Welcome to Dispenz0r's Fun Server, hosting fun gamemodes, custom content and a great community since 2012.

Dispenz0r's Fun Server is a Team Fortress 2 community server featuring a wide range of gamemodes, plugins, exclusive content and more that's sure to show you a fun time, and keep you coming back for more!

There's something for everyone at DFS, whether you prefer to run around friendly maps with buddies, duke it out in TF2's vanilla modes, or mix things up with our variety of fun custom gamemodes!

DFS features the following gamemodes: Deathrun, Dodgeball, Prophunt, Stop That Tank!, Slender Fortress, Surf, Randomizer, Super Zombie Fortress, VSH Rewrite, MicroTF2, Smash Fortress and DFS Sandbox!

What's more, we also have a unique economy of custom items, cosmetic effects, pets, and a whole host of special plugins to make DFS as wacky and fun as can be, including some awesome exclusive maps and plugins that you won't find anywhere else!

Earn Credits, Experience Points and level up as you play to unlock our array of custom items, pets and cosmetic effects, take on tricky Quests and challenge our seasonal Campaigns for special rewards!

We hope to see you on our servers soon!

Latest News

Valentine's Day Server Update (14/02/20)
14-02-2020 14:43

Valentine's Day Holiday mode is back on DFS!

The Seasonal Store for Valentine's Day has been re-opened again for 3 days! The Promise Ring is once again available to make an Oath with your special someone and receive the Affinity Particle!

Whether you have other gifts in mind, you're short on Credits or are just looking for something not quite so committed, you can also buy Chocolate to share a big EXP boost with someone special ...or just keep it for yourself.

We also have a server update with new additions and changes to go along with our new seasonal store:
  • Updated ig_hangar_v2 to ig_hangar_v3b
  • Updated cp_balloon_race_pirates_v1 to cp_balloon_race_pirates_v2
  • Restored all construction saves that were lost
  • Fixed John Wick model not appearing in the model list for VIP members
  • Fixed commands menu and chat messages displaying Sandbox command as /sandbox instead of /construct (both commands work properly now)
  • Fixed arena queue/waiting times in Smash Fortress
  • More minor bugfixes

Have fun, and Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Latest Major Update

DFS Winter Update 2020