DFS: Seasonal Summer Update

Disp on June 1st, 2022 at 2:59pm
A surprise seasonal update to start off the summer with!

Added dfs_construct_alpha, our 3rd main map created exclusively for the DFS community by NotNihilanth!
  • A TF2 take on the popular gm_construct map, re-constructed from scratch for the DFS community!
  • Has tripled build cost limits, allowing users to build more without being limited!
  • Currently an alpha version, this is a sneak peak as to what waits in future releases of this map!
  • Will contain secrets along the way, watch out for those!

  • Allowance is now completely disabled on Vanilla Mode maps, this change has been made to accommodate the DFS community's preferences

    Added New Pets
    • Added Terrako from Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity to the Pet Store for 25,000 credits
    • Added Sobble from Pokemon Sword/Shield to the Pet Store for 25,000 credits, can also be purchased from the Gold store for 12,500 credits
    • Added Bunger from Bugsnax to the Pet Store, reserved and will soon only be available for a special event
    • Renamed White Rabbit to Bunny and lowered its' price down to 7500 credits
    • Reduced Archimedes' price down to 6000 credits

    Added New Gamemodes

  • Slender Fortress 2 Rewrite
    • Now back in the active rotation and updated to private version 1.8.3, this version introduces an absolute ton of new changes and additions to the gamemode!
    • Fixed gamemode files not downloading properly on map change
  • TFGunGame Redux
    • Play in a deathmatch against other players in which your weapon progresses through a series of weapons, and the first to get to the end of the series wins the round!
    • Now a voteable gamemode on all Vanilla maps, through the /votemenu command
  • Rainbomizer
    • Rainbomizer randomizes various aspects of the game from sounds to models and the environment. This is purely a visual and auditory randomizer with no gameplay changes
    • Rainbomizer is now a voteable submode on all Vanilla maps!

    Updates to the DFS.tf community Discord server!
    • Revamped and reorganized all channels and categories
    • Added a completely new community exclusive DFSBot to the DFS.tf Discord server
      • Displays both DFS servers + users currently playing in the servers and the current map
      • Displays a server status embed that that shows players currently in server, while displaying their role colors
      • Has commands to display & search for DFS profiles of users
      • And even more in near future

  • Added new DFS Joinsounds
    • Yakuza 5 - Affected Fight
    • Yakuza 7 - Light and Darkness (ism)
    • Yakuza 7 - Main Theme (Ichiban Ka)
    • Persona 3 - Wiping All Out
    • Persona 4 - Signs Of Love
    • Persona 4 Dancing All Night OST - Dance!
    • Guilty Gear Strive - Drift
    • Guilty Gear Strive - Let Me Carve Your Way
    • Guilty Gear Strive - Mirror of the World
    • Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator - All I Can Do
    • Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator - Freesia
    • Lost Judgment - Unwavering Belief
    • Vaundy - 踊り子
    • Blue Archive - Plug And Play
    • Ashes of Dreams (DOD3 DLC Ver)
    • Emil/Sacrifice (DOD3 DLC Ver)

  • Added a bunch of new DFS noisemaker sounds

  • Added tons of new words for DFS minigames

  • Updated SourceMod to version 1.11, and Metamod: Source to version 1.12

  • Made Shiny Stones and Rainbow Paintbrushes tradable
  • Minor DFS plugin updates
  • Added a new rare type of rocket in Dodgeball Redux
  • Increased vehicle limit per player from one to two
  • Optimized downloads even more
  • Increased the time between map resets when server is empty
  • Enabled random crits, as well as fixed weapon spreads, disabled random weapon spread
  • Lots of backend improvements

  • Updated and hotfixed the current dfs.tf website
    • Donation page now displays up to date information & image renders of all donor-exclusive playermodels
    • Leaderboards and Meet the staff page now load properly and display proper role colors
    • Steam avatars and profiles are now fetched properly
    • Removed google ads completely

  • Added & Updated Maps
    • Added af_minesweeper_a3
    • Added cp_battlefortress_b8c
    • Added cp_osiris_b26
    • Added cp_pall_mall_d9
    • Added ctf_warring_factions
    • Added dfs_construct_v1
    • Added dr_forgotten_origin_fix
    • Added dr_ignite_v4d
    • Added dr_winterbase_a2_hotfix
    • Added koth_backrooms_3
    • Added pass_probowl_rc1
    • Added pd_sfoth
    • Added ph_cargo_b7
    • Added ph_switcheroo_a4
    • Added ph_trainstation_final
    • Added scp_fortress_v4_1
    • Added scp_rebake_a8
    • Added steamboat_race_v5c
    • Added tfp_tf2party_b1b
    • Added tower_of_power_v3
    • Added trade_bubblegloop_swamp_a2
    • Added trade_treasure_trove_cove_b3
    • Added vsh_leak
    • Updated achievement_turbov14 to achievement_turbo_rhobv4
    • Updated ctf_helltrain_event_v2_rc6b to ctf_helltrain_event_v2_rc7a
    • Updated deltarune_card_castle_v1b to deltarune_card_castle_v1e
    • Updated dr_boomershooter_b6a to dr_boomershooter_b8
    • Updated dr_chipper_v2b to dr_chipper_v3
    • Updated dr_cryptnecrodancer_v6 to dr_cryptnecrodancer_v7
    • Updated dr_minigames_b5 to dr_minigames_b7
    • Updated dr_spinner_v1c to dr_spinner_v1d
    • Updated dr_stardust_v1b to dr_stardust_v1c
    • Updated dr_supermarket_v3a to dr_supermarket_v3c
    • Updated koth_frostmoon_event_rc2b to koth_frostmoon_event_rc4
    • Updated pipeball_canyon_a4 to pipeball_canyon_a5a
    • Updated scp_abandoned_nexus2 to scp_abandoned_v2_1
    • Updated scp_city_stock to scp_city_v2
    • Updated surf_10x_tf2_remastered_fix to surf_10x_tf2_remastered_fix5
    • Updated szf_waterfront_v1a to szf_waterfront_v2
    • Updated trade_rustboro_r4a to trade_rustboro_r5a

  • Updated the following gamemodes & plugins to their latest versions respectively
    • SCP Fortress
    • MicroTF2
    • Prophunt Neu
    • MannVsMann
    • Randomizer
    • Deathrun Neu
    • Super Zombie Fortress (4.3.0)
    • VSH Rewrite
    • TF-Bhop
    • Halloween cosmetic enabler
    • Other event plugins

    We hope you enjoy our latest update! We also thank the entire DFS community for sticking around as always!

  • DFS: An Update to 2022 and Beyond

    Disp on January 18th, 2022 at 7:35pm
    Hey all, it's been quite a while, and we apologize for the lack of big news as of late. Things have been quiet, but we're still very much around and are dedicated to making your experience as enjoyable as possible.

    We're still very much around, much especially thanks to all of you and your support, the community can really make a big difference, and I'm grateful enough to keep things going for my passion project, DFS.

    DFS Nine Year Anniversary Update!

    Disp on October 13th, 2021 at 10:50pm
    Can you all believe it? It's been a miraculous NINE whole years since I've first launched DFS, crazy to think how fast time passes huh? A lot has changed since then and I'm honestly not only quite shocked but truly grateful that this wonderful community has managed to keep going for this long, and hopefully even more!

    I was nothing more than a very young wee child when I first launched DFS, having no idea how far it'd go or how big it'd become, one thing I can say is that it has been a very long and amazing journey I've enjoyed taking with all of you. I'll admit now that I unfortunately don't have much free available time to focus on my passion project as much as I could in the past, so I've been slowly passing the torch away to some very cool and capable people who will give their best to keep you all happy and the DFS community going forward throughout the future!

    DFS Has Been Moved To New Servers!

    Disp on August 3rd, 2021 at 9:30pm
    Hey all, we have very important news to announce regarding the DFS servers!

    Thanks to the those who are supporting us through donations, we were able to move the DFS servers into a completely new, much bigger and stronger server machine!

    DFS: Spring Bloom Update

    Disp on May 16th, 2021 at 10:50pm

    Spring is in bloom and as the world brightens up, it's the perfect time to bring you a lot of changes, improvements, overhauls and a ton of new content to DFS!

    New DFS Chat System
    We're introducing a completely revamped chat system to allow for easier and more user-friendly customization of chat tags and colors!
    • Custom tags and chat colors will no longer be tied to donation deals. Instead, custom tags and colors will now be controlled by new DFS items and modules.

    DFS: Now and Beyond

    Disp on March 1st, 2021 at 8:35pm
    Hey everyone, it's been quite a while since our last announcement so I'm here to bring in some excitement and fresh air to the DFS community

    We're still here, we've been listening to a lot of feedback and working hard behind the scenes for fresh new changes.

    The Season of Giving is upon us!

    Light08 ☆ on December 23rd, 2020 at 10:36pm
    One of the biggest festivities of the year is right around the corner!
    As the gift-giving starts, we've got lots of stuff of our own prepared for all of you!

    We have plenty in the works, but with our busy personal lives, our original plans to release a huge Winter Update have had to be postponed.
    Don't you worry, though, because we've still got plenty for you to enjoy in a festive update, releasing right now!

    Sinister Fortress Update is now out!

    Night08 🎃 on October 27th, 2020 at 12:07am
    We might have released our most recent major update just in the beginning of this month, but that doesn't mean we've forgotten about our annual Halloween Update. Two major updates in one month is quite the record, isn't it?

    We've been hard at work to bring you a spooky update just in time for Halloween. Granted, it might not be as big as our previous Halloween Updates since we've released a massive update just a few weeks ago, but we still hope you'll enjoy the treats we've prepared for you!

    Dispenz0r's Fun Server [EU] #2 | dfs.tf

    0/32 - tm_stadium_rc1


    Dispenz0r's Fun Server [EU] | dfs.tf

    0/32 - dfs_construct_alpha