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The Future of DFS
03-06-2020 14:00

Hey all

After enough time of thinking, I've finally come to a conclusion that I am no longer in the condition or a proper state of mind to be able to keep managing and continuing working on DFS.

My current life situation and ongoing struggles are taking too great of a toll. I need to be able to focus on my life and handle my priorities properly and handling DFS related stuff is proving too much of a burden on top.

I feel like I've given my best in terms of effort and work put into the servers, the community and to DFS overall until now. I've been doing this for eight whole years and I truly appreciate all of you being there alongside me to help me build, and grow DFS into what it has become today.

And since I do not want to let all of you and DFS down. I will be relinquishing my owner role and pass it to GreenSwede whilst promoting Light08 to the role of co-owner, who both have contributed a lot to DFS for a very long time. I am certain they will be able to handle managing the servers, the community and everything else.

So what does this all mean and where do things go from here?
Don't worry, the servers will still be running and not a lot will be changing other than the fact that someone else will now be in charge of handling DFS, the servers, the community and how the future major DFS updates will be handled. However their approach towards managing the servers and updates will be influenced by their own available schedules and decisions.

And as for myself, I will still be here, just in a less prominent co-owner role, what I do for DFS and my role overall will be more limited compared to before. I'll still be managing server payments, providing help to staff team and support in terms of updates, bug fixes and whatever else I can for the time being.

This doesn't have to be a permanent decision, but for the foreseeable future I believe this is the best course of action for the server and myself.

If you happen to have any questions, please feel free to join our Discord server[] anytime.

I'll also be putting on a x5 EXP booster on both DFS servers for the whole week so go and have a blast in the servers!

Thank you so much for sticking around and supporting us. As always, I hope you keep enjoying your time and have fun in the DFS servers!

Memorial of the Fallen Campaign + Server Update (05/12/20)
11-05-2020 23:00

  • Added a new Quest Type for Smash Fortress.
  • Added a timer on Auctions to tell easier when the deadline will be hit.
  • Improved the Module Particle System. Fixed certain particles appearing in firstperson.
  • Added a brand new campaign: Memorial of the Fallen
    • Added a new module: Soldier's Requiem
    • Added a new, free pass to access the campaign

  • Added ctf_aerospace_b4

  • Added dfs_sandbox_veryflat created by NotNihilanth to replace gm_flatgrass

  • Updated dfs_jungle_rc1b to dfs_jungle_rc1c
    • Optimized edicts (from 1300 to ~800)
    • Changed lights
    • Simplified water geometry
    • Added a message from B.M.I

  • Updated dm_flux_b4 to dm_flux_b5
    • Made several layout changes in an attempt to improve movement and make some areas more interesting.
    • Jump pads have been tweaked and can now be more reliably used to break falls as well as jumping.
    • Fixed the missing collision on the lower reactor stairs.
    • Cleaned up some graphical errors.
    • Added an additional sound effect when the control point is captured.
    • Attempted some more optimisation.
    • Fixed some sound effect errors.

  • Fixed RTD not working in competitive maps

  • Removed STT from pl_cooler_badwater_a3 due to the gamemode breaking the map

  • Fixed map vote chat messages blocking map vote screens

  • Fixed Queen Vanessa having broken textures

  • Blocked off explicit content from trade_abstract2

  • Fixed a typo regarding Construction Plugin Messages.

    DFS is supported by your donations! Please consider visiting to help us keep the servers running provide more great content for everyone to enjoy!

    Have fun!

Server Update + Major Bug Fixes (05/05/20)
04-05-2020 22:00

  • Added new maps
    • cp_burghausen_rc1
    • dm_flux_b4
    • gm_flatgrass
    • pl_cooler_badwater_a3

  • Added new playermodels + playermodel changes
    • Deformed Heavy (Gold, Heavy)
    • Black Mesa Scientist (All-Class) is now a public model available to everyone
    • Yeti (All-Class) is now a public model available to everyone

  • Added new bonemerge model
    • Deformed Heavy

  • Fixed a critical bug where users would keep receiving duplicate drops. DFS drops have been properly re-enabled!

  • Added day 600 and 650 login rewards

  • Added one new secret joinsound

  • Added new DFS minigame words

  • Updated RTD
    • Now works alongside DFS Allowance plugin
    • Re-enabled disabled effects which will no longer cause damage in Allowance/Friendly mode
      • Toxic
      • Timebomb
      • Deadly Voice
      • Fire Timebomb
      • Fire Breath
      • Hat Throw
      • Pumpkin Trail
      • A Call Beyond
    • Reduced cooldown from 200 to 180 seconds

  • Snatcher boss fight has now been fixed and works properly, which means players should no longer experience any sort of unexpected lag during the fight.

  • Fixed boss portals in tm_stadium not working.

  • Updated maps
    • Updated szf_turtle_defense_v1a to szf_turtle_defense_v1b
    • Updated vsh_chimeralabs_v6 to vsh_chimeralabs_v7
    • Updated vsh_stargate_a2 to vsh_stargate_fix

  • Fixed Darkbelle playermodel not having any textures

  • Map votes will now be displayed in chat and hintbox

  • Minor VSH, SZF, Instagib, Randomizer and MicroTF2 gamemode updates

  • Added a secret staff-only command

  • Fixed users not being able to use Rock, Paper, Scissors taunt in VSH

  • Fixed Instagib not unloading after map change

  • Fixed pass_district not being recognized as a competitive map

  • Fixed Randomizer not working properly

    Please consider supporting us by donating[] so we can keep providing more major updates, unique content and fun events for our servers!

    As of this announcement, we're hosting yet another giveaway of free Gold and VIP membership vouchers! Feel free to join our Discord server[] to be able to enter the raffles!

    Have fun!

DFS Spring Cleaning Update
11-03-2020 00:15

Hey all!

With this update we'll be optimizing our server files and download times while updating our content pack thread with new asset packs and an updated map pack!

To lighten the overall size of our custom content, some larger maps, older models and other content have been removed as well. We welcome your feedback as always and encourage you to let us know if you have any suggestions or bug reports for our servers!

Feel free to visit DFS Content Pack thread[] for more info regarding content packs!

Optimization & Content Pack Updates
  • Optimized almost all server files to reduce download times drastically
  • Added new packs to the Content Pack thread[] DFS Boards thread:
    • Updated Map pack
    • Assets pack containing a complete collection of all DFS custom materials, models and sounds
    • Separate packs for DFS custom materials, models and sounds
  • Detailed information (e.g. pack sizes, installation instructions, etc.) can be found in the Content Pack thread[]

    DFS Plugin Updates and Other Changes
  • Sprays and Soundsprays can now be used much more frequently (cooldown reduced from 3 seconds to 0.1 seconds)
  • Auto team balancing and team limits have been disabled completely in Sandbox/Friendly maps
  • Teammate collisions have been disabled completely in Deathrun
  • Randomizer gamemode has been replaced with an entirely new version created by 42
  • Added a lot of new DFS minigame words
  • Added new joinsounds
  • Added a new sound for the new 300% Orange Juice item
  • You can now keep gaining MEP after reaching Mercenary Rank 100
  • Added a new VSH boss: Pyrocar
  • Minor updates to
  • Removed older and unused joinsounds + noisemaker sounds

    Map Changes
  • Added new maps
    • cp_no_mercy_b1
    • ctf_2fort_neocity
    • dm_ashina_shrine_b1
    • dr_marioworld_redux_final1
    • koth_diner_a2
    • pl_cornfarm_rc
    • sb_sundust
    • slender_claustrophobia_b2a
    • slender_cry_of_fear_a3
    • slender_noexit_b2c
    • vsh_stargate_a2
  • Updated maps
    • Updated dfs_jungle_rc1a to dfs_jungle_rc1b (DFS exclusive map by Unicake)
    • Updated ig_hangar_v3b to ig_hangar_v3c (DFS exclusive map by Unicake)
    • Updated szf_turtle_defense_b5 to szf_turtle_defense_v1a (by Alex Turtle)
    • Updated trade_rustboro_r4 to trade_rustboro_r4a
  • Removed maps
    • dr_underworld_redux
    • koth_atrocity
    • koth_dewm
    • koth_eros_rc1
    • ph_sawmill_a2
    • pl_skirmish_b2
    • slender_fright_yard_b1f
    • slender_lobbys_classic
    • tfdb_potato_v3
    • trade_apadiel
    • trade_museum_final
    • vsh_arktown_v4
    • vsh_nebula_rc1

    Playermodel Updates
  • Playermodel permission changes
    • Big Smoke and CJ are now no longer restricted to donors are are now publicly available
    • Black Mesa Scientist is now publicly available on Spy, all-class variant remains restricted to donors
    • Added John Wick to Bonemerge
    • Gabe Newell is now all-class
    • Link's Awakening Outfit is now all-class
    • Villager is now all-class
    • Tom Nook is now all-class
  • Removed playermodels
    • Doom Revenant
    • Genji
    • HotDog Scout
    • McCree
    • Papyrus
    • Penguin
    • Skeleton Scout
    • Tracer
    • Rayman
  • Removed older SF2 bosses
    • Darkbelle
    • Crog Brute
    • MJ
    • Shia
  • Removed older/unused vehicles

    Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue that caused membership expiration notification to appear simultaneously to other players
  • Updated vote plugin
    • Updated to work along with the new Randomizer plugin
    • Fixed being able to enable Instagib while Randomizer is enabled and vice versa
  • Enabled RPS taunt in VSH again
  • Disabled construct and a few other plugins in sa2b_chao_world_v1 to prevent crashes
  • Disabled Widowmaker in Friendly mode due to Instagib confusion/conflicts
  • Disabled Grappling Hooks in tm_stadium to fix a boss battle issue[]
  • Fixed players getting stuck in Arena queue in Smash Fortress
  • Fixed /sandbox and /sandbox_fly not working as alternative commands to /construct and /construct_fly
  • Other minor plugin bug fixes
  • Fixed missing server downloads

    Big thanks to Light08, ThatAverageJoe, Limey, Neppu Tennouboshi and Majima for helping out with this update!

    Check out AxMan's recent video which was recorded entirely in DFS!

    If you enjoy DFS please do consider supporting us by donating so that we can pay our server costs, keep providing more and better content updates as well as events and raffles for everyone![]

    Have fun!

Valentine's Day Server Update (14/02/20)
14-02-2020 14:43

Valentine's Day Holiday mode is back on DFS!

The Seasonal Store for Valentine's Day has been re-opened again for 3 days! The Promise Ring is once again available to make an Oath with your special someone and receive the Affinity Particle!

Whether you have other gifts in mind, you're short on Credits or are just looking for something not quite so committed, you can also buy Chocolate to share a big EXP boost with someone special ...or just keep it for yourself.

We also have a server update with new additions and changes to go along with our new seasonal store:
  • Updated ig_hangar_v2 to ig_hangar_v3b
  • Updated cp_balloon_race_pirates_v1 to cp_balloon_race_pirates_v2
  • Restored all construction saves that were lost
  • Fixed John Wick model not appearing in the model list for VIP members
  • Fixed commands menu and chat messages displaying Sandbox command as /sandbox instead of /construct (both commands work properly now)
  • Fixed arena queue/waiting times in Smash Fortress
  • More minor bugfixes

Feel free to join our Discord server[] to hang around with DFS members and be up to date with news, events and raffles!

Have fun, and Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Server Update (03/02/20)
03-02-2020 22:01

  • Updated the DFS logo
  • Added a new DFS item: 300% Orange Juice
    • Increases your EXP boost by 300% immediately when used
  • Added new maps
    • cp_balloon_race_pirates_v1
    • dr_marioparty_v04
    • vsh_arktown_v4
  • Added even more new joinsounds
    • chelmico 「Easy Breezy」
    • Yakuza 7 /龍が如く7 OST 一 番歌 (Main Theme)
    • Yakuza 7 /龍が如く7 OST - Receive You (Majima)
  • Removed the snow from tm_stadium
  • Updated MicroTF2 to version v3![]
  • Updated ig_hangar_v1 to ig_hangar_v2
  • Updated warioware_redux_v2b to warioware_redux_v3
  • Updated szf_turtle_defense_b4 to szf_turtle_defense_b5
  • Updated trade_rustboro_r3 to trade_rustboro_r4
  • Updated dr_bank_v12 to dr_bank_v12a
  • Made dm_bloodcov_b1a an Instagib only map
  • Increased the amount of EXP rewarded from minigames
  • Added gamemode description for DFS Sandbox
  • Added gamemode descriptions for tm_stadium and dfs_jungle
  • Slightly decreased air acceleration in Smash Fortress
  • Enabled team scramble votes in Smash Fortress
  • Added anti-AFK system to Smash Fortress
  • Optimized plugin load times
  • Winter mode has finally been turned off
  • Disabled chat anti-flood plugin on MicroTF2 due to minigame conflict
  • Added/Fixed Richest Player (Most Credits) leaderboard
  • Buffed PumpKing's health pool
  • Updated SZF & VSH
  • Minor VSH changes
    • Rock, Paper, Scissors taunt has been re-enabled
    • Yeti boss has been re-balanced
  • Removed voting for disabling Instagib on ig_hangar_v2
  • Updated the default prop limits for construction
  • Disabled STT on pl_wutville_beta2 due to various issues with map interaction
  • Disabled construction on oot3d_hyrule and trade_clocktown_v1a due to instability
  • Made Vouchers giftable, tradeable and auctionable
  • Fixed lag during tm_stadium Snatcher boss fight
  • Fixed DeadBirds Elevator getting stuck on tm_stadium
  • Fixed RED Team being able to enter boss fights on tm_stadium
  • Fixed AuctionHouse not accepting furnitures
  • DFS Target Hud now displays names while taunting
  • Fixed Smash Fortress not counting as a Custom Gamemode in Quests
  • Fixed being able to heal indefinitely with the Sandvich on Smash Fortress[]
  • Fixed being able to damage the tank as a friendly on STT[]
  • Fixed major issue with rtd on ig_hangar_v2[]
  • Fixed Construction Allowance reset on connect
  • Fixed NoTouch Setting not resetting for Construct
  • Disabled overwriting save files for Construct to prevent issues
  • Fixed disconnect messages and minigame text cutting off if too long
  • Fixed a corrupt joinsound
  • Fixed dr_underworld's boss having issues
  • Removed trade_omnichamber due to player demand and poor reception

    Feel free to join our Discord server[] to hang around with DFS members and be up to date with news, events and raffles!

    Have fun everyone!

DFS New Year, New Digs, New Brawls Update
05-01-2020 23:36

Welcome to our newest major update as we start 2020 in style!

We hope you've all had a great Christmas and New Year's, and look forward to kicking off the new decade with us as we deliver a fantastic new major update to you! Read on to find out what's in store!

We have a brand new donation deal for everyone! Donate before February 3rd and you will receive one of the updated pets of your choice listed in the changelogs or 10,000 Credits! You'll also receive one of the brand new Gold or VIP Vouchers based on the tier of your donation, as well as custom chat tag and colors of your choice!

Feel free to donate and support DFS by visiting

Introducing: Donor Vouchers!

The brand new Gold and VIP Voucher items can be used to instantly give the user a month of Gold or VIP membership! These Donor Vouchers will only be available through donation deals, raffles and other DFS events.

You can use a Voucher to activate a membership for yourself, or gift it to someone else! You can also use Vouchers while you have a donor membership active to extend the duration of your membership!
Feel free to join our Discord server to join in on Raffles![]

DFS Rule changes
DFS' rules have been re-written and overhauled! We highly recommend you take some time to check out the revamped TF2 Server and Forum Rules[], as well as the updated DFS Discord Rules.[]

Due to the rules receving an overhaul, all active bans will be pardoned and punishment records have been wiped. If this applies to you, please make sure not to waste this second chance, as more chances like this will not be given again.

Update Changelogs!
  • Added a new gamemode: DFS Sandbox
    • DFS Sandbox brings a new way to play on friendly maps, allowing you to place, edit and build with props!
    • Use the new command /construct to open up the sandbox menu!
    • Get creative and and make something cool, weird, funny, whatever you feel like building!
    • DFS Sandbox is only allowed on friendly maps.
    • Donators receive more exclusive custom props to use and spawn!
  • Introducing the new Builder Guild!
    • Check out your DFS Sandbox stats, like furniture pieces and save files owned!
    • Visit Dispenz0r's Furniture Store to buy new furniture items to build with!
  • Added Gold and VIP Voucher items!
  • Added a new gamemode: Smash Fortress
    • Put your aiming and movement skills to the test as you fight to build up damage, knock your enemies out of the map, deplete the enemy team's lives and win, all while contending with power-ups, traps and enemies that are just as eager to send you soaring!
  • Added 10 new maps for Smash Fortress:
    • sb_2fort_b3_ig
    • sb_battleships_b2
    • sb_citypeak_v2
    • sb_highrise_rc1
    • sb_icarus_v4
    • sb_skybrawl_v1
    • sb_winc_rushy_v4
    • sb_ssbhyrule64_v7
    • sb_winc_b2
    • sb_wariowareinc_v2_1
  • Added New Maps:
    • arena_blue_resort_v1
    • dm_bloodcov_b1a
    • dr_backrooms_b3
    • dr_underworld_redux
    • dr_wintervalley_final
    • ig_hangar_v1 (Our first ever Instagib only map!)
    • koth_sandvich_b1
    • slender_cliffroad_b3
    • tfdb_bustle_v2
    • trade_omnichamber_v2
    • trade_slider_shore_wv3
    • vsh_brewery_v3
    • xmas_party_b5
    • Updated dfs_jungle to dfs_jungle_rc1a
    • Updated dr_bank_v11 to dr_bank_v12
    • Updated szf_isaac_v2_1 to szf_isaac_v2_2
    • Updated szf_turtle_defense_b1 to szf_turtle_defense_b4
  • Added new playermodels with unique voice lines!
    • Link from The Legend of Zelda (Scout)
      • Comes with 3 different Outfits:
      • Breath of the Wild Outfit (Public)
      • Toon Link Outfit (Gold)
      • Link's Awakening Outfit (VIP)
    • Joker from Persona 5 (Spy)
      • Comes with 2 different modules/outfits
      • Phantom Thieves Outfit (Public)
      • Shujin Academy Outfit (Gold)
    • Black Mesa Scientist from Half-Life (All-class) (Gold)
    • Big Daddy from Bioshock (Heavy) (Public)
    • Master Chief from Halo (Soldier) (Public)
    • Zim from Invader Zim (Scout) (Public)
    • 5 New Outfits for Monokuma Playermodel (Default Monokuma model is now a Gold model instead of VIP)
      • Monodam
      • Monotaro
      • Monophanie
      • Monosuke
      • Monokid
    • All Overwatch playermodels are now public models
      • Tracer
      • McCree
      • Genji
  • Various DFS pets have been improved and updated!
    • Model Revamps:
      • DFS Xmas Tree 2019 (Formerly known as DFS Xmas Tree 2017)
      • Gaster Blaster
      • DFS Boombox
    • Material Revamps:
      • Arwing
      • Beachbum
      • Danhand
      • Giftspenser
      • Rumbi
      • UkaUka
      • Ghost Ghoose
  • Added a new SF2 boss:
    • Demogorgon (Chaser)
  • DFS logos have been completely re-worked and updated!
  • Major update to our website,
  • Added new joinsounds
    • New regular joinsounds added
    • New Xmas joinsounds added
  • Added new noisemaker sounds
  • Added new minigame words
  • Updated and rewrote DFS Rules
  • Updated Steam Group page and description
  • Updated and rewrote important threads on DFS Boards
  • Updated and rewrote the DFS Guide plugin
  • Added a new Spawn Protection plugin against spawncamping

    DFS Plugins have been updated to 7.0.0
    • Build, Create & Save your Constructions!
    • For the first time since DFS' Creation, we're making our previously admin-restricted Construction Plugin public!
    • In addition, the entire plugin has been reworked from the ground up to deliver a more smooth experience.
    • Construction Types:
      • Prop Dynamics - Simple, but cheap. Allows you to place props anywhere you want without any movement.
      • Prop Physics - Expensive, but flexible. Unlike their "dynamic" counterparts, these props move around.
      • Spawn Teleporter - Allows you to set your own Spawn Point. Anywhere you want. Yes, including the ceiling.
    • Editor Tools:
      • Manipulate the position and rotation of your Constructions.
        • Easily move and rotate your Constructions to your liking.
        • Duplicate Constructions to easily mass produce them.
        • Comes with a simple to understand Snap-To-Grid feature.
      • Change the skin, color and collision mode of any of your Constructions.
      • Manage a Savefile System that allows you to save, load & delete your Constructions for maps! Savefiles are only compatible on the maps they were saved on.
    • Each Construction Type has its own BuildCost (BC). Every player only has a limited amount of BuildCosts to spare. The lower the player count, the higher your BuildCost limit.
      Overall Build Cost Limit is dependent on map and their edict count. The less entities a map uses, the more you can build! Limited to a total of 1000.
      • Regular Members are limited to 50 BC.
      • Gold Members are limited to 60 BC.
      • VIP Members are limited to 70 BC.
    • Toggle Flight Mode to aviate over your Constructions or just the map in general. [Donator Membership Required]
    • If one's available and put down, you can immediatly teleport back to your Spawn Teleporter. Even without dying!
    • The Anti-Grief Protection prevents players from placing Constructions too close to other players or their Constructions, as well as Spawnpoints.
    • Comes with a Ban System that restricts temporarily or permanently people from using the Construction Tools.
    • Activated for the majority of non-competitive maps.
  • NEW GUILD: Builder Guild
    • Check your Statistics related to our DFS Sandbox.
    • Comes with its own exclusive Guild Store, DFS, which includes brand new items.
  • NEW ITEM TYPE: Furnitures
    • Furnitures act as unlocks for brand new options coming with the Sandbox Gamemode, including new Construction Types.
    • Added 100 Furniture Items
    • Can be aquired from the Builder Guild's Store and Strongboxes.
  • NEW DONATION SYSTEM: Automatic System + Vouchers
    • Use Gold and VIP Vouchers to automatically activate a Donation Membership.
    • The effect will go live immediatly, without any wait time.
    • Expires automatically after 30 days. Can be extended with another Voucher.
    • Upgrade Gold Membership to VIP with a VIP Voucher. Warning: Resets the Donation Time
    • Vouchers can be aquired from raffles, events & donations!

  • Added new Items:
    • 5 Strongbox items
      • Include a varity of Furniture Items, depending on Series.
    • Gold & VIP Membership Voucher
      • Can be used to extend or activate a Donation Membership for 30 days.
      • Warning: Changing Membership (Gold to VIP) WILL reset the Donation Timer back to 30 days.
    • Winter Gift
      • Opening rewards you with a random item from a big list of selected items.
      • Several items from last year's Christmas campaign can be unboxed from these.
    • Can be earned from either of these sources:
      • Uncommon reward from daily Quests.
      • Rare drop on Stadium.

  • Updated DFS Guide to 2.0 with new tooltips, rules and more!
  • Updated Campaign System with a new 'Available Campaigns' menu.
  • Updated Shadow Puppets in the Snatcher Battle:
    • Updated Pathing.
    • Increased Health.
    • Lowered Spawnrate and active maximum number.
    • Note: Hopefully this addresses the issue regarding lags until a proper solution has been discovered.
  • Added a new DFS-exclusive Ban System. For now it permits / denies access to the Construction Gamemode to players. Do not grief.
  • Patched up /pack with new QoL changes, making it easier to navigate through.
  • Added rare collectible variation to Winter-themed drops on Stadium: Winter Gifts
  • Updated Rainbow Paintbrush Rainbowcycle effect algorithm. Effect should be smoother now.
  • Fixed AuctionHouse not properly saving item names over to the database. Visual effect only.
  • Fixed Plugin Timers not properly closing on map change. Might or might not have any impact on gameplay.

  • Updated VSH Rewrite to a newer version with more bosses!
    • List of all newly added bosses:
      • Yeti
      • Bonk Boy
      • Uber Ranger
      • Pyromancers duo
  • Updated SZF to a newer version!
  • Fixed Hat Kid puppets causing lag issues during Snatcher boss fights.[]
  • Community and Boss items now have seperate categories to avoid cluttering your Consumables inventory.[]
  • Fixed maps changing too early before the time limit ends on certain gamemodes and maps.[]
  • RTV Cooldown
    • Recently, a time limit was put in place to prevent RTV abuse that disabled RTV for the first 7 minutes of a map.
    • The time limit has been reduced from 7 minutes to 5 minutes.
  • Fixed Randomizer and Instagib locking people to specific classes, you can now choose your class in these modes.[]
  • Fixed Flamethrower particles being broken in Randomizer.[]
  • Updated tm_stadium into tm_stadium_rc1b
  • Unlocked the final node of the PumpKing's Castle Campaign
  • Fixed escapes not working on SF2[]
  • Added Goose voice lines for all classes
  • Fixed namefilter plugin not working
  • Disabled kartme on dfs_jungle

    We hope you've had a good Christmas, and we thank you for sticking with us throughout 2019!

    Have fun and enjoy our newest major update! Here's to a great 2020 with DFS!

Winter Stadium + PumpKing's Arrival is here!
15-12-2019 17:00

Christmas is coming, and we've got a few treats in store for you today!

A brand new festive makeover for Stadium has come to the servers, and the final node for the PumpKing's Castle Campaign has been unlocked!

A new surprise is in store on the servers, too... play on any eligible King of the Hill or friendly map with a control point and you might encounter a brand new random event!

That's all from us for now, but we've got big things in the works for this Christmas! We're sure you're going to have a smashing time with it, so look forward to our major Christmas update coming soon!

Keep an eye on the group or join our Discord[] server to stay up to date with more news and announcements!

Campaign System Changes
23-11-2019 18:18

As you know, we've been including Campaign events with seasonal updates for about a year now, allowing us to provide you (ideally) fun and interesting challenges and fulfilling rewards. Like the leveling system that came long before it, our goal with Campaigns is to give you engaging goals to keep playing on DFS from getting stale or uninteresting.
Recently, with the most recent Campaign, we've recieved plenty of feedback about the Campaign system, and we're glad you're making your gripes with it known so we can do our best to address them.

Many of you have stated that the time limit on Campaigns makes completing them much more stressful than they ought to be, for fear of missing out on rewards, being left behind as other members progress together, and so on. We aim to make Campaigns challenging and subtantial, but we've seen feedback and behaviour that tells us we might've gone a step too far, making them more stressful than they are fun.

With the crux of the issues being the fear of missing out on rewards, we're addressing the problem by removing deadlines from Campaigns. You'll still have a limited time to purchase the pass for an active Campaign, but once you own the pass, the missions are yours to complete at your own pace, with no time limit.

This won't apply to older Campaigns which have already concluded, but PumpKing's Castle and all future Campaigns will no longer have deadlines for completing the missions, only for purchasing the Campaign pass.

Certain cosmetic items will continue to be exclusive to Campaigns, but the Pumpkin Baskets rewarded in this Campaign will return: future Campaigns will continue to give you the chance to earn older exclusive Campaign rewards. You won't be able to obtain the final rewards from older Campaigns (e.g. Transcendent and Shadow Puppet Hat Kid Outfits) however, as these items are intended to be an exclusive mark of honour for those who manage to complete their respective Campaigns.

Even if you don't manage to obtain any older rewards via Pumpkin Baskets or the forms they take in future Campaigns, Campaign rewards are and will continue to be available to trade and sell on the Auction House.

We hope these changes address the problems you've had with the Campaign system, and we appreciate your feedback!

One final note, we're working towards a content update that will be released soon, bringing you the final campaign mission as well as a new threat that you'll hopefully enjoy taking down. Look forward to it!

DFS: Pumpking's Putrid Palace Update
31-10-2019 22:58

Shadows creep across the walls, shrieks echo down the halls, a rising tide of undead thralls - we need some fun to balance it all! We're proud to present the DFS Halloween 2019 Update, bringing lots of new content and updates based on your feedback!

We have a new donation deal! Donate now and get a Ghostly Goose pet or 10,000 credits, alongside with custom chat tag and colors of your choice! The deal lasts until 25th of November so make sure to donate before then to not miss out!

The EU server has been moved to a new and better machine/hardware which should make the server performance feel a lot smoother than ever!

Halloween Campaign
A new Campaign is coming to DFS, featuring a brand new seasonal item - Pumpkin Baskets! Obtained from completing Campaign missions and as uncommon rewards from Quests during this event, Pumpkin Baskets will reward you with items, including Boss Keys and Campaign rewards you might've missed from last year's Death Wish Campaign!

  • DFS Quest requirements have been lowered across the board to make Quests less demanding. To compensate for Quests being easier, rewards have been slightly reduced.
  • Added a new gamemode: Instagib, Instagib gives everyone hitscan guns that instantly kill anyone they hit, for gory carnage!
    • Use the command /voteinstagib to start a global vote in the server to turn the gamemode on or off, works only in competitive maps similarly to /voterandomizer
  • Added new playermodels
    • Goose from Untitled Goose Game (Sniper and Scout, Gold Only or Campaign Reward)
      • Haunted Goose (All-Class, Campaign Reward)
      • Golden Goose (All-Class, Donation Milestone)
    • Jonesy from Fortnite (All-Class, VIP Only)
    • Retsuko from Aggressive Retsuko (Scout, Public)
    • Mr. Torgue from Borderlands (Soldier, Public)
    • Tom Nook from Animal Crossing (Heavy, Public)
  • Added new Pets
    • Ghostly Goose - Available from the latest donation deal
    • Peanut Jr. - Available from the pet store for 15,000 credits
    • A secret pet - Day 400 Login reward
  • Added new maps
    • dfs_jungle - A DFS exclusive map made by Unicake
    • ctf_hl1_bounce
    • dr_4halls_v7
    • koth_synthetic_event_rc2a
    • pkmn_blackthorncity_b1
    • pl_stallberg_rc1
    • slender_lobbys_classic
    • szf_bossrush_b4a
    • trade_rustboro_r3
  • Added new Slender Fortress 2 bosses
    • Grotesque Steve (Horde Chaser)
    • Red Mist Squidward (Paranoia)
  • Added DFS based rewards for SZF!
  • Updated the donation page[]
  • Added new Halloween joinsounds
  • Added new noisemaker sounds
  • Updated Slender Fortress 2 to version 1.7.5
  • Updated VSH Rewrite into VSH Redux version
  • Updated Super Zombie Fortress to version 3.1.7
  • Updated dr_deadhome_v2_fix1 into dr_deadhome_v3
  • Updated cp_supermariobros3_b2 into cp_supermariobros3_b3f
  • Updated szf_turtle_defense_a3 into szf_turtle_defense_b1
  • Removed maps picked from the map removal polls
    • achievement_green_campus_v2
    • achievement_tinyhuge-h27
    • balloon_race_v3_t17
    • dm_sdm_final
    • koth_pokemon_stadium_b1
    • koth_slaughter_b1b
    • koth_trainsawlaser_rc2
    • pl_donkeykong_final
    • slender_lockers_b7a
    • szf_toyfortress_v18
    • trade_medieval_v1c
    • trade_oreinos_belltower
    • wacky_races_v2
  • Disabled DFS minigames and voice chat completely on MicroTF2
  • Added missing .nav files for all maps
  • Fixed gagged players being able to bypass chat with /me
  • Fixed dm_boostertower_v2 not being a competitive map
  • Fixed
  • Fixed
  • Fixed
  • Updated dm_flood2 to dm_flood2_redux_rc2
  • Updated dm_towerleap_v2 to dm_towerleap_v2_final2
  • Updated some side plugins

    == DFS Halloween 2019 Update ==

    DFS Plugins have been updated to 6.1.0:
  • Introducing the PumpKing Festival Campaign!
    • New pass can be bought in the Guild Store as usual.
    • Earn 5 exclusive new modules by completing the campaign.
    • Earn additional Pumpkin Baskets from completing missions.
  • Added Module Transmutation!
    • Transmute 10 modules of the same grade to receive a module of a higher grade.
    • Only Lootchest modules are compatible.
    • Each module gives you a 10% chance to obtain a module from their own lootchest series.
    • That means 7x modules from Series #3 and 3x modules from Series #1 give you 30% chance for a Series #1 module, and 70% chance for a Series #3 module.
  • Added new Item: Pumpkin Basket
    • Opening rewards you with either a Trick, or a Treat reward.
    • Trick will reward you with an old Halloween-themed item.
    • Treat will reward you with a random item from a big list of selected items.
    • Several items from last year's Halloween campaign can be unboxed from these.
    • Can be earned from either of these sources:
      • Rewarded from completing missions in the campaign.
      • Uncommon reward from daily Quests.
      • Rare drop on Stadium.
  • Added 2+ new Pets!
    • Ghostly Goose - Donation Deal Reward
    • Peanut Jr. - Pet Shop Purchase
  • Added 6 new Modules!
    • Goose Skin & Haunted Goose Skin, Spectral Ember Aura, Fireball Tendril Deatheffect & Voices From Below Upgrade - Campaign Rewards
    • No-Gib Module - Guild Store Purchase
  • Added SZF Rewards! Earn Credits and EXP for playing.
    • MVP Tank Killer gets rewarded. The higher the damage, the better the reward.
    • Players who start out as Zombies get rewarded. The more survivors at the beginning, the better the reward.
    • Killing Players as a Zombie rewards you. The worse the odds against your team (Team Balancing), the better the reward.
  • Quests were Updated!
    • Added new quests for the campaign.
    • Uncommon chance to earn Pumpkin Baskets for the duration of the Halloween Event.
    • Most Quest Requirements were nerfed to be easier to complete!
    • In return, the MEP & Bloodcoin rewards were slightly decreased.
  • Updated AuctionHouse!
    • The minimum offer requirement has been changed from 10 credits to 15% of the current offer.
  • Added Series tooltip to modules.
  • Added a /trade command tip when trading.
  • Updated Mann Co. Achievement Description to include Jungle.
  • Pods now give effects based on season. In this case, they're currently Halloween themed.
  • Fixed particles sometimes spawning inside the client rather than its specified destination.
  • Fixed several typos in the DFS menus.
  • Fixed particles showing up while being cloaked as a Spy
  • Stadium has been updated to RC1a
    • Halloween has returned, bringing you a spooky time upon the plaza!
    • Pumpkin Gift drops now also include a rare variation.
    • Added new visual effects to the fountain gate.
    • Added a /stadium command notification on first spawn.
    • Fixed several collectible locations being broken.
    • Fixed the backdoor exit in Red's Spawn not having any opening / closing sounds.
    • Fixed randomized angle when warping to the Mercenary Arena
    • Fixed a bug preventing people from dropping Boss Keys after defeating Stadium's bosses.
    • Fixed a an exploitable stuck spot in the DeadBirds Arena.
    • Blocked some more commands from being exploited in the Shadow Realm

Have fun, Happy Halloween!