit.

This won't apply to older Campaigns which have already concluded, but PumpKing's Castle and all future Campaigns will no longer have deadlines for completing the missions, only for purchasing the Campaign pass.

Certain cosmetic items will continue to be exclusive to Campaigns, but the Pumpkin Baskets rewarded in this Campaign will return: future Campaigns will continue to give you the chance to earn older exclusive Campaign rewards. You won't be able to obtain the final rewards from older Campaigns (e.g. Transcendent and Shadow Puppet Hat Kid Outfits) however, as these items are intended to be an exclusive mark of honour for those who manage to complete their respective Campaigns.

Even if you don't manage to obtain any older rewards via Pumpkin Baskets or the forms they take in future Campaigns, Campaign rewards are and will continue to be available to trade and sell on the Auction House.

We hope these changes address the problems you've had with the Campaign system, and we appreciate your feedback!

One final note, we're working towards a content update that will be released soon, bringing you the final campaign mission as well as a new threat that you'll hopefully enjoy taking down. Look forward to it!

DFS: Pumpking's Putrid Palace Update
31-10-2019 22:58

Shadows creep across the walls, shrieks echo down the halls, a rising tide of undead thralls - we need some fun to balance it all! We're proud to present the DFS Halloween 2019 Update, bringing lots of new content and updates based on your feedback!

We have a new donation deal! Donate now and get a Ghostly Goose pet or 10,000 credits, alongside with custom chat tag and colors of your choice! The deal lasts until 25th of November so make sure to donate before then to not miss out!

The EU server has been moved to a new and better machine/hardware which should make the server performance feel a lot smoother than ever!

Halloween Campaign
A new Campaign is coming to DFS, featuring a brand new seasonal item - Pumpkin Baskets! Obtained from completing Campaign missions and as uncommon rewards from Quests during this event, Pumpkin Baskets will reward you with items, including Boss Keys and Campaign rewards you might've missed from last year's Death Wish Campaign!

  • DFS Quest requirements have been lowered across the board to make Quests less demanding. To compensate for Quests being easier, rewards have been slightly reduced.
  • Added a new gamemode: Instagib, Instagib gives everyone hitscan guns that instantly kill anyone they hit, for gory carnage!
    • Use the command /voteinstagib to start a global vote in the server to turn the gamemode on or off, works only in competitive maps similarly to /voterandomizer
  • Added new playermodels
    • Goose from Untitled Goose Game (Sniper and Scout, Gold Only or Campaign Reward)
      • Haunted Goose (All-Class, Campaign Reward)
      • Golden Goose (All-Class, Donation Milestone)
    • Jonesy from Fortnite (All-Class, VIP Only)
    • Retsuko from Aggressive Retsuko (Scout, Public)
    • Mr. Torgue from Borderlands (Soldier, Public)
    • Tom Nook from Animal Crossing (Heavy, Public)
  • Added new Pets
    • Ghostly Goose - Available from the latest donation deal
    • Peanut Jr. - Available from the pet store for 15,000 credits
    • A secret pet - Day 400 Login reward
  • Added new maps
    • dfs_jungle - A DFS exclusive map made by Unicake
    • ctf_hl1_bounce
    • dr_4halls_v7
    • koth_synthetic_event_rc2a
    • pkmn_blackthorncity_b1
    • pl_stallberg_rc1
    • slender_lobbys_classic
    • szf_bossrush_b4a
    • trade_rustboro_r3
  • Added new Slender Fortress 2 bosses
    • Grotesque Steve (Horde Chaser)
    • Red Mist Squidward (Paranoia)
  • Added DFS based rewards for SZF!
  • Updated the donation page[]
  • Added new Halloween joinsounds
  • Added new noisemaker sounds
  • Updated Slender Fortress 2 to version 1.7.5
  • Updated VSH Rewrite into VSH Redux version
  • Updated Super Zombie Fortress to version 3.1.7
  • Updated dr_deadhome_v2_fix1 into dr_deadhome_v3
  • Updated cp_supermariobros3_b2 into cp_supermariobros3_b3f
  • Updated szf_turtle_defense_a3 into szf_turtle_defense_b1
  • Removed maps picked from the map removal polls
    • achievement_green_campus_v2
    • achievement_tinyhuge-h27
    • balloon_race_v3_t17
    • dm_sdm_final
    • koth_pokemon_stadium_b1
    • koth_slaughter_b1b
    • koth_trainsawlaser_rc2
    • pl_donkeykong_final
    • slender_lockers_b7a
    • szf_toyfortress_v18
    • trade_medieval_v1c
    • trade_oreinos_belltower
    • wacky_races_v2
  • Disabled DFS minigames and voice chat completely on MicroTF2
  • Added missing .nav files for all maps
  • Fixed gagged players being able to bypass chat with /me
  • Fixed dm_boostertower_v2 not being a competitive map
  • Fixed
  • Fixed
  • Fixed
  • Updated dm_flood2 to dm_flood2_redux_rc2
  • Updated dm_towerleap_v2 to dm_towerleap_v2_final2
  • Updated some side plugins

    == DFS Halloween 2019 Update ==

    DFS Plugins have been updated to 6.1.0:
  • Introducing the PumpKing Festival Campaign!
    • New pass can be bought in the Guild Store as usual.
    • Earn 5 exclusive new modules by completing the campaign.
    • Earn additional Pumpkin Baskets from completing missions.
  • Added Module Transmutation!
    • Transmute 10 modules of the same grade to receive a module of a higher grade.
    • Only Lootchest modules are compatible.
    • Each module gives you a 10% chance to obtain a module from their own lootchest series.
    • That means 7x modules from Series #3 and 3x modules from Series #1 give you 30% chance for a Series #1 module, and 70% chance for a Series #3 module.
  • Added new Item: Pumpkin Basket
    • Opening rewards you with either a Trick, or a Treat reward.
    • Trick will reward you with an old Halloween-themed item.
    • Treat will reward you with a random item from a big list of selected items.
    • Several items from last year's Halloween campaign can be unboxed from these.
    • Can be earned from either of these sources:
      • Rewarded from completing missions in the campaign.
      • Uncommon reward from daily Quests.
      • Rare drop on Stadium.
  • Added 2+ new Pets!
    • Ghostly Goose - Donation Deal Reward
    • Peanut Jr. - Pet Shop Purchase
  • Added 6 new Modules!
    • Goose Skin & Haunted Goose Skin, Spectral Ember Aura, Fireball Tendril Deatheffect & Voices From Below Upgrade - Campaign Rewards
    • No-Gib Module - Guild Store Purchase
  • Added SZF Rewards! Earn Credits and EXP for playing.
    • MVP Tank Killer gets rewarded. The higher the damage, the better the reward.
    • Players who start out as Zombies get rewarded. The more survivors at the beginning, the better the reward.
    • Killing Players as a Zombie rewards you. The worse the odds against your team (Team Balancing), the better the reward.
  • Quests were Updated!
    • Added new quests for the campaign.
    • Uncommon chance to earn Pumpkin Baskets for the duration of the Halloween Event.
    • Most Quest Requirements were nerfed to be easier to complete!
    • In return, the MEP & Bloodcoin rewards were slightly decreased.
  • Updated AuctionHouse!
    • The minimum offer requirement has been changed from 10 credits to 15% of the current offer.
  • Added Series tooltip to modules.
  • Added a /trade command tip when trading.
  • Updated Mann Co. Achievement Description to include Jungle.
  • Pods now give effects based on season. In this case, they're currently Halloween themed.
  • Fixed particles sometimes spawning inside the client rather than its specified destination.
  • Fixed several typos in the DFS menus.
  • Fixed particles showing up while being cloaked as a Spy
  • Stadium has been updated to RC1a
    • Halloween has returned, bringing you a spooky time upon the plaza!
    • Pumpkin Gift drops now also include a rare variation.
    • Added new visual effects to the fountain gate.
    • Added a /stadium command notification on first spawn.
    • Fixed several collectible locations being broken.
    • Fixed the backdoor exit in Red's Spawn not having any opening / closing sounds.
    • Fixed randomized angle when warping to the Mercenary Arena
    • Fixed a bug preventing people from dropping Boss Keys after defeating Stadium's bosses.
    • Fixed a an exploitable stuck spot in the DeadBirds Arena.
    • Blocked some more commands from being exploited in the Shadow Realm

Have fun, Happy Halloween!

7 Years of DFS
13-10-2019 18:03


It has been seven whole years since I have launched this wonderland full of fun, madness and entertainment. What started as a small group of friends wanting to have fun and mess around together has grown into a fantastic community full of fun people, dedicated regulars and a team that's pushed DFS to be bigger and better than I could have ever imagined seven years ago.
It seems like such a long time ago now since the beginning of the servers that it's sometimes hard to realize how important these seven years have been. From moderators who ensure the servers stay peaceful and fun, to developers who create the content that makes the servers unique, to all the community members who join our servers to have fun and engage with the rest of the community, you have shaped the very foundation of our server and what it's become over the years. Random Fortress (and it's spinoffs), silly plugins, whacky events, and even charity events with other communities, we've seen it all. It's all thanks to everyone of you that we were able to come this far.

It has been such a bumpy long road with the current state of TF2. But we are still very dedicated to DFS, bringing in more fun and newer things across the servers and to the community.

In fact we are already working on a very spooky update about to come soon for Halloween, as well as plans for content later this year and into 2020! Make sure to bring a big bag of candy and pick out your best looking costume soon!

It is all thanks to everyone, the community, the staff members, the developers and the generous donators that we were able to keep on going for this long and still plan to, I can't thank everyone enough because without you, DFS wouldn't be where it is right now and today.

As always, me and the staff team hope you'll still come to hang out with us on the servers and continue to keep the wackiness and fun alive for years to come. DFS' story is far from over, and we're committed to making the server the best it can be.

To celebrate the 7th anniversary of the creation of DFS, the servers will now be running x5 XP boost for an entire week. In addition, if you login during the event, you'll receive an exclusive badge and a celebratory item for free!

We have made so many great moments and memories here, lets look forward to making even more together, here is to another 7 years of DFS!

Happy Birthday DFS!


The DFS Survey 2019 + DFS Map Removal Polls 2019
23-09-2019 16:41

Hey everyone, we are doing yet another revamped DFS survey this year to gather feedback, suggestions and any other information we can get from everyone to improve DFS as much as we can!

If you're interested, please use the link given below and give us your thoughts on how we could improve DFS more! We greatly appreciate any and all feedback we receive from you all and will reward you with a Community Box if you choose to enter!

In other news, we are also doing a yearly map removal poll that includes all and the latest maps DFS currently runs as well!

If there are certain maps you feel like don't fit DFS and aren't played at all, and you'd rather see them removed instead then please consider voting to the poll links below:

The polls are alphabetically sorted for each part which should hopefully make it easier for you to vote.

Please do consider taking our survey and voting in the map removal polls so we can try our best to improve DFS and our map rotation as much as we can!

Feel free to join our Discord server[] to be notified about server announcements and changes earlier as well as the server events.

Have fun everyone!

See the survey results here![]

Server Update (8/6/19)
05-08-2019 23:41

  • Updated MicroTF2 into newest and latest version
  • Updated SF2 into newest and latest version
  • Added air_hockey
  • Added new noisemaker sounds
  • Added new minigame words
  • Updated arctf_titans_a4_dfs into arctf_titans_a6_dfs
  • Updated dm_flood2_redux_b8 into dm_flood2_redux_b10
  • Updated dm_towerleap_v2 into dm_towerleap_v2_final1
  • Updated szf_pen15_v12g into szf_pen15_v13a
  • Fixed server crashes
  • Fixed Revive being usable in tfdb maps
  • Slight update to Stop That Tank!
  • Fixed "You got mail" noisemaker not playing properly
  • Minor re-balancing to all VSH bosses
  • Adjusted the rage meter in SF2 PVP to decay a lot slower than normal
  • slender_silenthill_b2 now has more max players allowed.
  • Fixed ctf_steamroll ending in a stalemate all the time
  • Disabled rtd and /autojump on tm_stadium_rc1 to avoid abuse in boss battle arena
  • Updated Noisemakers: replaced "New mail has arrived" with "You got mail" and removed "umu"
  • Fixed and squashed more bugs

    DFS Plugin and Map updates

  • Added Minigames, Bonus Craft, Slender, Zombie & Wario Ware Quests.
  • Slightly increased boss drop rates.
  • Updated Item Infos to better indicate what options they have, as well as if they're tradable, auctionable, marketable or not.
  • Blocked more abusable items in some gamemodes.
  • Fixed Nyakuza Outfit Box being tradable.
  • Fixed non-tradable items being displayed as options for selling in the AuctionHouse. These were just a visual bug.
  • Fixed several "%%" typos in Item descriptions.
  • Fixed "What's in the Box?" not working properly.

    Shadow Realm:
    • Fixed certain commands could be used in the Shadow Realm.

    • Slightly nerfed the Minion Spawnrate.

    • Increased Boss Health.
    • Updated Discoball Attack pattern order.
    • Updated Knifethrow Attack pattern.
      • More knives appear now.
      • The delay between throws has been reduced.
      • Knives are now more predictable.
    • Updated the Dash Up Attack pattern. A random target rather than the closest target is now being chosen.
    • Certain melee weapons are now blocked from being used.
    • Fixed a spot where you could get stuck and exploit it.
    • Fixed the Endboss Theme not playing at times.
    • Fixed Battle Item & Addcond exploits.

    • Fixed HHH relaxing inside the Merc Arena.

    Have fun everyone!

DFS Summertime Showbiz Update
18-07-2019 22:59

The sun's come out, temperatures have risen and you all know what that means! The planet is slowly being cooked alive by global warming! Summer time is here too, and we have got plenty of treats lined up for you to celebrate and irresponsibly ignore humanity's own self-extinction!

Welcome to DFS Summertime Showbiz Update![]

We have a new Summer donation deal! Donate to DFS now to receive our newest Uka Uka from Crash Bandicoot pet or 10,000 credits, alongside a custom chat tag and chat colors of your choice!

Anyone who donates during the duration of this donation deal will receive doubled membership times! The BackStage Campaign and the donation deal will end on August 5th

  • tm_stadium has been updated to version rc1! Conductor + DJ Grooves bosses have been added to the map and the final quest of the BackStage Campaign can now be finished!
    • The mysterious key can now be used to proceed into a new boss battle in the boss battle arena!

  • Added new commands:
    • /frozenme *duration* - Freeze yourself into an ice statue in any position and anywhere you want! (Gold and above only)
    • /goldme *duration* - Turn yourself into a gold statue in any position and anywhere you want! (Gold and above only)
    • /piano - Spawn yourself a piano to play! (VIP and above only)
    • /removepiano - Remove your own piano (VIP and above only)

  • New playermodel outfits have been added:
    • Villager (From Animal Crossing) for Scout available to everyone
    • King K Rool (From Donkey Kong) for Heavy available to everyone
    • John Wick (Model from Fortnite) for All-class available to VIP donators or Legendary Module reward obtained from Showtime Lootchest series #4
    • Comfy Sweater module for HatKid - Available to everyone from Showtime Lootchest series #4 as an Epic drop
    • Nyakuza Varsity Jacket Module for HatKid - Available in the Gold store for a price of 50,000 credits
    • Wireframe module for HatKid - Available/Given to staff members only

  • Updated Playermodels:
    • Mario - New model from SSBU for Engineer
    • Luigi - New model from SSBU for Engineer
    • Pikachu - New model from SSBU for Scout
    • Tails - Updated proportions for Scout
    • Monokuma - Updated with voicelines from Danganronpa V3
    • Hat Kid Shadow Puppet Skin - Updated materials

  • Added new maps:
    • achievement_tinyhuge-h27
    • arctf_titans_a4_dfs - Our newest DFS exclusive map created by Argo!
    • cp_mist_rc1d
    • cp_supermariobros3_b2
    • dm_flood2_redux_b8
    • dr_deadhome_v2_fix1
    • dr_r60d_redux_fix4b
    • dr_supermario64_v6b
    • koth_gachimuchi
    • koth_green_hill
    • koth_orrery_a2
    • monodies_alpha2_dfs - Our newest DFS exclusive map created by jeff!
    • ph_laboratory_rc1
    • pl_yosai_b1
    • slender_fright_yard_b1f
    • slender_silenthill_b2
    • slender_swamp_v4
    • surf_frictional
    • szf_turtle_defense_a3
    • tfdb_citystreets
    • tfdb_octagon
    • trade_edventures
    • trade_medieval_v1c
    • trade_saturnvalley
    • trade_templeofdonger_v71
    • vsh_Hakurei_Shrine_v3
    • vsh_nebula_rc1
    • vsh_palanquin_ship_novpk
    • vsh_skyhigh_resort_b8
    • warioware_redux_v2

  • Added a new pet: Uka Uka. Available through the latest Summer donation deal

  • Added a ton of new noisemaker sounds and minigame words

  • Added a bunch of new joinsounds

  • Slender Fortress 2 has been updated to version 1.7.1 from 1.5.0 with the approval and help of Glubbable and Benoist, we are happy to announce that DFS will be now running the latest version of Slender Fortress 2 at all times!

  • MicroTF2 has been updated to a completely new version, including map and plugin changes! DFS related rewards are also now given upon completion of certain objectives in the gamemode!

  • Added new vehicles for the /vehicles command:
    • Army Truck
    • Monster Cuda
    • Tractor

  • Deathrun plugin has been updated to a completely new version! Now allowing the usage of guns and not just melee weapons.

  • Bonemerge now includes more models from Model Manager!

  • SZF has been updated into a newer, different version.

  • XP boosts obtained from playtime or Cookies no longer vanish after the server restarts, the player leaves or joins another DFS server. Now, they will slowly decay over time instead.

  • We have succesfully managed to update our SourceMod into version 1.10!

  • Added new SF2 Bosses
    • Michael Myers
    • Michael Jackson

  • SF2 bosses have now received buffs when on Nightmare difficulty

  • Server system messages are now displayed correspondingly depending on the gamemode or map

  • Surf maps now have airaccelerate and accelerate rates set a lot higher than normal

  • AFK plugin is now more generous on friendly maps, while being a little more strict on competitive/gamemode maps.

  • Fixed Leaderboards not working properly, they should work all the time now.

  • Deleted /vipcommands and merged it with /commands plugin, /commands menu now also displays VIP commands.

  • Added/Fixed motd

  • Fixed

  • Ubersaw, Sandman and Huntsman related weapons have been disabled on Friendly mode to avoid stunlocking with the taunts.

  • Disabled Hat Throw, Madara's Whistle and A Call Beyond from RTD so they're not abused with friendly mode

  • Alex Jones has received slight maxspeed buff since the survivors were able to outrun him easily

  • Scoopbert boss on SF2 has been nerfed, his static and his copy have been completely removed.

  • Administrator has received slight buffs on VSH

  • Removed older and unused noisemaker sounds and minigame words

  • Removed surf_cyberwave, szf_city_escape_b5, boss_jevil_v3, dr_firetemple_b4a_dfs, dr_valve_hq_dfs, tfdb_temple_v1, cp_bestinclass_v2, slender_gutters, slender_mansion and trade_castlesiege

  • Updated vsh_hakurei_winter_v2 into vsh_Hakurei_Shrine_v3

  • Deleted unused server files to maximize download efficiency

  • Deleted some of the older minigame words and noisemaker sounds

  • Minor Stop That Tank changes

  • Disabled Civilian command on VSH

  • Fixed koth_atrocity having a broken navigation file

  • Fixed double jumps not working properly in rare cases

    DFS Plugin and Map Updates

  • Added Weekly Quests: Mercenary Challenge
  • Added Achievement Series: WarioWare
  • Added Healthbars to non-boss NPCs.
  • Added EXP rewards to Slender escapes. You will be rewarded either Credits or EXP on successful escapes.
  • Added Lootchest Series #4 containing 13 new modules.
    • This Lootchest has a rare chance from being obtained from Daily Quests. Tier 2 or higher required.
  • Added Boss Keys as rare drops from their respective bosses, if the player doesn't own them yet.
  • Added Credits & EXP rewards to WarioWare gamemode.
  • Renamed 'Mysterious Cellar Key' to 'DJ Grooves Key'.
  • Renamed 'Mysterious Basement Key' to 'Conductor Key'.
  • Renamed 'Rainbow Lantern Skin' to 'Rainbow Lantern Effect'.
  • Renamed the 'Skin Modules' category into 'Passive Modules' and the 'Particle Modules' category into 'Body Modules', to match a better understanding of their purpose.
  • Changed the 'Champion Particle' to an Upgrade Module. This module can now be used in combination with Body Modules.
  • Credit rewards in Slender have been decreased for higher difficulties.
  • Printers no longer explode on their own. However, they'll disappear at the end of the round.
  • Changed Lootchests & Key prices.
  • Removed Collectibles Quests
  • Fixed /gold command access not working properly for donators.
    • Additionally added /vip as another mean of accessing it.
  • Fixed Props being able to use footprint and particle modules in PropHunt.
  • Fixed Self-Destruct working while under the effect of cloaking, uber or bonk.
  • Fixed velocity on teleportation on DFS maps not resetting properly, resulting in players flying into random postions, sometimes back into the gate behind.
  • Fixed an exploit allowing players to use 2 megaphones at the same time.

    Stadium has been updated to RC1
  • Introducing the (first out of two planned) Art Passes.
    • Improved a lot of textures & props.
    • Improved grass detailing, added more foliage and trees.
    • Greatly overhauled the Plaza Area, Spawn Area, Apartments, Crumbling Castle, Subcon Realm... and more!
    • Slightly overhauled the Stadium Interior, Mercenary Arena & Mann Co. (More to come in Part 2!)
    • Added a lot more props and detailing.
    • Highly improved shadow quality.
    • Updated Skybox color.
  • Added the Underground Realm.
    • Fight against two tough opponents in a brand new and unique combat experience.
    • Bosses have a slight chance of dropping Boss Keys & exclusive outfits on defeat.
  • Updated the Snatcher Battle to v1.99!
    • Arena has been redesigned.
    • Minions were completly replaced by hostile Shadow Puppets.
    • Has now a chance of dropping a Boss Key on defeat.
    • Snatcher now supports proper Hitboxes.
  • Updated the Apartments with Jukeboxes, as a replacement for the long-gone Disco.
  • Moved the Credits Room to the Private Apartment.
  • Disabled fall damage in the pit to prevent players from killing each other by landing on their heads.
  • Renamed 'District' to 'Plaza'.
  • The entrance to the Shadow Realm kills you now, regardless of your team.
  • Disabled Body & Footprint modules, as well as Pets in the Shadow Realm for better optimization.
  • Added new DRM protection from accessing the map outside of DFS.
  • Fixed players being able to "respawn" in the Shadow Realm after going spectator. Enjoy the vacation to the Void.
  • Fixed a lot of shadow / lighting issues in the map.
  • Fixed dynamic shadows being glitchy.
  • Fixed players being able to get stuck in the pit.

    Older changes posted on the Discord server
    • Fixed EXP Booster not reapplying its multiplier after relogins. Mainly after map changes.
    • Fixed potential EXP Boost reset occuring due to wrongly saving it across the servers.
    • Fixed items with permanent length not being purchasable in the store as individual items.
    • Fixed negative damage deducting from damage related quests.

    • Introducing a new EXP Boost System
      • Currently a prototype, we'll see how it works out. If things end up positive, it will stay.
      • EXP Boosts now carry across both servers and will not disappear when switching servers, re-logging in or when the server restarts.
      • EXP Boosts now gradually decay over time at the same rate at which the multiplier increases while the player is not on the server.
    • Overhauled the DFS guide. It's now up-to-date with every feature we have.
    • Bonus items can no longer be sold for credits.
    • Several minor fixes.

    • Fixed Ghosts being visible in Slender Fortress 2

    • Correcting a change made in the latest patch, VSH now sends you a sound notification if you're AFK for too long while playing.

    • Fixed some bugs and exploits with the DFS plugins

    • Zombies can no longer pick up guns on rare occasions on SZF

    • Weapon spawns are no longer limited on SZF

    • Fixed physics being faster than normal on the servers

    • Fixed

    • Fixed

    • Added a "Browse All" option to the AuctionHouse.
    • Fixed 'Rise of the Undead' not counting correctly.
    • Fixed Luminous Lantern being active while cloaked.
    • Fixed an outdated message with the donator's EXP Boost on login.
    • Fixed being able to use more than one Snatcher Key at a time.
    • Fixed Affinity particle being visible in Spectator mode.

    • Fixed a major bug resulting in the last client wrongly retrieving an invalid ID. This resulted in couple bugs e.g.:
      • Inaccurate Inventories
      • Badge + Achievement re-unlocks.
      • No progress counted towards quests & missions. etc.
    • Fixed Genji & Ralsei not appearing as selectable playermodels.
    • Fixed '28 Rounds Later' mission not working properly.
    • Fixed not being able to put auctions without an offer option up.

Feel free to join our Discord server[] if you'd like find out about some of our upcoming changes earlier!

Hope you all enjoy our newest summer update, have fun!

DFS SpringMax Showdown
02-05-2019 01:25

The winter chill has finally passed and as it goes, we can greet a new year of amazing content for DFS! Let's kick things off well with a great variety of spring cleaning tweaks, new cosmetics and a heap of gameplay changes to sink your teeth into!

We now have a new donation deal on DFS! Until 27th of May, donating to DFS will reward you with a Rumbi (from A Hat in Time) pet or 10,000 credits! In addition, you'll receive a complete customization of chat tag and colors of your choice!

  • A new Spring campaign awaits you on DFS! Have a look at the Guild House to purchase our new ticket to have access the BackStage campaign filled with new quests and rewards!

  • DFS Logos have been completely re-worked!

  • [DFS] tag XP bonus has been completely removed and has been replaced with Donator XP boost.
    • This means that the [DFS] tag is now obsolete. You will now get a superior XP boost if you are a donator in the servers.

  • Added in new commands!
    • /merasmus - Turn into Merasmus, allowing you to use all of his abilities anytime you want! Reload to use Bombinomicon, RMB for Hellfire, Mouse 3 to teleport, use the commands given below to hide and toggle Rainbow mode on Merasmus as well. [Only available to VIPs and above]
    • /merasmus_rb - Toggle Rainbow mode on yourself as Merasmus!
    • /merasmus_leave - Leave as Merasmus

  • DFS Boards now has a dark theme available!

  • Added new maps!
    • cp_bestinclass_v2
    • cp_scarlet_a07
    • ctf_bedrooms3
    • ctf_steamroll
    • dm_towerleap_v2
    • dr_bank_v11
    • koth_slaughter_b1b
    • monodies_alpha_dfs
    • pkmn_olivinecity_b2
    • pkmn_sootopoliscity_b4f
    • pl_eclipse_rc2
    • slender_gutters_b2c
    • surf_cyberwave
    • szf_toyfortress_v18
    • szf_trainmg_v1_31
    • vsh_west_fix

  • We now have Donation Milestone rewards for reaching cumulative donation amounts!
    • Having a 50$ in total donations made now rewards you with a Metallic Hat Kid skin
    • Having a 250$ in total donations made now rewards you with a Gold Hat Kid skin (24 Karat Kid costume)
    • Having a 500$ in total donations made now rewards you with a Community Stone

    Please note that these rewards are purely cosmetic and have been added in as a token of appreciation to generous donators of DFS who have supported us this far.

  • Added new playermodels
    • Sam from Sam & Max (For Heavy) [Obtained as a reward from the new campaign]
    • Max from Sam & Max (For Sniper) [Obtained as a reward from the new campaign]
    • Monokuma from Danganronpa (For All-class) [Donator model only available for donators and above ranks]
    • Niko from OneShot (For Pyro) [Public model available to everyone]

  • Model Manager plugin has been updated to support outfits for certain playermodels!
    • So far only two playermodels support this option and the outfits have the same voice lines as the original playermodel, more outfits for more playermodels might get added in the future.
      • Hat Kid
      • Isabelle

    • Added new playermodel outfits
      • Hat Kid
        • Virtual Outfit - Daily Login Milestone
        • Vanessa Outfit - Rare Slender Fortress drop from Vanessa.
        • Witch Outfit - Rare Snatcher drop.
        • Detective Outfit - ?
        • Parade Outfit - ?
        • Transcendent Outfit - Rewarded for beating the entire BackStage campaign.
        • Metallic Outfit - $50 Total Donations made to DFS
        • 24 Karat Outfit - $250 Total Donation made to DFS

    • Slender Fortress 2 has been updated to a completely newer version!

    • Added new Slender Fortress 2 bosses!
      • Mr. X
      • Queen Vanessa

    • Super Zombie Fortress has been updated to a newer version!
      • Weekly Mutators have been added! Click here[] to find out more about all of the changes!

    • Updated VSH Re-write to a newer version!

    • Added a new boss to VSH Re-write
      • Bunny Demoman

    • Added new vehicles available to the /vehicle command!
      • Jimmy Gibbs Junior's race car
      • Police Car
      • Taxi Cab
      • McLaren F1
      • Volvo 244GL
      • Airport Baggage Truck
      • Front Loader

    • Slender Fortress 2 now uses a completely new ghost model!
    • Mention plugin now only mentions user's name with their role color without the role name itself
    • Slightly extended VSH AFK timer
    • Core Staff roles have been slightly re-worked
    • cyberpunk2_a is now a competitive map
    • Bhopping has been disabled on Mario Kart related maps
    • Hopefully fixed timeouts happening after server map change
    • Togglecond is now disabled on custom gamemode maps
    • There are now less restricted weapons in SF2
    • Disabled smash in helltrain to avoid crashes
    • Fixed npcs not moving properly in dm_mariokart
    • Fixed "Oh No" Noisemaker sound file being missing
    • Fixed a bug where players' cameras get turned around while using vehicles
    • Cleared out unused plugins

      DFS Plugin Changes

    • New Campaign: BackStage
      • Campaigns now show their date of availability.
      • Exclusive rewards are obtainable by completing missions in the campaign.
      • Stage 1 is now live!
      • Stage 2 will be available in the second half of the campaign with the last pair of missions and exclusive rewards.
      • New Player Models:
    • New Hat Kid Outfits
      • Virtual Outfit - Earned by: Daily Login Milestone
      • Vanessa Outfit - Earned by: Super rare Slender Fortress drop from Vanessa Boss & Diamond Rank of Slender Achievement.
      • Witch Outfit - Earned by: Super rare Snatcher Stadium Boss drop.
      • Detective Outfit - Earned by: To be revealed in Stage 2.
      • Parade Outfit - Earned by: To be revealed in Stage 2.
      • Metallic Outfit - Earned by: $50 Total DFS Donations done (Statistic wise).
      • 24 Karat Outfit - Earned by: $250 Total DFS Donations done (Statistic wise).
      • Transcendent Outfit - Earned by: Rewarded for beating the entire BackStage campaign.
    • Sam & Max - Earned by: BackStage Campaign unlocks
    • Niko from Oneshot - Earned by: Public Model
    • Monokuma from Dangan Ronpa - Earned by: Donator Model
  • New Item: Cookie (Rare)
    • Gives yourself a 100% EXP Boost. Scales up to 500% EXP speed (400% boost).
    • Obtainable from the new campaign and as a random drop.
  • New Achievement: Slender
    • Escape X times in Slender Fortress.
  • New Badge: Nightmare before Escape
    • Escape in Slender Fortress on Nightmare difficulty.
  • Updated Roles:
    • Respected Moderator has been removed as a role and been merged with Moderator+.
    • Senior Developer has been added as a higherup role.
    • Renamed 'Admin' to 'Veteran Admin'.
    • Updated player & npc role colors.
  • Updated the AuctionHouse:
    • Added Item Categories to the Browse Store for easier searching, including a /browse <item name> functionality.
    • Added a "No Offer" option when setting up new auctions.
    • Added the option to sell multiple consumables at once.
    • Browsed items are now sorted in order of the newest rather than the oldest item.
    • Updated the interface slightly.
  • Updated the Lottery:
    • A winner is now drawn every time, unless nobody participated in the monthly lottery.
    • There is going to be a global announcement whenever someone wins the jackpot at first day of every month.
    • You can now see the latest Winner in the Lottery menu.
    • Added the Lottery Badge, earned by winning the jackpot.
  • Updated Model Manager:
    • Model Selection now supports skin sub-menus, for easier selection.
  • Rewards are now distributed when successfully escaping in Slender Fortress. Rewards scale with difficulty.
  • The default Bloodcoin capacity for ranked players has been increased from 0 to 500.
  • Increased the max EXP Boost from 200% to 500%.
  • Updated a lot of item descriptions & usage while being dead.
  • Updated inventory menu with an informative registered item line.
  • Updated Experience Boost being applied to Donators instead of people with [DFS] tag.
  • Megaphone command can now be used without any parameters. This will open the Megaphone menu itself.
  • Megaphone sound list is now sorted alphabetically.
  • Updated custom deathsounds (like Modules) to disable pain voicelines on death.
  • The 'Community Contributor' badge is no longer obtainable by using Community Stones.
  • Renamed 'Possesed Hat Kid Skin' to 'Shadow Puppet Outfit' and updated its description.
  • Renamed 'Retro Isabelle Skin' to 'Retro Outfit' and updated its description.
  • Renamed 'Darkbelle Skin' to 'Darkbelle Outfit' and updated its description.
  • Fixed names, descriptions, and other forms of saved strings becoming corrupt at times when saving over to the database.
  • Fixed Quests displaying Bloodcoin rewards as Credits.
  • Fixed Arcade being usable without inserting credits or tokens on the first time.
  • Fixed an invalid Arcade text.
  • Fixed Auctions not ending properly after 2 weeks.
    • A script was ran retroactivly to end these that ran past their deadline. People who offered will receive their item(s) and the sellers their credits, as it should be.

    Big thanks to GreenSwede, Light08, Neppu Tennouboshi, Macwithavengence, ThatAverageJoe, Limeball,
    Benoist, Sasch and
    Cray for helping out with the update!

    We hope you enjoy our newest major update, have fun everyone!

looℲ lᴉɹd∀ ɥʇᴉʍ ǝɯʎɥɹ ʇɐɥʇ sǝsɐɹɥd puɐ spɹoM
01-04-2019 17:24

:sǝlqɐllʎs ϛ

:sǝlqɐllʎs ㄣ

ǝlnqᴉʇsǝʌ 'loodɹǝpuɐʌ 'looɔɹǝdns 'ǝlnɔᴉpᴉɹ 'ǝlnoɾɐʇǝd 'ǝlnɹɹǝʌo 'ǝlnɔǝloɯ 'ǝlnɔsnuᴉɯ 'loodɹǝʌᴉl 'lnquɐʇsᴉ 'lǝnɟᴉɹƃɐ
:sǝlqɐllʎs Ɛ

loodlɹᴉɥʍ 'lǝnʇɹᴉʌ 'lndᴉʌ 'looduɐʌ 'loodsun 'looɟun 'looɔun 'loodxǝʇ 'ǝlnɔɔɐs 'lnɥnɹ 'looʇsʞooɹ 'looʇǝɹ 'lnɐɹ 'lnoɐɹ 'lnoʇuɐɹ 'lnɥɐɹ 'looɥɔsǝɹd 'looɔǝɹd 'ǝlnɹǝd 'ǝlndɐd 'looɥɔs-plo 'ǝlooʇ,o 'loodǝu 'ǝlnɹsᴉɯ 'looɔɔɯ 'lnoɥʞɐɯ 'lnoƃɐʞ 'lnoqɐʞ 'looɥɔs-ǝɯoɥ 'looɥɔsɥƃᴉɥ 'looɥɔs-ɥƃᴉɥ 'ǝlnɹnƃ 'lnosuǝ 'lnqɯɐɥzp 'ǝlooƃɯoɹp 'lnoƃoɹp 'ǝlnqop 'looɥɔsǝp 'ǝlnɹnɔ 'ǝlnǝuɹoɔ 'ǝloodʎɐlɔ 'loodʎɐlɔ 'lnǝɹʌǝɥɔ 'loodssǝɔ 'loodɹɐɔ 'loodʞɔɐlq 'looɟǝq 'lnᴉɐq 'looqɐq 'lnpqɐ
:sǝlqɐllʎs ᄅ

ǝlnʎ 'ǝllᴉnʎ 'llᴉnʎ 'll,noʎ 'll,oɥʍ 'ǝlʎnʇ 'ǝllᴉnʇ 'ǝlᴉnʇ 'llǝnʇ 'lǝnʇ 'ǝlooʇ 'looʇ 'ǝlǝooʇ 'ǝlnɥʇ 'looʇs 'ǝlnds 'llᴉnɹds 'llǝᴉnɹds 'llǝnɹds 'llnoɹds 'ǝlnoɹds 'loods 'ǝlnʞs 'looʞs 'ǝlnɥs 'lnoɥs 'looɥs 'looɹɔs 'looɔs 'ǝlnɥɔs 'ǝlǝnɥɔs 'looɥɔs 'ǝlnɹ 'lǝnɹ 'ǝlnɥɹ 'ǝlʍǝɹ 'ǝlnǝɹ 'lnǝɹ 'ǝlnod 'lnod 'ǝlood 'lood 'ǝlnɯ 'ǝllǝnɯ 'lɥǝnɯ 'ǝllǝnl 'lnǝɹʞ 'looʞ 'lǝʍnɾ 'ǝlnɾ 'lǝnɾ 'ǝlnoɾ 'lǝʍǝɾ 'ǝlooɥ 'ǝlnǝnƃ 'ǝlooƃ 'lnoɥƃ 'lǝnɟ 'ǝlnp 'llǝnp 'lɐnp 'looɹp 'lnǝɹp 'ǝloop 'lǝnɹɔ 'looɹɔ 'ǝlooɔ 'looɔ 'lɥnq 'lǝnq 'lɥǝnq 'ǝlnɹq 'lɥǝnɹq 'ǝlnoq 'ǝlooq 'looɥɔs-q 'ǝlnɔ-
:ǝlqɐllʎs Ɩ

(sʇlnsǝɹ 0ㄣƖ) :looℲ lᴉɹd∀ ɥʇᴉʍ ǝɯʎɥɹ ʇɐɥʇ sǝsɐɹɥd puɐ spɹoM

DFS: The Pre-Spring Update
13-02-2019 19:40

  • Added new maps
    • dr_home_sweet_home_v4
    • trade_reggie
    • koth_atrocity
    • boss_jevil_v3
    • Replaced slender_asylum_redux_fix with slender_decay_b5c
    • Replaced mario_kart_deluxe_v3 with mario_kart_2012_b3 due to the map crashing players

  • The chat plugin has been completely revamped and reworked!
    • You can now mention and ping people in the chat by typing @username* in the chat
    • Rainbow colors have been re-worked completely and are available for use, although only exclusive to higherups currently.
  • Thriller taunts have been disabled, Medkits have been set to their default models instead of Halloween themed ones, crit candy drops have also been disabled.
    • This means that we have completely disabled Halloween mode from DFS, however, the Halloween cosmetics should still be enabled and usable in the servers!
  • You now receive a scaling 10% XP boost for playing on DFS every 30 minutes, stacking up to a 100% XP boost at max.
  • All current DFS maps now have .nav files, meaning that any sort of Boss or NPC will be able to move and work properly on all maps!
  • AFK Manager now moves you into Spectator if you've been idle for 4 minutes in the server, instead of 6 minutes.
  • When a player receives a very rare item or a DFS boss is defeated, it is announced throughout all of the DFS servers.
  • DFS Role colors have been updated.
  • Global chat now has a proper security system, so nobody other than the DFS servers should be able to connect or attempt to connect to it.
  • Server crashes and client boss battle crashes should now be fixed, the servers should now be more stable.
  • Re-wrote most of the messages and text in system chat messages, /commands and /vipcommands menus. Additionally, the DFS Commands list thread[] has been updated as well.
  • All 4 Servers now have their FastDLs cleaned and completely re-synced, expect more optimal and faster downloads starting from now on.
  • Fixed several unused server files downloading over and over again and cleared out unused files.
  • Sourcemod, Metamod: Source and certain extensions have been updated to the latest stable versions.
  • Added a secret experimental command that is currently only available to higherups and will hopefully be available to the public in the near future. (We won't be spoiling the surprise)
  • Reduced file sizes of the big DFS maps.
  • The DFS database has been upgraded and is on better specs now, expect better performance.
  • Slender Fortress 2 maps have been updated to their latest versions!

  • Enabled Bhop on all mario_kart related maps.
  • Playermodel info_player_spawn now works for everyone in the bonemerge menu.
  • Made the Diamond Prestige color more blue-ish.
  • Fixed Keyless Community Crate being tradable.
  • Fixed Day 150 milestone title not being available.
  • Fixed message that displays on reaching credits limit having an invalid item text.
  • Stadium got a minor update:
    • Updated Snatcher to v1.5 and a new system
      • Greatly optimized the Boss Battle.
      • Improved the A.I. & added more improvements.
      • Added an /unstuck command. It's not recommended to be used during the battle.
    • Made some changes towards spawning / teleporting.

  • Added achievement_turbov15_v2, dr_retroland_fix and tfdb_toolsheds_b4 to the map rotation of the DE and AZ servers, since they were missing there.
  • Cleaned up a few more additional small leftover files.
  • Renamed Shadow Key to Snatcher Key.
  • Updated Login sequence. Hopefully resolving all login / item drop issues for real this time.
  • Fixed droptimers rarely being detected wrongly, causing multiple item drops at times.
  • Fixed spawning / teleporting in the ceiling.
  • Fixed server chat messages displaying AZ server IP with the same IP address as the VA server

    Have fun everyone!

Server Update + Server Optimization (22/01/19)
22-01-2019 21:20

  • tm_stadium has been updated to version b3g!

  • Added new maps
    • vsh_crevice_b5
    • vsh_gyros_v5
    • vsh_chimeralabs_v6
    • trade_templeofdonger_v70

  • Added new VSH bosses
    • Seeman & Seeldier
    • Painis Cupcake

  • Added a new command:
    • /buildingcolors - Allows you to put a color of choice to your buildings anytime you want. (Public command, available to everyone)

  • Ads have been completely removed off motd and DFS, enjoy ad-free DFS experience!

  • There has been a very massive optimization update to the files, as well as the removal of a lot of unused files. Therefore the amount of total downloads in size should be decreased by a huge amount starting from now on.

  • Added new joinsounds

  • Added new noisemaker sounds

  • Damage Spread has been completely disabled
  • Fixed Boss Spawner plugin not working
  • Fixed random server & client crashes while playing on the server.
  • Fixed Randomizer crashing the servers, the gamemode has been enabled on the servers once again.
  • Fixed a specific file downloading over and over again in vsh
  • Updated Happy phrases
  • Made it so trade_stadium automatically redirects users to RED team
  • Removed a couple of older noisemaker sounds
  • Removed these plugins due to them being not used as much anymore:
    • Custom Weapons
    • User Mentions
    • Warp plugin
  • Removed the following maps:
    • boss_jevil_demo11
    • trade_festive_park
    • trade_sakura_a4
    • vsh_bianco_hills_v5
    • vsh_thousand_needles_r3
    • xmas_party_b5
  • Made a couple of changes to the Model Manager models:
    • Adam Jensen is now a Public model
    • Astronaut is now a Public model
    • CJ is now Gold only
    • Froppy is now a VIP only (from Gold) model
    • Genji is now Scout only
    • Kaz Miller no longer says Ocelot lines
    • McCree is now Spy only
    • Papyrus is now a public model and is for Sniper only
    • Penguin is now Heavy only
    • Ralsei is now for Medic only
    • Removed Ash Williams
    • Removed Chell
    • Removed Duke Nukem
    • Removed Radigan Engineer
    • Removed Wesker
    • Removed Zer0
    • Removed new Doomguy (Classic Doomguy still stays)
    • Sanic is now all-class
    • Sans is now Engineer only
    • Sun-On-A-Stickman is now a Public model
    • Tracer is now Scout only
  • Removed a couple of old & unliked joinsounds

  • Keep in mind that most of the content that were removed above were old and unused content, that will be replaced with newer content that we release in near future.

    SZF Changes:
    • Fixed a bug where the Shotgun, Frontier Justice, Reserve Shooter and Panic Attack could not be picked up.
    • Fixed a bug where Chargers and Hunters' special attacks could never stun the enemy.
    • Fixed a bug where the "Speed" indicator did not update if stunned by a taunt or backstab.
    • Stuns now take away 60 movement speed instead of 33.3% of current movement speed.
    • Fixed a bug where the Escape Plan would always grant the player maximum speed.
      • For an upcoming update, the Escape Plan will see further changes based on player feedback.
    • Implemented (significant) changes to the code for a scheduled future update. Changes:
    • Login session now last for 20 days instead of 1 day.
    • Fixed a bug where daily credit values for non-donators and donators were swapped around.
    • Added additional text to explain donator perks for VIPs.
    • The donate button is now green and bolded.
    • 'Profile' text is now replaced with your avatar.
    • The latest content update is now displayed on the home page, next to the latest announcement.
    • Snowfall now lasts from 14th of December to 14th of January.
      • This means it is disabled as of today's update.

    Have fun everyone!

    EDIT: Hotfix Patch now out!
  • Replaced vsh_tranquil_b3 with vsh_chimeralabs_v6
  • Added multi-class Yeti voice lines
  • Fixed Retrobelle having missing textures
  • Fixed Xmas 2017 pet being gigantic and having missing textures
  • Fixed Radio Pet having missing textures
  • Fixed Bombonomicon pet being stuck inside the floor.
  • Fixed a small wording error with the Keyless Community Box
  • Fixed Boss Spawner plugin even more