account_balance_wallet Donate to DFS!

Donations are very much appreciated and will help us make new and better stuff for the servers, you will also be given special rank(s) in return as a token of our appreciation!

Gold commands and features:

/commands to check all of your Gold commands!

Get a [Gold] tag before your name that shows your support for DFS!

Reserved slots

Special rank/tag on DFS boards with a special heart icon!

/unusual to add unusual effects to your weapons

Shapeshift to another class (Allows you to change your class outside your spawn)

/vip for a pack of fun commands

/footsteps or /footprints to use halloween footprints

Get a credit boost in DFS, which makes you gain even more credits!

/skeleton to be the skeleton!

/buildingcolors to color your buildings!

Ability to have hats on your buildings (and even have a unusual effect on them)

/buildinghats to change building hats options

/bgod allows the user to set god mode on their Engineer buildings (works on non-competitive maps only)

/resizeme allows you to resize yourself

/resizemytorso allows you to resize your torso and /resizemyhands allows you to resize your hands.

/colorme allows you to color yourself

/beskeleton to be the skeleton king!

/giant to be a giant robot!

/mypitch <40-255> to set your voice pitch!

/taunts to open taunts menu!

/poser opens taunt poser menu

/warp to teleport into specific parts of certain maps such as DJ rooms, skyboxes and special rooms!

/toggledrunk to toggle drunk mode on yourself!

/trail gives you a trail effect of your own

Get access to awesome donor models!

/speakmenu - Opens up a speak response menu, allows you to pick something to say from the list

/togglespeak - Toggle speak responses replacing voice menu commands

Get boosted drop chances for Uncommon, Rare and Epic DFS items!

Get access to Gold Members' shop, which includes unique and exclusive DFS items not found in other shops!

VIP menu with cool features:

Get an [VIP] tag that shows your support for DFS!

Type /vipcommands to access all of the VIP commands

Gold commands and features

VIP menu and Generic VIP commands

Resizing players/Resizing heads

Teleport people


Setplayerclass (sets class without changing loadout)

Advanced Infinite Ammo


Spawning Halloween Bosses

Remove weapons

Be the GHOST!

Give weapons (any weapon)

Ability to add target practice targets

Be the Vagineer!

Be the Saxton!

Be the Skeleton King

Rate of Fire!

Fake achievements/item finds etc

Resize your torso and hands

Glow through walls with rainbow colors

Be the Horsemann!

and lots of more surprises!

5$ or 3 keys per-month for Gold membership
15$ or 7 keys per-month for VIP membership *
* You must read the rules found here

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